45 Second VIP Nightclub Bottle Sparklers

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Please Note: We have a very limited quantity. When they sell out, they will not be back in stock until spring 2022

Our small quantities of bottle sparklers are currently not available,

Pricing Notice: With the increase in both shipping cost and product cost, we have no choice but to raise the price for this batch of sparklers. We hope in the spring prices will come back down. 

Looking for VIP Nightclub Bottle Sparklers that will boost champagne, liquor, and spirit sales? Our 45-Second VIP Nightclub Bottle Sparklers are perfect for nightclubs, bars, and restaurants of all sizes. Our champagne bottle sparklers will make your guests feel extra special, especially if you use them for VIP packages or large-ticket items. These sparklers can burn up to 45 seconds, offering you plenty of time to take photos and videos of the special moment.

Each of our bottle sparklers has an easy-to-use clip that can be attached to the bottleneck for a beautiful display. These bottle sparklers burn in an extravagant fountain display, perfect for birthdays, anniversary parties, and bachelor and bachelorette parties. For less than a dollar per sparkler, this is an easy way to double your champagne, liquor, and spirit sales.

WholesaleSparklers.com is proud to be a leading provider of wholesale sparklers online. Whether you’re shopping for wedding sparklers, birthday sparklers, or VIP bottle sparklers, we’ve got what you need to light up the night. Order your VIP Nightclub Bottle Sparklers online today. If you have any questions about our quality sparklers or you’re interested in learning more about our shipping options, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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