45 Second VIP Nightclub Bottle Sparklers

Why Use Bottle Sparklers? The Easy Answer is Sell More Bottles.

A rush of additional orders come with each bottle delivered. The sale of a single bottle can quickly turn into many additional tables requesting a bottle. How much would you pay for that kind of business? For less than a dollar, one sparkler can sell multiple bottles! 1 or 2 bottle sparklers sell INCREMENTAL bottles of champagne or spirits.

Burning more like a fountain than a traditional sparkler, with their beautiful spray of sparks, almost no smoke and ash, they create memorable experiences for your guests. Their white branching sparks shoot 6-8 inches high and burn for 40-50 seconds each. Champagne bottle sparklers are the most impressive novelty firework available. For less than one dollar per sparkler you could double your champagne and spirits sales.

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