Party Sparklers

If you’re shopping for party sparklers for your next 4th of July party, New Year’s Eve celebration, or birthday party, has just what you’re looking for! Our gold party sparklers and colored sparklers are perfect for virtually any kind of event, from BBQ’s to picnics and more.

Our Colored Sparklers are available in a variety of colors and sizes. Looking for neon sparklers? We’ve got you covered. Need to order colored sparklers in bulk? We offer wholesale options, too! If you’re in the market for more traditional and elegant sparklers, consider picking up some of our 10-Inch Gold Party Sparklers. These sparklers are ideal for weddings, anniversary celebrations, and any other event you’d like to add a touch of sparkle to. Make your event stand out from the crowd with our fun and festive event sparklers!

We also carry an impressive selection of birthday sparklers, VIP bottle sparklers, and party favors including smoke bombs, glow sticks, LED party lanterns, birthday cake sparklers, and confetti cannons. is proud to carry the best sparkler brands and party supplies online. If you have any questions about our products or you have questions regarding our shipping methods, feel free to contact our friendly staff today.

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  • 10pc #20 Neon Sparklers  2 Packages of 5 Sparklers
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    10pc #20 Neon Sparklers 2 Packages of 5 Sparklers

    Spark up the sky with these 18-inch neon colored sparklers

    • Light up your life with this 10-count package of neon colored sparklers.
    • The 18-inch sparkler burns between 30 and 45 seconds.
    • This package includes a variety of colors
    • The smoke shows a hint of the stick color that is burning.

    Get ready to have some fun celebrating with these party sparklers. This pack will kick you back a few decades to when neon was all the rage. They are the perfect sparkler for summer fun. Use them for July 4th, picnics, BBQs, or other celebrations. Bring it back in style for your next event when you light off these 18-inch neon colored sparklers. This particular package includes 10 sparklers. With a steady hand, the burned ash stays on the sparkler stick for easier clean up. Please email or call us if you have any questions about the product, including delivery times.

    • Comes with a variety of colors
    • Sparklers can only be shipped via ground service only, no express shipping available

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    • $4.99
  • 1pc Lets Sparkle - 12 inch spinning spakrler

    This Unique sparkler is 7 gold sparklers in one!. 6 - 12 inch sparklers  plus  one 5 inch sparklers in the center. Attached to a spinning handle you light the end and as it burns up the sparkler it pops open and spins on the end of the long handle.

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    • $4.99
  • 2,304pc #10 Colored Sparklers, Red - Green - Gold , 24 packages of 12 boxes of 8 sparklers
    • 50% off

    2,304pc #10 Colored Sparklers, Red - Green - Gold , 24 packages of 12 boxes of 8 sparklers

    Buy these 2,000+ colored sparklers in bulk and save!

    • This variety pack includes red, green, and gold colored sparklers.
    • There are 768 sparklers of each color, packaged in boxes of eight sparklers each.
    • These #10 sparklers burn between 20 and 30 seconds each.
    • The sparklers light and burn smoke with a hint of the sparkler color.

    Make your next event one to remember with a variety of colored party sparklers. This package includes more than 2,300 sparklers in the case, grouped in 24 packages. In each package there are four boxes of each color for a total of 96 green boxes, 96 red boxes, and 96 gold boxes. Each box includes eight sparklers that burn their respective color. Light up your next party, picnic, pool party, graduation celebration, and more. These fun colors won’t disappoint!

    • 2,304 #10 colored sparklers
    • 8 sparklers in each box
    • 12 boxes in each package
    • 24 packages in the case
    • 768 green sparklers
    • 768 red sparklers
    • 768 gold sparklers
    • Sparklers can only be shipped via ground service only, no express shipping available

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    • $189.99