Smoke Bombs

Add some extra fun to your next BBQ, 4th of July party, family gathering, or New Year’s Eve celebration with our unique selection of party favors and smoke bombs. Unlike old-fashioned smoke bombs that only emit a gray color, we’re proud to offer a wonderful array of colored smoke bombs suitable for a variety of occasions that your guests are sure to love.

Looking for a fun and inventive gender reveal party idea? We’ve got the perfect smoke bombs for you! Our blue and pink pack of smoke bombs is a great way to announce the gender of a soon-to-be baby. Simply light these smoke bombs, and they will emit a blue or pink color to reveal the gender of the baby. Shopping for multi-colored smoke bombs? Our 12-pack of Colored Smoke Bombs offers a large selection of colors including yellow, blue, red, and green. is a leading provider of smoke bombs, wedding sparklers, and confetti cannons online. We’ve got the party supplies you need to create a memorable event, and with our wholesale options, you can always rest assured that you’re getting the best prices. Browse our VIP bottle sparklers, birthday party sparklers, and glow sticks online today.

**All smoke  products should be placed on a flat surface before being lit. Smoke Bombs should not be held in your hand after being lit.**

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SK-DS-White 1pc Desert Smoke Bomb - White
  • 50% off
  • $0.99
SK-Red 1pc Red Smoke Bomb
  • $2.50
SK-Yellow 1pc Yellow Smoke Bomb
  • $2.50
SK-White 1pc White Smoke Bomb
  • $2.50
SK-Black-RC 1pc Rolling Coal - Black Smoke
  • $2.49
SK-Green 1pc Green Smoke Bomb
  • $2.50
SK-Orange 1pc Orange Smoke Bomb
  • $2.50
SK-Purple 1pc Purple Smoke Bomb
  • $2.50
SK-Blue 1pc Blue Smoke Bomb
  • $2.50
SK-Pink 1pc Pink Smoke Bomb
  • $2.50
SK-Black 1pc Black Smoke Bomb
  • $2.50
SK-White-Pull-Ring 1pc White Pull-Ring Smoke Grenade
  • $2.99
SK-SB6-12 12 Pack - 6pc Color Smoke Balls
  • $10.99
SK-Mini-Smoke-Grenades-48 48pc Mini Smoke Grenades
  • 25% off
  • $14.99
SK-9color-smoke-2 9 Color Smoke Package
  • $19.99
SK-PR-Color-smoke-12 12 Pack Pull Ring Color Smoke Grenades
  • $29.99
SK-White-Pull-Ring-12 12pc White Pull-Ring Smoke Grenade
  • $29.99
SK-SB6-240 240 Packs 6pc Color Smoke Balls - Full Case
  • Free shipping
  • 49% off
  • $119.99