Punk - Incense sticks - Mosquito Sticks

Our punks, also known as mosquito sticks or incense sticks, are an unscented and uncolored natural wood stick which can be used as DIY incense sticks, mosquito repellent and sparkler/firework lighters.

Incense sticks: Burn one as they are and you will only smell the natural tree wood base. Simply add your favorite essential oils or pre-prepared scented fragrance oils to create your own incense sticks!

Mosquito Repellents:When the punk is lit the smoke drives away bugs. The smell i mild and not offensive to people allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors pest free! They are natural and deet free.

Sparkler lighters: Punk sticks are an easy ways to light all of your sparklers. These punks burn slowly to help ignite any type of sparkler or firework.  Punk sticks make your experience much safer as their size lets you keep an arm’s distance away and the slow-burning nature avoids the use of open flames.

We carry two sizes, 10 inch or 19 inch. Shop by the bundle or wholesale by the case.

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