Diwali Sparklers, Festival Of Lights

Diwali Sparklers, Festival Of Lights

Diwali, or The Festival of Lights, is a Hindu holiday celebrated across the globe by people of all denominations and walks of life. In India, it is as big as Christmas is to Americans, and is celebrated roughly around the same time in October or November. This festival is celebrated over the course of five days, with the main celebration taking part on the 3rd day.

The Significance Of Light

The entire festival of Diwali centers around light, just as the name denotes. The lights that decorate the streets and homes illustrate the inner light in all humans and how it prevails even in the darkness. In essence, Diwali is the celebration of the victory of good over evil, a common theme that most cultures can take part in and understand. During the festival, all attention is devoted to light, and firecrackers play a crucial role in the overall celebration, enjoyed not only for their sparks and excitement they bring, but also are enjoyed for their noise as well.

Celebrating Diwali In Style

Make Diwali special this year by adding your own unique touch. Whether you have been celebrating Diwali your whole life, or are new to the holiday, do something a little different this year and order custom-made Sparklers to light up the night with. If you are celebrating with family and friends, be sure to order enough for everyone so you will have hours of fun ahead. Plan to have enough for five days worth of celebrations, although you may want to stock up on a little more for the main day, which falls on the third day of festivities.

Choosing What's Right For You

There are different shapes and sizes of Sparklers to choose from, so pick what will work best for the celebration you plan on throwing. For some, the classic stick-shaped Sparklers may be what they are looking for; for others, the beautiful heart-shaped Sparklers might be what they want. Whatever you pick, adding Sparklers to you holiday festivities will never be a wrong choice. Once you use them once, you'll wonder what took you so long to start using them in the first place! Young and old alike will love them, and will enjoy lighting them off over and over again during Diwali. Just be careful- you're neighbors might get curious and wonder what all the fun is about and want to join in, too. You just might end up being the Diwali celebration destination in your town!

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