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The Best Sparklers For Wedding Exits

The grand entrance and epic wedding exits are some of the highlights of every wedding ceremony. They create a romantic ambiance and leave the guests in awe. They also create a perfect scene for the photographer to capture. But when it comes to crafting the perfect wedding sparkler exit, how do you know which sparklers to buy?

Everyone wants to make a grand wedding exist, and you would need wedding sparklers to do that. A little sparkle is all you need to make that memorable wedding exit that would leave your guests in happy tears.

Have you been looking for the best sparklers for a grand wedding exit? You’re in luck!

In this article, we have put together the best sparkles for wedding exits.

14 inch Wedding Sparklers

You can give your wedding exit a fantastic sparkle with the 14-Inch Wedding Sparklers.

Its quality is top-notch, and the glow from it will make your wedding exit grand and exquisite. It’s also great for your wedding photos as it makes you and your partner look great in them. It will be a great way to elaborate your first kiss at the wedding!

16 Inch Japanese Wedding Sparklers

The 16-inch Japanese wedding sparklers are of the best quality. If you’re looking for a perfect sparkler to give your wedding an amazing sight and make your exit a memorable one, you have the one. The bright gold sparks give your wedding a romantic ambiance and are perfect for a photo shoot.

This 16-inch Japanese Wedding Sparkler has a thick wooden handle and can burn for fifty seconds. It’s available in gold or silver dip coating and burns for 50 seconds also has a thick wooden handle.

Guests using Bengal light at wedding party, selective focus

20-inch Wedding Sparklers

Are you looking for a long-lasting wedding sparkler of high quality? You can count on the 20-inch Wedding Sparkler to do the job. This wedding sparkler can burn for approximately 1.5 minutes. It is excellent for your wedding photos and videos and makes you and your partner look great in them.

The 20-inch wedding sparkler produces a bright gold color sparkle that’s perfect for your grand wedding exit. They are 17.5 inches long and can make a huge statement of glamour at your wedding exit.

36-inch Wedding Sparklers

The last sparkler on our list is the 36-inch Wedding Sparkler. These sparklers can last for up to three minutes, which gives you more than enough time to relish the moment and make your wedding exit a memorable one.

They’re packaged in a white sleeve that will match any wedding color. It’s perfect for a grand wedding exit. It’s also great for your wedding photos and videos with friends and family. These wedding sparklers are available at retail and wholesale prices, and you don’t have to break the bank to get a package.

A grand wedding exit is a must in every wedding ceremony, and one way to achieve that is by using too quality wedding sparklers.

You can use any wedding sparklers mentioned above to give your wedding ceremony one last touch of perfection. A little sparkle is all you need to make that grand exit.

wedding photography tips add smoke

Wedding Photography Tips for Beginners

Weddings are absolutely one of the most memorable celebrations we could experience, and one good way of preserving the moment is to take pictures. Whether you’re an actual photographer, a hobbyist, or just someone who was handed with a camera to take some shots, we all have to start from the basics. If you’re ready to become a wedding photographer you need these wedding photography tips for beginners.

Especially if you’re still a starter, it’s easy to worry over the nitty-gritty details of wedding photography and obsess over every shot. After all, this is an important celebration, so there should definitely be no room for errors here!    

Luckily, it’s not quite as complicated as you think. While it may be intimidating for you, wedding photography surely can be simple. Here are some tips that starters will find helpful:

1. Use Creativity

The number one tip we have when you are starting out as a wedding photographer is to be creative. There has to be something unique that sets you apart from the sea of other wedding photographers and today, that’s creativity.

Modern-day couples want their weddings to be an “experience” and they want their photos to be unique. Using a little creativity to capture photos that will be as unique as their love story will help you book more weddings.

Some creative ideas to make your wedding photography stand out from the crowd are below:

Use Props

Adding some props to your wedding photography can really elevate the images. Wedding sparklers create an incredibly energetic crowd and absolutely magical images. Smoke bombs add a sense of wonder and look capture our hearts.


Choosing the right wedding photo filters can also make your images look different from other wedding photographers.

2. Be Patient

If you’re a budding wedding photographer, don’t get booked if you think you’re not ready yet. This means that you should do your experimenting and studying first before you take pictures at an actual wedding. This is not only considerate for the part of the couples, but this will also save you from long-term damages such as a tarnished name in the industry. 

What you can do is learn as much as you can and develop your own style and portfolio. In this way, your clients will know what to expect and you will know what to actually do.

3. Be Prepared

During a wedding, always bring backups. If you’re still starting, this is significant because your name is at stake. That’s why you’re encouraged to bring extra lenses, camera bodies, cards, lighting, and batteries. Weddings are an important event and you don’t want to ruin this by not preserving every angle of the event. 

If you don’t have all the necessary wedding photographer equipment to start with, then what’s there to bring? This is understandable especially if you’re starting so you can try renting first. It’s totally affordable and it eliminates the problem until you’re ready to buy your own. 

Essential Wedding Photography Tips for Beginners

4. Stick to the Theme

Going spontaneous is a creative and fun way to take pictures. However, you should be mindful enough to stick to the theme of the wedding. If the couple has a Greek wedding, be a Greek wedding photographer for the day. If they’re having a garden wedding, incorporate styles that accentuate the venue.

It’s easy to get distracted during the event and some photographers even go blank when they get overwhelmed. So to counter this, you can come up with a shot list wherein you can write all of your ideas for inspiration. 

5. Know the Location

Whether you’re already in the wedding venue for the actual wedding or you’re booked for a wedding photoshoot, it’s important to know your location. Knowing the ins and outs of the wedding venue will allow you to use the area to your advantage, thus capturing stunning photos.

You can study the area by coming in early. Stroll around the place and imagine your models posing in certain spaces that capture your eye. The key here is to use the location to your benefit. 

6. Master your Equipment

Because you are still starting, you’ll need to spend time learning your tools and equipment and knowing how to use them together. This is an essential step as you’re going to be subjected to a lot of drastic changes in either the environment, lighting, or any circumstances that would affect the way you photograph. Master your equipment by researching and experimenting. In time, you’ll figure out what will work for you and what wouldn’t. 

Wedding photography is not that difficult to master, but it will certainly take some time. Fortunately, these tips can somehow speed up the process, so definitely give them a go.  

Winter wedding sparklers

5 Advantages Of Winter Weddings

Winters are not usually the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of weddings. Perhaps no one wants to freeze to death in an all-lace dress? In fact, winters are quite possibly a really great time to have your wedding celebrations for a myriad of reasons! Not to mention winter weddings are simply magical, right? Think of Daisy Fuentes’s snowy winter wedding and you’ll know what we’re talking about. There is just something so dreamy about snowy wedding pictures and breathtaking scenery. Here are 5 advantages of winter weddings.

Daisy Fuentes Snowy Wedding

Here are some of the advantages to consider if you are planning to stray from the beaten path and have your wedding festivities right in the smack of winter.

1. No Meltdowns

Receptions held in summer or spring come with their own baggage. Things melting is always a major concern. Ice cream cakes melt, food can go bad quickly and you just can’t have snow sculptures! Not to mention the bride’s makeup usually takes a hit in all the humidity and sun. In the winters you can have a longer party with ease as the heat is not going to be a problem.

Furthermore, the cold air acts as a natural preservative for everyone’s makeup, hairdo, and styling, resulting in better pictures. Not to mention your guests will be much happier that they can spend more time at the venue and not have to worry about constant touchups and ‘powdering their nose.’

2. Snap Up All The Best Dates

Summer, spring, and even fall have full back-to-back bookings for all the best outdoor venues, hotels, and every location where you can hold a wedding. In the winter season, however, you are likely to find more spots open so your dream wedding will be within reach and possibly at better off-season rates too!

You can also expect your vendors to give their best in an off-season event (everyone from the caterer, florist, wedding planner, and décor specialist will be able to perform better because they won’t be overworked). Again as with the venue, you might be able to secure better, more competitive rates.

3. Easier To Be Formal

Winters make it easier to go full black-tie because you’re not likely to sweat and be uncomfortable. Not to mention brides can go full out too with more elaborate dresses that might be harder to walk around with during a summer reception in the middle of the day.

The Top Advantages Of Winter Weddings

2022 Winter Wedding Ideas – Hot Air Balloons

4. A Welcome Change

People are used to summer weddings and the hullaballoo and wedding fatigue surrounding these events. A well-planned winter wedding is a welcome change and a breath of fresh air allowing them to relax and really enjoy themselves without the venue being overcrowded or makeup and hair bookings being all the way full.

5. Experimentation Is The Name Of The Game

A winter wedding can play up all the elements from the flowers to the color palette. Not to mention you can incorporate a feeling of coziness with lanterns, maybe a live BBQ, or even a bonfire. You can include thoughtful and delicious refreshment choices like chai lattes, cinnamon lattes, and warm apple pie.

Last but not least, imagine a winter wedding with the vows taking place against a backdrop of snow- you can always warm up the guests in an indoor dinner later! If the reception takes place at night you can use fireworks, sparklers, colorful smoke balls, fairy lights, and just about anything that comes to mind for ambiance (after checking the venue rules of course!)

bride and groom celebrating with sparklers

How To Photograph A Wedding Sparkler Exit

Sparkler exits are a well-loved wedding exit idea and many couples want to use them to make a memorable exit especially for evening receptions. Photographing sparklers does require some thought and planning. Mainly because bright flashes of light typically can be hard to capture. Of course you want the photos to be aesthetically pleasing. Here are some easy-to-follow tips for how to photograph a wedding sparkler exit spectacularly.

Prepare The Materials And Set The Stage

Let’s state the obvious- you need a good quality DSLR as well as reasonable skill and knowledge. If you want to capture a half-decent photograph with sparklers the DSLR is necessary. As no smartphone is good enough to make the cut. Practicing test shots a few days before in different natural light settings is also imperative. This is helpful because you develop some experience so you can capture the best shots on the actual day.

In the area or doorway from where the couple is going to exit, you need to set up adequate artificial lighting in advance. It needs to be tested and positioned in such a way that it can be turned on at the right time to assist in taking a shot. Consider having lighting from multiple angles. As well as adequate backlighting so that the guests don’t appear washed out in the pictures. You may also need to recruit a couple of extra friends as it is hard for one photographer to capture all the prize-worthy candid photos of the event.

Grand Wedding Exit
Bride and Groom Grand Wedding Exit

Tips For Learning How To Photograph A Wedding Sparkler Exit

Size And Speed Matter

The sparklers used in the event need to be as large as possible (preferably 36 inches). Because the smaller ones go out too quickly not allowing you to get those Insta-worthy clicks in time. Encourage the couple to change poses, pose with friends, or just be part of the scenery and capture their smiles and joy. Most of all, make sure the couple is not in a hurry at the time of the exit. If they move through the crowd slowly or make poses, there is more time to capture the sparklers as a backdrop.

Be prepared for the eventuality that you may have to use flash. If your camera’s aperture isn’t able to capture enough light as too much ISO will add grain to the end picture. Depending on your own skill level, you might find outsourcing all the photo editing to a gifted editor. A freelancer might increase the quality of the end result significantly. There are lots of free online software that provide easy edit tools but nothing compared to what a professional can do from scratch.

Better Safe Than Sorry

As a photographer, you might be tempted to overdo lighting new sparklers because you want to get as many quality shots as possible but remember sparkler safety always comes first as they can be a fire hazard. Keep buckets of water or sand nearby or a fire extinguisher in the case of an emergency. Make sure sparklers are lit and handled by adult guests that know how to use them and are not intoxicated. Sparklers should never be made accessible to children.

Remember various items like hairspray or perfume (that most guests will have used) are quite inflammable so tell guests to keep their distance from each other and the couple and to use sparklers carefully.

Champagne bottle sparklers

Don’t Skip Dessert! Make Dessert Sweeter With Sparklers

A great meal is fantastic, but the dessert is usually the icing on the cake (no pun intended!). What better way to sit back and relax, belly full and content, than with dessert and a few glasses of champagne to end the evening? Well, there is a slightly better way. Have the server add Sparklers to your dessert and champagne bottle to be lit as he makes his way to your table for a romantic and fabulous surprise! Here’s how to make your dessert sweeter with sparklers.

Make It Special!

If the occasion is special enough for dessert and champagne then it is special enough for Sparklers! You will not only make it special for you and your guest. But also to all the other guests in the restaurant as well. They’ll be wondering why they didn’t think of that first! Big Birthday Cake Sparklers are the perfect addition to any dessert service. And most servers will be only too happy to light them for you.

Any Occasion Is A Special Occasion

Don’t wait for a special occasion to celebrate. Do it for no reason at all! Maybe you are in love with a new someone or enjoying the many years you and your partner have cherished together. Perhaps you and your spouse have just finished a long and stressful week. Celebrate that for sure! Any day is a special occasion if you make it that way. With very little effort, you can show the people you love how special they are to you. And give yourself something sweet and fun as well!

Toast With Champagne!

Any time you add champagne to the mix, you elevate the moment to something memorable and fun. Who doesn’t love a little bubbly? Cake sparklers are so versatile that they can be put into the opening and lit as the bottle makes its way to your tabl. How fantastic is that? If you’re out with adults then champagne is a must. Order a few bottles and watch your guest’s faces light up as the Sparklers are lit and delicate sparks light up the atmosphere and cast a gentle glow over the table. By this simple touch you will transform the night into something to remember for years to come.

It’s The Little Things That Count

As hectic as life can be, everyone needs a chance to pause and enjoy the little luxuries that life has to offer. Something as simple as dessert and champagne, topped with a little Sparkler magic, will give you that small luxury you are searching for. Create moments like these a few times throughout the month and you will give yourself and your loved ones something to look forward to. And the feeling that your lives are special, very special, which is something we all want to feel. Enjoy life for the precious gift it is, and bring on the Sparklers!

When you’re planning a special night out for dinner to celebrate a special occasion make dessert sweeter with sparklers.