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Celebrate Your Birthday In Style – 2021 Birthday Ideas

Who wants to have the same old birthday celebration, year, after year, after year? Perhaps not many, but that’s what most people find themselves doing throughout their whole lifetime. Why not be rebellious and do something different? Instead of the typical cake and candles, why not opt for something more extravagant and fun? How about adding Sparklers into the mix? Here are some fantastic 2021 Birthday Ideas that’ll really turn your party into an unforgettable event.


Sparklers are to candles what carnivals are to playgrounds: much, much cooler and so much more fun! The sparks and fire flying through the air create the same sense of excitement that is felt on the fourth of July when the fireworks go off. It’s magical. There is something about fire and sparks that bring out the children in even the oldest of persons, so don’t hesitate to set some Sparklers off on old Aunt Jane’s 90th birthday! You just might see a childlike glimmer light up in her eyes!

Young At Heart

No matter how old we grow, there is always a sense of fun, a sense of humor, that never really goes away. We all want to be surprised on our birthdays, made to feel special, made to feel loved. It’s the one day of the year that is truly all ours if we will allow the spotlight to be on just us. Remember this when you are planning a birthday for someone, and be as unique in your planning as you can for your precious loved one. Whether you are planning a birthday for a toddler or for someone turning 50, the sentiment should always stay the same: celebrate life!

The Best 2021 Birthday Ideas


No matter where you are holding the celebration, sparklers can be used to decorate. You can add them to the top of the cake. Used as party favors, or given out to the guests to light when the birthday boy or girl comes into the room! Not only do they come in a simple stick form, they now are made in the shape of a heart. So, pick which style is right for you and the party you are throwing. They also come in number-shaped sparklers. So you can have twice the amount of sparkles and fun just by adding them to the top of the cake! Choose the number of sparklers you want based on the type of party you are throwing. We suggest for a simple and quiet birthday, choose just number-shaped sparklers to adorn the cake. For a grand and exciting party, order a large number of sparklers and have the guests double up on how many they hold. The choice is yours, but either way, with just a few or a whole lot, adding Sparklers will really bring the party to life!

A Special Touch

Sparklers add a special something that you just can’t get anywhere else. Think of them whenever you are celebrating any special occasion. Whether it is a birthday, wedding, anniversary, birth, graduation, or any of the hundreds of other special occasions that we might celebrate during our lifetime. Or perhaps, you are one of those special people who don’t need an excuse to celebrate life. Every day is a celebration to you. In that case, light em’ up, just because.