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Woman wearing red reindeer antlers holding sparklers during holiday dinner

Top 10 Holiday Sparklers Party Ideas & Inspiration

It’s no secret that sparklers bring life to parties. In its glory, sparklers are a sight to behold. There is just something so magical about them that it excites both the young and the old the same way. If you’re looking for a way to WOW your guests this holiday season this is it! Here are the top 10 Holiday Sparklers Party Ideas for a dazzling holiday soiree.

Here’s one thing you need to know. Sparklers are considered the most popular type of fireworks. They are pretty. Anyone can find their way around the workings of sparklers without any hassle. Unlike some fireworks, they do not require a big backyard to get it started.

With that said, are you thinking of stepping up your parties with a blend of sparkle, life, and joy? Then you should consider the following top 10-holiday sparklers’ party ideas and inspiration for your next event.

Holiday Sparkler Ideas – Christmas Tree Shopping, YEAH!

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving helps us stay close and connected with our loved ones. Therefore, in the spirit of holidays, you can step up by using sparklers on the cake and more during Thanksgiving.

Christmas Sparklers

The celebration of Christmas comes with lots of lights, decor, and gifts. But you can spice it up by adding Christmas sparkle to the general grandeur.

Sparkles are incredible for the background during the Christmas Carol. They are also great for Christmas eve or dinner.

New Year’s Eve Sparklers

Lighting up sparkles during the new year celebration is a popular tradition all over the world. When you have family and loved ones around during new year’s eve. No doubt there will be cheering and noise and merry. But adding sparkle to the mix will make the new year celebration more colorful. 2022 New Year’s Eve sparklers are a must!!

A Slow Dance With Your Lover For Hanukkah

There are many creative ways to utilize sparklers for Hanukkah. To start with one, you can light up the sparkles and explore any color of your choice.

Santa Holding Sparklers

Holidays are not complete without Santa. You can explore the idea of Santa Holding sparkles. Kids will love to see that.

Special Occasions

Occasions that fall during the holiday like anniversaries and the start of a new adventure are worth lighting sparklers. It can also be used to celebrate personal achievements like sobriety.

Birthday Sparklers

Sparklers look great on a birthday cake. The celebrant can hold on to it until it dies out. Indeed, it will even add more color to the event.

As mentioned earlier, sparklers do not require a big backyard. They are environment friendly and easier to use unlike some kinds of smoke bombs. That makes it safe for a kid’s birthday.

Halloween Sparklers & Smoke Bombs

Halloween is considered one of the best holidays in America. The festival is often terrific fun. And that’s because people can Infuse their creativity into how they want to look.

With that said, you can put Halloween sparklers inside pumpkins, skeleton eyeball sockets, or Mason jars.

Halloween smoke bombs are another festive and creative way to elevate your party. Adds a spooky and fun element to any event.

Diwali Sparklers

The festival is the celebration of light over darkness. It is celebrated during the holiday. You can light up Diwali sparklers for the celebration of the light with your loved ones.

Summer Holiday Sparkler Fun

There is no doubt that the summer cannot squeak by without a little or a lot of sparkler fun. Seems like the hot summer sun, BBQ on the grill, watermelon, beach time, water balloons, and steamy nights just make the perfect pairing for Sparkler fun.

No matter what holiday or special event that you are celebrating, stocking up on your sparkler stash is always a good idea. Don’t wait until the last minute to realize you’re out of your favorite event fun activity -sparklers. Shop & Order your sparklers today!

2021 halloween party ideas on a budget

Thrilling Ideas For A Halloween Party On A Budget

Halloween is a thrilling time for people of all ages but the budget can wear thin on certain holidays and while you are still enthusiastic about having a great time with loved ones, practical considerations do beckon. The ideal solution is to plan a thrilling Halloween party on a budget (a sensible budget) using elements that are cost-effective but full of impact and beauty…or well, horror.

A Single Theme

Choose a theme like ghosts or vampires or werewolf etc and just buy elements relating to that theme. You’ll find if you stick to a singular theme you are able to buy larger packets of relevant décor at a lower price. A whole pack of vampire’s teeth costs less than for example buying a few items each of different supernatural concepts. Not to mention you can refashion what you have at home! Look for materials like velvet, leftover crepe and chart paper, and even fairy lights or Christmas décor items (although you’ll need to give them a turn for the darker and more terrible!)

Smoke Bombs & Sparklers

Smoke bombs are a great treat to use at your Halloween party. Especially when the evening is getting started or at night if you have great lighting arranged. They let loose smoke in different colors add a hint of beauty, mysticism, and even gloomy, foggy horror if you think about it.

And Halloween sparklers are a real festive touch as they can be bought rather inexpensively and in different sizes which determines how long they will stay alight. You can also hide them in your décor to light them later when the moment’s right.

Ideas For Throwing A 2021 Halloween Party On A Budget

Photos Make Or Break A Party

One of the best ways to make a small budget stretch far is to create activities that will keep guests and especially children endlessly occupied such a constructing a photo booth. All you need is an interesting background (that can be inexpensively printed as well), maybe a table and a banner. Props such as signs to hold or masquerade masks can be made easily DIY style using some colored cardboard and wooden sticks or even straws. Glitter glue and markers are your best friends to add a sparkling touch to the photographs.

In terms of backdrops, you can choose anything from a police photo background to a dark stormy gothic novel-type night. Think of how you can use items lying around the house or perhaps in the attic to fit in with the idea you have chosen. A little elbow grease and creativity can go a long way in sprucing up any space.

Strategic Snacks

When planning a Halloween party for a large group of people including children that are definitely going to get hungry you want to opt for snacks that can be prepared in relative abundance at less cost but are still filling and delicious. Create grazing platters that are incredibly fashionable nowadays and they can be decorated Halloween style with cobwebs and spiders.

Grazing platters have a variety of small finger food that can easily be munched on even without a plate. It is quite ideal for large gatherings. You can also put out snacks like homemade toffee squares, caramel apples, brownies, hot dogs, and small finger sandwiches.

Halloween parties in 2021 will be an amazing time to celebrate with your friends and family. And with COVID-19 still looming around, it’s important to be safe. Offer some social distancing items like masks, and try to format your seating and food so that the gatherings aren’t too close. But remember it’s all about having fun, plan your Halloween Party On A Budget and celebrate!

UniqUnique Halloween Party Themes Day of the Dead

Unique Halloween Party Themes That Rock

Celebrating Halloween doesn’t have to end just because you’re too old to trick-or-treat.  Get into the excitement by inviting your adult pals to join you in the fun. We’ve compiled a list of 8 Halloween party theme ideas that are ideal for your macabre gathering. Here are some unique Halloween party themes for the best Halloween party ever!

Crime Scene

Is this a worrisome theme? Absolutely! But since everyone seems to have a love for all things “crime scene” or forensic we think it’s a great idea for your 2021 Halloween party theme. And make sure to add with some inventive sweets, you can easily turn something that looks gruesome into sweet. Crush magazine’s Crime Scene Cookies are a fantastic addition to any Halloween party.

Speakeasy Halloween Theme

A Speakeasy Halloween

The Roaring Twenties are worth commemorating, and Halloween is the perfect time to do so! For admittance to your party, ask your guests to dress up in their best 1920s clothes (but only after they figure out the secret password!) To avoid suspicion when ordering a drink at the bar, prepare some prohibition snacks (such as wasabi deviled eggs or candied bacon) and make sure everyone “speaks easy.”

Creepy Crawly

It’s sometimes best to stick to the tried and true. For years, creepy-crawly party themes have kicked off spooky celebrations (and rightfully so!) Keep in mind that this subject doesn’t have to be disgusting all of the time. With a bit of elegance, you may turn the whole look into a somber affair. This black and white tablescape with creepy-crawly decorations is one of my favorites!

Day of the Dead, - Unique Halloween Party Themes

Dia de los Muertos Halloween

This festival is typically about celebrating loved ones who have passed away. It is celebrated in Mexico every year and is lively, enthusiastic, and vibrantly colorful. We recommend choosing decor that honors the deceased like traditional sugar skulls, bright florals, and candlelight.

Spells & Potions

Now, let’s talk about the cocktails for this theme. A wicked twist on any of your favorite beverages is recommended. The cocktails can be classics as long as they’re named appropriately. You may also make a frightening Witch’s Brew recipe, which is sure to please your guests. But don’t forget some spooky smoke bombs and Halloween party props. 

2021 Unique Halloween Party Themes For A Spooky Good Time

Full Moon Halloween

This 2021 Halloween theme is perfect for anyone searching for something a little more dazzling and out of this planet. Take your Halloween festivities to a higher level with spooky decor that screams Halloween.

Ghouls Night In

It’s just like a regular girls’ night in, just creepier! Take your evening to the next level with Halloween-themed decorations. Any tablescapes or decorations that have a pop of color are our favorites. For some extra fun, and excitement add some bottle or cake sparklers.

Murder Mystery

Setting the scene is the focus of this theme A traditional, old manor mystery requires moody lighting, spiderwebs, colored smoke, and candelabras. In the spirit of Halloween, don’t be afraid to add some extra eerie décor (like skulls, tombstones, and creepy crawlies!).

If you need more 2021 Halloween party ideas, take a look at our entire selection of Halloween party props, sparklers and smoke.

Tray of champagne glasses at holiday party

Inspiration For Using Sparklers On Holidays

Sparklers mean excitement to children and adults alike. They signify a deviation from standard party poppers, balloons, and other decorations. Sparklers are an ideal choice for someone looking to upgrade the festivities and add a bit of light, sparkle, and joy. Sparklers are incredibly versatile and chic and go well with a number of special occasions. Here is a little Inspiration for using sparklers on holidays to jazz up any event.

Your Regular Weekend Family Dinner

Who said you can’t use sparklers on family dinners and get-togethers? These times with the family are amongst the most beautiful memories that you must preserve with photos and videos and using sparklers before everyone digs into grandma’s specialty pot pie is a great way to mark the occasion, (even if it comes a couple of weekends a month). Just make sure to exercise caution when using sparklers in the house around pets or children. Light the sparkler but keep it at a distance from your body.

Jazz Up A Mundane Birthday

After childhood, most birthdays seem just a little boring. If you want to do an impromptu birthday celebration for your adult best friend with just pizza and beer, birthday sparklers can really add a sense of occasion. Not to mention most adults do not prefer elaborate birthday decorations unless they’re that rare person who loves a good theme or dress-up birthday party.

The New Year Or The First Day

Sparklers are almost considered synonymous with New Year’s celebrations as they are the perfect way to mark a new beginning and new resolutions. They are also more pleasing to look at than noisemakers and easier to use than something like smoke bombs. Not to mention you can use environmentally friendly sparklers or biodegradable ones.

New Year’s Eve Sparklers work well for first days too; such as the first day of a new job. They are an easy way to take the celebration to the next level for events like anniversaries or marriage proposals.

It’s Christmas Time

Christmas is when you have to go all out in terms of décor and Christmas sparklers are a welcomed addition to the general splendor. They’re a good background for singing Christmas carols or for after dinner on Christmas Eve too. Not to mention they make a terrific centerpiece at the dinner table and can be used in the garden in the evening to compliment the rest of the Christmas decorations and lights.

An Expression Of Love

Valentine’s Day is perfect for sparklers, they also come in heart shapes! Whether you’re about to pop the big question or profess your everlasting love, sparklers may it all the more special, bright and memorable.

For Those That Scare Easily

Halloween is terrific fun especially with the right decorations and all the fixings. Carved-up pumpkins, glimmering skeletons, eerie cobwebs, all add to the thrill and Halloween sparklers can too. You can put them inside mason jars, in pumpkins as well as in a skeleton’s eye sockets. The sky is really the limit to using sparklers to scare and delight the little one’s trick or treating!

Halloween Party Ideas

Genius Ideas for Halloween Parties During COVID-19

Hey, we get it! COVID-19 sure has put a damper on a lot of parties and events so you’re probably wondering what Halloween 2020 will be like. It’s one the most popular times to host a party and with social distancing restrictions, we wanted to find some genius ideas for Halloween parties during COVID-19. After all, we sure could use some fun in our lives right now and Halloween hasn’t ghosted us yet!

Halloween Party during COVID-19 is not cancelled.

Halloween candy is on the shelves, people are scrambling to get the best costume and parties are being planned. Here are some great ideas on how you can keep your family and your party guests safe.

Outdoor Halloween Party

The best place to host your 2020 Halloween party during COVID-19 is outdoors. Your backyard is the perfect place. You don’t have to pay venue rental fees or transport any of your 2020 Halloween decorations. Having your Halloween party in 2020 outdoors allows you to space everything out and hopefully, your party-goers will adhere to the social distancing guidelines.

Here are some cool things you can do to elevate your outdoor Halloween party to a whole new level.

How To Plan Halloween Parties During COVID-19

Create a Candy Graveyard

Everyone loves candy, so this will work if it is a kid’s party or adults only. Set up some fact tombstones and sprinkle candy and prizes around them. You can usually buy them at stores that sell Halloween decor (Michael’s, Target, Party City, Walmart, etc). For an extra spooky touch, you can add smoke to your graveyard and some creepy music. Everyone will love it!

It’s kind of like an Easter egg hunt, everyone can run around the yard collecting candy. It’s genius really because they will go at different paces, ultimately keeping their distance from each other. Just make sure to provide everyone with some instructions…you don’t want one person gobbling up all the candy.

Sky  lanterns for Halloween

Spooky Movie Night

Get a huge blow up projector screen and play a spooky movie. This is such a cute idea. You can set up individual or couple seating areas with pillows or blankets, spaced apart 6 feet. Everyone can get cozy while watching the movie.

Set Up Food Stations

Rather than have all the food in one place, create small snacking stations throughout your yard. Not only is this a great idea to get people mingling and talking, but it will allow your guests to stay a safe distance from each other.

Halloween Parties during COVID-19 – Exciting & Safe.

Light it Up!

To make your Halloween 2020 party even more memorable and exciting, light up the night. Unexpected activities really make a huge impact on party-goers. Order holiday sparklers and allow your party-goers to light up the sky by twirling and spelling out things. Everyone keeps their distance when anyone has a sparkler in hand so it’s a great way to social distance.

Another great idea, that will totally blow your guests minds is to release sky lanterns. Never heard of them before? Your guests probably haven’t either that’s why it’s a genius idea!

For Halloween, we have pumpkin sky lanterns. These are orange lanterns with a Black Pumpkin Face. Sky Lanterns are a real hit for any occasion and can be used for day or night use entertainment for any occasion or event.

If you want an extra special touch you could order both white sky lanterns and the pumpkin sky lanterns. It will result in a beautiful, and unexpected display of light in the sky. We promise these sky lanterns will be a hit!

Decorate to the Max

Go all out with your Halloween decorations in 2020. We believe that Halloween shouldn’t be cancelled but it will have to look a little different this year. Decorate your front yard, the backyard any and everywhere to really WOW your guests.


What a great idea! Park your car at the end of the driveway pop open your trunk and decorate it with Halloween decor. Have baskets or bowls of candy inside for trick-or-treaters (if it’s allowed in your area). Super cute idea!

BUT! Make sure that you do not let anyone’s hand dig into the candy bowls. Instead, use candy grabbers to pick up the candy and drop it in their bags or pumpkins. You just never know! Better to be safe than sorry.

If you don’t want to risk having a lot of people get together there are tons of virtual options as well. Stay tuned for an upcoming post on how to throw a virtual Halloween party.