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Sparklers and Holidays

When I think of holidays, I think of get togethers.It doesn’t matter if its Christmas or July 4th. It doesn’t matter if its for family, friends or even coworkers. Sometimes its an intimate party inside and sometimes its a large bbq in the backyard.  There is always plenty of food and entertainment. And this year, I am going to be sure to include sparklers!

Most of us probably use sparklers for July 4th.  Its a fun way to pass the time while waiting for the larger fireworks show to begin.  Children (and most adults too!) love to see the gold sparks of the small #8 sparklers.  The pretty colored sparklers are always a hit too. Are you having desserts at your bbq? Add a party sparkler or two, to the top of your cake or cupcakes for a festive feel to the end of your night. Create your own custom sparkler tags as a thank you to your guests for spending their evening with you.   Don’t forget to mark the beginning and end of summer with sparklers too.  Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends are traditionally filled with bbqs and picnics. Make sparklers part of your tradition as well!

July 4th sparkler fun.

July 4th sparkler fun.

Summer is not the only time to enjoy sparklers.  Include sparklers and sparklers tags into your Christmas and New Years plans.  Give out sparklers as party favors for your office party.  Create beautiful centerpieces by mixing and matching different color sparkler tags to create a beautiful and festive tablescape.  Add a  birthday sparkler or a bottle sparkler to your champagne or wine bottle and watch your guests’ faces light up with excitement.

Of course there are many more holidays throughout the year where sparklers can be included.  Have a fun Halloween party, drawing spooky pictures with sparklers.  End your romantic Valentine’s dinner with sparks and heart shaped sparklers! Don’t forget Chinese’s New Year and Diwali. the festival of lights.

Whatever holiday you are celebrating, add sparklers for a touch of unique fun!


Dessert Sparklers and customer satisfaction

As a restaurant, you are constantly competing with every other restaurant in the city. How do you make yourself stand out? How do you ensure that your restaurant is the first one that comes to mind when people think of a spectacular night out? What better way to create an impression on your guests than by ending their experience with a delightful surprise: dessert sparklers! Your servers can artfully decorate the desserts in the back-of-the-house and light them as they come into the dining room. Your patrons will ooh and aah over the stunning presentation. Whether they are celebrating a birthday, an anniversary or just a night out with friends, dessert sparklers will make any night feel special. This is your golden ticket to making loyal customers out of every person you have the pleasure of serving dessert to.

It’s no secret the service industry has a huge turnover rate. Dessert sparklers are of course good for you, the business owner but also for your servers. However, no server in their right mind would leave a place that’s slam-packed and every customer can’t wait to order dessert.

Everyone wants to increase their bottom line, no doubt about it. By up-selling desserts to patrons excited to experience the special touch of dessert sparklers, you will be substantially bulking up their tabs. Not only will desserts increase your profit, but so will the associated after-dinner drinks, cordials, and coffees that go along with them. This is going to increase your profits nicely. Don’t underestimate what dessert can do for your restaurant.

Don’t think you have to go all-out to impress your customers, it’s the little things that count. Incorporating dessert sparklers into your service will be an inexpensive addition with big payback. Your customers will leave feeling that their expectations have been far exceeded.

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