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2022 wedding exit ideas confetti toss

FABULOUS 2022 Wedding Exit Ideas

Entry and exit are the highlights of wedding parties. While the entry gives off the first impression and sets the tone for what the guests should expect. The exit is the last sight of the whole party, the grand finale which makes it equally important. Here are some fabulous 2022 wedding exit ideas for inspiration.

Therefore, it is paramount that your wedding exit is quite memorable as your entrance. Apart from that, exits at weddings are sentimental. It allows couples to say their goodbyes to family, friends, and their loved ones.

Needless to say, a unique wedding exit must be picture-worthy, and memorable. There are numerous ways to plan a grand wedding exit.  However, deciding the perfect one can be a hard nut to crack.  That is why we have come up with a handful of exciting wedding exit ideas you can easily explore.

Sky Lanterns

Illuminate the sky by releasing sky lanterns. This is the newest and hottest wedding exit idea for 2022. If you’re looking for a unique send-off idea to leave your wedding in style, you just found it! Sky lanterns are a totally unexpected way to WOW your guests.

Young Millenials holding and igniting sky lantern – Lantern festival on the beach

Vintage Cars

Using vintage cars for wedding exits gives your exit a classic and impressive touch. This is because vintage cars have unique aesthetics that remind us of a certain period.

Vintage cars are rare commodities. They give you a sense of royalty when you and your partner are riding in it with a personal chauffeur.

Although there are tons of vintage cars to choose from, these are some of the ones we recommended:

  • 1970 Volkswagen Beetle
  • 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing Coupe (or Convertible)
  • 1962 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud,
  • 1966 Cadillac DeVille Convertible Coupe
  • 1967 VW Campervan


Are you thinking of having your wedding at the beach? You should explore the idea of a fast boat for your wedding exit. Your bride or groom will be swept away in an exquisitely designed boat with the coolness of the breeze.

Confetti Toss

A fun and festive way to exit your wedding in style is with a colorful confetti toss. Sure! This wedding exit has been around for a while but it still is one of the best. Your wedding photographer will capture incredible shots during your confetti wedding exit.

Horses and Carriage

Horses and carriage is another captivating exit from the reception. The white horse is mainly used for this white wedding party. As the evening wraps up, and the newlywed couple says their goodbyes to the guests. The bride and groom will leave in a well-decorated horse and carriage.

Sparkler Exit

Sparkler’s exit might be simple. But it is an exciting way of exiting the wedding venue. They create a romantic ambiance. The light they emit makes the photos gorgeous with sparkle.

However, you need the help of your guest to make this successful. The guests are to raise the sparkler high while the couples will walk through it after saying goodbye to the guests.

Couples should walk and not run so that the photographer can capture the moment. Wedding sparkler exits continue to WOW guests of all ages.

Butterflies Release

For an outdoor wedding, butterflies can have a positive impact on your wedding. Butterflies signify happiness, a new beginning, joy, and good wishes.

The Butterflies will first flutter around the bride and groom before flying away. It is budget-friendly and cute. It also makes the moment picture surreal.

Tossing of Flower Petals

The popular wedding exit idea will never go out of style. As common as it is, it remains charming. The first to exit will be the flower girl carrying a flower-filled basket. She then tosses the flower on the floor for the bride and groom to step on.

Bride and groom kiss with their mixed gender bridal party surrounding them

How To Do A Mixed Gender Bridal Party Right

It is now really fashionable to do a co-ed or mixed-gender bridal party instead of the eons-old bridesmaids and groomsmen. It makes sense, right? You save both time and money and all your loved ones are together for one party! There are times one needs a girls’ night out but what if you’d prefer all your friends to be together for one big hurrah before the final day? This is the perfect opportunity.

Here’s How To Throw An Epic Mixed Gender Bridal Party

Neutral And Androgynous

In order to do a mixed-gender bridal party right, you need to use colors (for everything from décor to outfits) that are generally pleasing to both genders. Use pastel or neutral color scheme so everyone is free to express themselves within it. Using colors and décor effects like paper lanterns for example are all elements that are fairly androgynous and create a nice, warm feeling.

Not to mention this party is the perfect excuse for some wild experimentation as well if that’s your thing. Recommend to your bridesmaids that they all wear jumpsuits or pantsuits to the party or you could keep the color scheme totally fluid so people can freely choose the colors that best influence their mental health in a positive way and having a theme or a cosplay style party is also in the cards. Who said everything had to be a formal tea party?

Bride and Groom kissing while guests light sparklers

Mix Matching And Coordinating Outfits

While on one hand, you have the option of going rogue in terms of dress sense and outfit choices, you can also do mix-matching between the groomsmen and the bridesmaids. If your bridesmaids have a bit of blue or pink in their dress, you could play up the groomsmen’s outfit by throwing in a tie or a pocket square in the same color.

Inclusion Is In, Exclusivity Is Out

Ditch the old ideas and the old terms surrounding a wedding like a bridal suite for example. A wedding and the prerequisite bridal party is the celebration of two souls that love each other. But they are also special days for all their friends and loved ones and you want to make everyone feel like they belong and that they are vital to the event. Forget about gender-defined roles and mix everyone’s duties up so the event is more inclusive, fun, warm, and filled with wonderful memories of affection and not just formal execution of everyone’s role.

Do A Mixed Gender Bridal Party Right

Man With Man, Girl With Girl

You don’t need to go with traditional opposite-sex pairings for photographs and such, you can totally do same-sex photo placements for more natural, candid, and friendly photographs. And if you want to create some really incredible photos add some sparklers. Not only will you get Insta-Worthy photos, but wedding sparklers will also create unforgettable memories.

Gender Neutral Fun Activities

Whether you’re choosing to do a live BBQ or play darts or even open presents, there are ways to engineer these activities to make them gender-neutral and a lot of fun. You can also communicate with the guests of your bridal party to find out what they love doing as a hobby and maybe surprise them with it at the actual party.

There is no doubt that modern-day weddings are changing. Age-old traditions are no longer an absolute must. And we think it’s pretty cool. We celebrate the fact that today’s couples want to make their wedding as unique as their love story. So, if you don’t want a garter or bouquet toss, skip them! And if you want your best guy friend as your “Man of Honor” or your best gal friend as your “Best Lady” do it! It’s your wedding day so make it what you want.

wedding party walk celebrating with purple and red smoke bombs

The Ultimate Guide To Smoke Bombs In Weddings

Smoke bombs are the real deal; they are what you use to signal the party of the year or the wedding of the decade and throw subtle touches out the window. However, there is an art and a bit of science to using smoke bombs safely and for the best effect so here’s everything you need to know before incorporating smoke bombs in weddings.

When In Rome

Smoke bombs are all about the location you are using them in. And Smoke bombs are best utilized in an outdoor setting in daylight. But be careful because smoke bombs can stain clothes, furniture, and walls although they don’t really make any noise. Using them outdoors (or for the wedding exit) means you can get more impressive photographs because the pictures will capture more of the colors and gradients than they would in a closed room even with great lighting.

If you are using them outside during the night time definitely rethink the backlighting; whatever you think is enough probably isn’t especially if you want quality photographs showcasing all the colors. Other locational considerations to bear in mind include the fact that you don’t want the guests undergoing too much smoke inhalation in a medium-sized space and some venues may not allow the use of smoke bombs at all (probably due to size or inadequate ventilation, not to mention it will stain their pretty white tablecloths).

smoke bombs for weddings bride and groom outside castle

Beware A Storm

Checking the weather forecast for the day you plan to use smoke bombs is definitely for the wise. Smoke bombs blowing in the opposite direction are no fun. If your guests are wary of their clothes getting stained, set off the smoke bombs 3 feet away from everyone. This will help to ensure that there is less contact between the smoke and guests.

Many couples prefer the smoke bombs to match the wedding theme or the general décor of the festivities. This is especially important in more ethnic weddings) so the fumes need to be close. In that case, your photographer might suggest waiting till the end for a special photoshoot so it doesn’t matter if the clothes get stained. You can do a rehearsal smoke bomb try-out a few days before the wedding to be sure!

All Smoke Bombs Are Not Built Alike

There are many different types of smoke bombs available on the web. And many couples use biodegradable, non-toxic fume-based smoke bombs that are not harmful to the environment. This is a great idea if your wedding party has a lot of children!

There are firework fountain smoke bombs, homemade versions that need more time to dry out before being lit up. There are also ones that emit colored fire along with smoke, and many others. Choose ones that will have the effect you want . Each smoke bomb stays lit for 90 seconds. So decide how many you need and how to navigate using them safely depending on the number of guests.