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Wedding sparklers vs. Traditional Sparklers

As you start planning your sparkler send off, you may begin to feel overwhelmed by the amount of sparkler choices. When you start your research regarding grand exit sparklers, start by learning the differences between wedding sparklers vs traditional sparklers.

Bamboo stick vs. Metal Stick

July 4th sparklers or traditional sparklers are made with wood or bamboo sticks. Unfortunately, these sparklers create a lot of smoke and put off some ash and soot. Using traditional sparklers leaves the chance for you wedding photographs to be ruined by excess smoke. There is also the possibility of ash damaging your wedding dress, rented tuxedos and table linens. Wedding sparklers on the other hand, are made with steel wire sticks which eliminates these issues. Wedding sparklers are considered low smoke sparklers. Your pictures will not be compromised when using the correct wedding sparklers.

#36 Metal Stick Wedding sparkler

Colorful sparks vs. Gold sparks.

While color sparklers (green, blue, pink ect. ) may seem festive, using these sparklers for your wedding is a bad idea. Just like the bamboo sticks, the chemicals that are used to create the pretty colors also create a lot of smoke. Gold wedding sparklers are not only elegant, but the chemicals that create the gold sparks do not put off a lot of smoke.

#20 Wedding sparklers

Small sparklers vs. Long sparklers.

This depends on what your plans for the sparklers are and how many guests you are expecting. The smallest sparkler we carry is the #8. They are 7.5 inches long and burn for 20 seconds. These would make for fun party favors but would not work for a sparklers send off. The burn time is too short. Your wedding photographer would not have time to capture amazing photos before all of the sparklers have finished sparkling. The same is true for the slightly longer #10 sparklers. Although, the #10 sparklers work well for dessert and wedding cake enhancements. For weddings with 100 guests, the #20 sparklers are a good, inexpensive choice. The are 17.5 inches long and burn for 75 seconds. The #36 sparklers are the longest wedding sparkler. They are almost 3 feet tall and burn for 3 minutes. For weddings with 100 or more guests, these sparklers work best. Your guests can light their sparklers and your photographer will have plenty of time to capture great photos as you make your grand exit.

When purchasing your wedding sparklers, go through the wedding sparklers vs traditional sparklers checklist-Metal stick, gold sparks and long burn time. Keeping these three things in mind, will ensure your sparkler sendoff goes off just how you envisioned. Y

Party Sparklers-a fun gift

Are you stressed out trying to find the perfect holiday gift for your family and friends? Do you want to do something different this year, something that we will make your holiday guests truly happy? Sure, you can bake cookies again, but do you really have time for that? And do your guests really want that? This holiday season try handing out party sparklers-a fun gift everyone will enjoy!

Who to give the Party Sparklers to?
Of course, you will be getting your friends and family sentimental gifts, big gifts maybe even expensive gifts. And then there are the small gifts for your neighbors and your children’s teachers (you may not want to give sparklers to your teachers, just a thought but its up to you). Consider giving your holiday guests a pack of sparklers as a thank you gift. You can thank them for attending your holiday party or just for being an important part of your life.

How to present the thank you gifts?
There are a few fun and festive ways to present your sparkler gifts to your guests. Use the party sparklers as a centerpiece on your table. Arrange the sparklers in a vase. Place a sparkler tag on each sparkler. Either use the Christmas medley tags or the custom tags to say thank you. Place a sign next to your centerpiece instructing guests to take home a sparkler or two.

Christmas Medley Party Sparkler tags

Christmas Medley Party Sparkler tags

Another option is to tie a colorful ribbon around a few sparklers. As your guest get ready to leave for the night, give them a hug and a bundle of party sparklers.

What type of sparklers will work best for a gift?
There are many different sparklers sold online. The long wedding sparklers are pretty but probably too big for a thank you gift. Look for the smaller party sparklers. The #8 or #10 will work well for an elegant party. The gold sparks are pretty and classic. The #10 color sparklers are fun and perfect for children (both young and young at heart!)

What should my guests do with their gifts?
Your guests can take the thank you gifts home with them. They can light them at home on New Years or another special event. You can also gather your guests outside to light the party sparklers together.

Party sparklers are a fun gift year around. Say thank you to friends and family with a sparkly night!

Wedding sparklers and engagements

By now most brides know about wedding sparklers.  You have probably seen many amazing photographs with beautiful designs and meaningful words written out in sparks.  You may have even taken part in a sparkler sendoff, lighting a path for the new Mr and Mrs.  But what about your engagement?  How can you use wedding sparklers during your engagement and beyond?

When you are planning  the perfect way to ask your love to marry you, be sure to remember the heart sparklers. Whether its a traditional proposal, where you are down on one knee or something more modern, a wedding sparkler will be an elegant touch that will be remembered forever.  Are you planning on taking engagement photos?  Be sure to let your photographer know that you would like to use sparklers so he or she can come prepared with the equipment needed to capture the perfect photo.  You will also want to pick a photo shoot location where sparklers are allowed and where there is enough room for you to use the sparklers safely. Tip-thicker sparklers are not easy to light.  Be sure to have the correct lighter to ensure you have frustration free photo shoot.

Wedding sparklers and your engagements

Wedding sparklers and your engagements

There are so many uses for wedding sparklers at your engagement party too! Use them as decorations and centerpieces.  Add a few sparklers to brighten up your cake and your dessert table.  Put a touch of color to each of your tables by adding sparkler tags to each sparkler. Or use the sparklers and custom tags as a fun way to ask your family and friends to be part of your bridal party. “When the sparks fly, I want you by my side, will you be my brides maid?”

One year after your wedding, celebrate your first anniversary with an intimate evening.  Maybe a nice dinner, maybe some champagne. No matter what you do, be sure to include wedding sparklers.  After all, sparklers have been part of your story right from the beginning.



Why use #36 long wedding sparklers?

If you are having a large wedding and are planning on including sparklers, the 36 inch long wedding sparklers are the way to go! Don’t take my-word for it, just ask your wedding photographer! The 36 inch sparklers are a favorite among wedding planners and photographers.

Let’s get the nitty gritty stuff out of the way

The #36 wedding sparklers have a silver/gray metal stick.  When they are lit, they have a gold spark. The large wedding sparklers are 35 inches long not 36.  Brides are sometimes in shock when they receive these sparklers as they are actually almost 3 feet long! But the length of these long sparklers is the real reason why they make for great wedding sparklers. They burn for approximately 3 minutes. These sparklers are not necessarily easy to light.  Read here for the best way to light these long wedding sparklers.

#36 wedding sparklers

#36 wedding sparklers


Now, time for the good stuff!

Why should you use the #36 sparklers instead of a smaller size wedding sparkler?  A popular use for wedding sparklers is the grand exit.  If you are planning on having a big send off you will definitely want the giant sparklers, especially if you are having a large wedding.  Even for weddings with 100 plus guests, one large 36-inch sparkler per person is enough. The long burn time allows large wedding parties time to set up and get organized.  Guests will not feel rushed, the bride and groom will be able to make their way through the tunnel of friends and family all while allowing  the wedding photographer plenty of time to capture amazing photographs that will be cherished forever.

The #36 wedding sparklers will be a big hit all around.  Your wedding guests will be in awe of the beautiful shower of sparks. Your wedding photographer will be grateful for the long burn time and the ease of organizing a big send off.  You will be relieved that your wedding and your grand exit was amazing!

Cheap Wedding Sparklers?

Weddings are expensive and most of us look for ways to cut corners but should you buy cheap wedding sparklers? The answer is a simple no….and yes!

No, you do not want to buy cheap wedding sparklers. Maybe you went overboard last July 4th.  And maybe you have a ton of extra colorful, bamboo sparklers left over.  And maybe you decide that this is a perfect way to save money and not buy wedding sparklers.  I would then say, no!!!! Don’t do it.  The cheaper July 4th type of sparklers are not good for weddings for many reasons.  First, they create way too much smoke.  The chemicals that are used to create the pretty colors that kids and kids at heart love, make a lot of smoke. Smoke will ruin your pictures and make for an uncomfortable atmosphere for your wedding guests.  The bamboo wood stick will burn and ash off leaving soot on your beautiful wedding dress.

Ok, fine, you say. I saw small metal and gold sparklers online anyway.  Yes, that is true. Many sites, including ours, sell #8 and #10 metal sparklers.  These sparklers are very inexpensive and might seem like a good choice. However, the small size of these sparklers mean that they have a very short burn time. Your wedding guests will not have enough time to set up for the sparkler sendoff .  These sparklers are considered party sparklers.  You can use them on your cake or cupcakes for an elegant dessert entrance.  Wedding favors would be another good use for these smaller sparklers.  Pair them with a few sparkler tags for a fun keepsake to remember your wedding.

Yes, you do want to buy cheap wedding sparklers.  Cheap is probably not a good work. Let’s say inexpensive. Throw the word wedding in front of anything and suddenly that thing becomes three times more expensive.  Some sparkler sites charge extra for their wedding sparklers because they believe brides and grooms will pay anything to have their dream wedding. Just because website A is charging more than website B does not mean their sparklers are any better.  In fact, it is safe to say, they probably sell the exact same wedding sparklers.

Don’t fall for that trap.  Do your homework. Shop around. Be sure to look for sparklers with a metal, silver stick.  Be sure they have a gold spark.  You want either a #14, #20 or #36 wedding sparkler.  These longer sparklers have a long burn time which will allow your guests and wedding photographer plenty of time to set up for your wedding sparkler sendoff. Just be sure not to pay too much for your dream wedding!


#20 wedding sparklers

#20 wedding sparklers