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Woman wearing red reindeer antlers holding sparklers during holiday dinner

Top 10 Holiday Sparklers Party Ideas & Inspiration

It’s no secret that sparklers bring life to parties. In its glory, sparklers are a sight to behold. There is just something so magical about them that it excites both the young and the old the same way. If you’re looking for a way to WOW your guests this holiday season this is it! Here are the top 10 Holiday Sparklers Party Ideas for a dazzling holiday soiree.

Here’s one thing you need to know. Sparklers are considered the most popular type of fireworks. They are pretty. Anyone can find their way around the workings of sparklers without any hassle. Unlike some fireworks, they do not require a big backyard to get it started.

With that said, are you thinking of stepping up your parties with a blend of sparkle, life, and joy? Then you should consider the following top 10-holiday sparklers’ party ideas and inspiration for your next event.

Holiday Sparkler Ideas – Christmas Tree Shopping, YEAH!

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving helps us stay close and connected with our loved ones. Therefore, in the spirit of holidays, you can step up by using sparklers on the cake and more during Thanksgiving.

Christmas Sparklers

The celebration of Christmas comes with lots of lights, decor, and gifts. But you can spice it up by adding Christmas sparkle to the general grandeur.

Sparkles are incredible for the background during the Christmas Carol. They are also great for Christmas eve or dinner.

New Year’s Eve Sparklers

Lighting up sparkles during the new year celebration is a popular tradition all over the world. When you have family and loved ones around during new year’s eve. No doubt there will be cheering and noise and merry. But adding sparkle to the mix will make the new year celebration more colorful. 2022 New Year’s Eve sparklers are a must!!

A Slow Dance With Your Lover For Hanukkah

There are many creative ways to utilize sparklers for Hanukkah. To start with one, you can light up the sparkles and explore any color of your choice.

Santa Holding Sparklers

Holidays are not complete without Santa. You can explore the idea of Santa Holding sparkles. Kids will love to see that.

Special Occasions

Occasions that fall during the holiday like anniversaries and the start of a new adventure are worth lighting sparklers. It can also be used to celebrate personal achievements like sobriety.

Birthday Sparklers

Sparklers look great on a birthday cake. The celebrant can hold on to it until it dies out. Indeed, it will even add more color to the event.

As mentioned earlier, sparklers do not require a big backyard. They are environment friendly and easier to use unlike some kinds of smoke bombs. That makes it safe for a kid’s birthday.

Halloween Sparklers & Smoke Bombs

Halloween is considered one of the best holidays in America. The festival is often terrific fun. And that’s because people can Infuse their creativity into how they want to look.

With that said, you can put Halloween sparklers inside pumpkins, skeleton eyeball sockets, or Mason jars.

Halloween smoke bombs are another festive and creative way to elevate your party. Adds a spooky and fun element to any event.

Diwali Sparklers

The festival is the celebration of light over darkness. It is celebrated during the holiday. You can light up Diwali sparklers for the celebration of the light with your loved ones.

Summer Holiday Sparkler Fun

There is no doubt that the summer cannot squeak by without a little or a lot of sparkler fun. Seems like the hot summer sun, BBQ on the grill, watermelon, beach time, water balloons, and steamy nights just make the perfect pairing for Sparkler fun.

No matter what holiday or special event that you are celebrating, stocking up on your sparkler stash is always a good idea. Don’t wait until the last minute to realize you’re out of your favorite event fun activity -sparklers. Shop & Order your sparklers today!

2021 friendsgiving meal ideas

2021 FriendsGiving Ideas For A Fun & Unique Gathering

Are you looking for some fantastic 2021 Friendsgiving ideas to use this year? November is the month of autumnal delights. Throughout the month, everything from pumpkin pie to roasted turkeys will be on the menu. November is all about Thanksgiving, even if it’s simply a warm-up for the bigger — and even more joyous — event that is the holiday season. Despite the fact that the main day isn’t until the end of the month, everyone is probably already in a grateful mindset. Not to mention starving. I’m craving mashed potatoes, pecan pie, and all the rest of the stuffing. Yum… What were we discussing?

Ok, so November! Aside from having the single most food coma day of the year (Thanksgiving), November is also a month that you’ll see lots of other events beginning to pop up. And one of our favorites is “FriendsGiving.” And if you’ve decided to host this year’s Friendsgiving festivities you must be ecstatic! We’re sure of it! It’s possible that hosting Friendsgiving will be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Mostly because we’ve come up with some Friendsgiving ideas that will ensure that this year’s get-together is one to remember. This is your chance to put that special recipe to the test before serving it at the actual thing (Thanksgiving Day). Consider this event to be a dress rehearsal and your chance to be a little more creative, inventive, and unique. After all, as the host (or hostess) you want to WOW your guests, right?

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This isn’t a true “Thanksgiving” event so you don’t have to cook the traditional dinner. And, Grandma isn’t going to be there looking over your shoulder telling you how to keep it traditional or stick to the age-old recipes. Friendsgiving is your time to explore your culinary creativity. Ready to WOW your guests with an unforgettable culinary and party experience?

Here’s How To Host An Epic 2021 Friendsgiving Party!

If you want, you can prepare a large ham instead of a turkey. It won’t bother your friends one bit. But, if you’re looking for some new Friendsgiving ideas, something truly unexpected, look no further. This list has everything you’ll need to throw the best Friendsgiving EVER, from culinary delights to unique decor inspiration. Let’s rock this 2021 FriendsGiving!

Send FriendsGiving Invites

Before we go into all of the ideas, let’s not forget about the most important aspect of your party: the invitations. Your guests will need two weeks to make preparations to attend your Friendsgiving, so make sure they have the invitations 2-3 weeks ahead of time. Any more and they’ll forget about it; any less and they won’t be able to make plans in time.

Sure, you could send a text message, write an email, or create a Facebook event… Alternatively, you might send real Friendsgiving invitations that people will be unable to reject. Furthermore, actual paper invitations add a touch of elegance to your event.

2021 Friendsgiving Decor Ideas

One thing is for sure, when you’re hosting a 2021 Friendsgiving event the décor is key to making it unique and unforgettable. Here are some incredible Friendsgiving décor ideas that are sure to make your dinner party or get together a hit!

The Table Décor

The overall aesthetic of your Friendsgiving event begins and ends with your table displays. Instead of using traditional Thanksgiving or Fall décor elevate your table displays, including the food spread by creating foliage-inspired table displays.

Ditch The Traditional Fall Colors

Another great way to make your 2021 Friendsgiving event unique is to snazz up your décor with a beautiful color palette that doesn’t scream FALL. Instead, opt for dramatic dark burgundy’s, soft and delicate blush tones, and rose golds. It’s sure to be a hit with everyone. And, it will still have a little fall feel (with the burgundy). And don’t forget to add a balloon display for added whimsy and fun.

Add Unexpected Elements

Nothing makes a guest remember a holiday party or special event more than unexpected elements. For your Friendsgiving gathering in 2021, we suggest you add some sparklers. No matter what type of event, sparklers always add a sense of wonder, whimsy and excitement.

During your 2021 Friendsgiving party, you can use cake sparklers, or regular sparklers to add an element of surprise and mystic. And, if it’s a small gathering and you want to celebrate with champagne, bottle sparklers are a great touch. Trust us, your guests will love it!

Image Source: One Stylish Party

2021 Friendsgiving Menu Ideas

So, you’ve got a broad concept of how to address the food situation during Friendsgiving. Let’s get into the details now. We weren’t joking when we said we had a lot of Friendsgiving ideas. Have fun with it, and remember that you don’t have to copy these ideas exactly. This isn’t a recipe for Pinterest disaster. Take these suggestions and tweak them to fit your Friendsgiving resources and budget. Here’s some 2021 Friendsgiving menu ideas.

Ditch The Traditional Turkey

Let’s face it! Every Thankgiving event your friends are going to attend will likely have a turkey. Might be deep-fried, oven baked or in a casserole but you can bet, turkey is likely the main star. At least, in the culinary department.

So, unless you want a boring Friendsgiving culinary experience, ditch the turkey. Instead, create a tantalizing culinary experience with unexpected dishes that’ll have them begging for the menu. Or, just change the overall food theme to something they’d never expect.

Friendsgiving Food Theme Idea

Rather than traditional fall or Thanksgiving grub, why not turn your Friendsgiving meal into a seafood buffet? Of course, this may depend on where you live, but trust us…you’re guests will want to host a seafood Friendsgiving event of their own. Why? Because it’s unexpected!

Themed Cookies

A nice cookie is something that everyone enjoys. Everyone with a soul, at the very least. Keep it easy by baking your favorite cookies in their traditional circular forms, or go all out with some fall-themed cookie cutters. This is one Friendsgiving food idea that may be used as both a tasty treat and a decorative item. Efficiency is what we adore! Don’t be fooled: with a basic cookie recipe and a turkey (or other fall-themed) cookie cutter, you can make lovely cookies. If ordering ready-made cookies is more convenient and within your budget, go for it!

Set up a dessert or cookie table, or use a single giant cookie as a centerpiece.

Friendsgiving Pies

If you’re not feeling up to cooking TWO turkeys (one for your Friendsgiving and another for the actual Thanksgiving meal) then we’ve got good news: you can still host a Friendsgiving party. Narrow your Friendsgiving menu with a theme so nobody expects a Turkey or even a full-blown meal. For example, you could host a Friendsgiving Tea Time (with turkey-filled tea sandwiches and pumpkin spiced lattes). Another Friendsgiving idea would be to use a pie theme. Have everyone make a pie (potluck style) and set up a Pie Bar for everyone to enjoy. It’ll be a memorable experience and you can go ham on the decorations!

Custom Themed Wine Labels

Drinks are certainly covered on the menu, and wine is always a crowd favorite. You can add a touch of decorating and Friendsgiving emotions without adding more decorations by purchasing unique wine labels that are easily found online. Your wine will double as both drink and decoration.

To see more of this unbelievable FriendsGiving event including the decor and story, click here. Courtesy of One Stylish Party, your ultimate entertaining blog and online party boutique.

2021 Diwali celebration with sparklers

7 Fun Diwali Celebration Ideas for 2021

Diwali, also known as Deepavali, is the celebration of lights over darkness. Wisdom over ignorance. And good over evil. It’s paramount that you celebrate the festival with your family and loved ones. So, here are Fun Diwali Celebration Ideas for 2021.

This year, Diwali will be celebrated on 4th November in myriad ways by Hindus, Jains in South Asia, and Indians in the diaspora. With the fact that there still exist safety measures to keep us safe from the COVI-19. There will be limitations to what you can and cannot do. Nevertheless, who says they can’t make the most of this year’s Diwali celebration?

Here are the 7 fun Diwali celebration ideas for 2021. Whether you decide to celebrate at home with your families or in the office with your colleagues, these ideas will be a perfect fit for you.

Play Diwali Games Online

The first on the list is perfect for those that are far away from their loved ones. But would still like to be in the spirit of Diwali. Games like Tambola: Indian Bingo and Antakshari are some of the few games you can play with your family and loved ones on Zoom call.

The celebration idea allows you to come up with creative ideas on which game to try out. For instance, if you are the host and decide to keep a dress code. Invite your friends and ensure that they stick to a theme for the party.  

Make Diwali Mithai Together

Do you have people in your circle looking for an Indian recipe? Then you try out this celebration idea. You can easily make Delish sweets at home or in your workplace. If you know how to make it, you can gift your knowledge to others.

Color And Decorate Diyas

Coloring and decorating Diya is a fun way to bring forth your creative side during the festival. All you need to get started are paints, glitters, ribbons, and classic mud diyas. The celebration idea allows your whole family to partake in the decoration. 

Have A Virtual Dance Party

You can plan a dance party on virtual platforms like Zoom and YouTube Live. This idea allows people from different locations to connect and make the most of the Diwali celebration. Not just that, it would be from the comfort of their homes. 

However, make sure you come up with a fun playlist and get your friends to participate. 

Fun 2021 Diwali Celebration Ideas

Mocktail Competition

Organizing a mocktail party is another fun Diwali celebration idea. Here, there will be a unique mocktail challenge. And multiple teams have to come up with the best mocktail.

Tell Diwali Jokes

Get your loved ones together and share Diwali jokes. Of course, it could also be random jokes. The celebration idea can be held virtual through platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Zoom. 

Rangolis for Happiness And Goodluck

Finally, Rangoli can bring happiness and good luck to your household. Therefore, before you invite your loved ones over, you can make rangolis with dried flowers, leaves, and organic colors.

By now, we believe you have one or two Diwali celebration ideas you would like to explore this year. 

new years eve 2022

Amazing New Year’s Eve Party Ideas to Ring in 2022

Looking for a way to ring in the New Year in 2022? You’re in luck! We’ve gathered a list of awesome New Year’s Eve Party Ideas to help you plan an unforgettable event. Just remember to order all your New Year’s Eve party props, sparklers, noisemakers, fireworks, and smoke bombs ahead of time to beat the rush.

Ah! New Year’s Eve! A sign of a fresh start. It normally goes hand in hand with New Year’s resolutions and everyone’s best intentions for a fresh start.

People’s hearts and minds are normally filled with hope and receptive to trying new things when the new year begins after the highs of a holiday season that is replete with happiness for so many people.

Popular Themes for 2022 New Year’s Eve Parties

Party of the Decades

A decade party takes on the aesthetics, stylings, and feel of the decade you’re ringing in and is ideal for ringing in a new decade (obviously). Everyone went crazy for the Roaring 20s and Flapper NYE Parties centered on the 1920s, much like they did for 2020. Perhaps we shouldn’t have done so. Take a look at what transpired after that. There has been a “great” depression.

If you wanted to, you could use other topics from the 1920s, such as prohibition, speakeasies, the emergence of the mafia, and the contemporary media. To add to the fun, you could all dress up as gangsters, moonshiners, and reporters. Lindberg went across the Atlantic during a time when Harlem was exploding with jazz, so you have a lot of options.

However, other decades aren’t all that horrible either, and you don’t have to tie the theme to the year you’re entering. There’s a cuteness to linking them, but if you’re feeling groovy, a 70s party is pretty much always a good choice. Or, for that matter, a 90s party; I’m sure half of us wish we were still there!

Pajama Party for New Year’s Eve

Trying to maintain a low-key and modest demeanor? A simple way to ring in the New Year is to throw a pajama party that turns into an overnight with friends. Make popcorn, watch a movie, throw a dance party, and ring in the new year with hot chocolate, pillow fights, and refreshments.

To commemorate the evening, take polaroids and send everyone home with images they may treasure forever.

Terrace Party on the Rooftop

A rooftop patio party, on the other hand, can be really posh. This is an instant winner if you’re trying for an elegant ambiance, and it’s a terrific option if you live in an apartment that allows you to access the rooftop space. You may have to rent it out, but find out and budget accordingly.

Set up some globe lights, hire a DJ, and mix up some signature drinks. Just make sure you eat something beforehand so no one drinks on an empty stomach and falls through the roof.

You’re almost done after you’ve got the music, the ambiance, and enough chairs to sit in. Your hometown’s lights will provide plenty of atmospheres, so all you’ll need are some noisemakers, sparklers, and a way to keep track of the countdown.

Best 2022 New Year’s Party Themes

Yacht/Boat Party

If you can afford it, you can hire someone to plan your yacht party for you if you really want to go all out. However, if you’re just looking for inspiration, there are lots of ways to create the greatest yacht party ever… yacht? (Is that also a verb?) Yachting is popular…)

With a DJ, an open bar, and some fantastic catering, you can turn your boat into a floating nightclub. Again, this isn’t a cheap party, but it’ll be one you’ll never forget, and if you split the costs with others, it won’t be too bad. Some of the larger yachts even feature hot tubs, so tell your guests to bring their swimwear.

For the actual ball drop, you should consider fireworks or some other form of ‘event.’ It can be a light show or something else entirely. Your party planner may come up with something, but pyrotechnics are a surefire way to keep your guests talking about your event for years.

Party in the Cosmos

This one is a little unusual (with a quirky way to ring in the new year! ), but then, so is outer space.

A New Year’s Eve party with a space theme can be fantastic. It’s creative and totally out of the box (it’s outside the environment! hahaha). I’m sure this theme has been done before, so I won’t claim to be the first, but how many people do you know that have? It’s definitely a unique way to ring in the New Year.

Tell your guests to get dressed in their most opulent attire. At the Moonbase, you’ll all be celebrities, partying like it’s 2099. Consider a ‘premiere party’ with a Star Trek twist. And make your home/apartment look like it’s floating through space, complete with stars and constellations. Make your party as glistening as the ball!

New Year’s Eve Party Ideas For A Unforgettable Soirée

Beach/Waterfront Party

Rent a beach house and have your party there (ideally on a private beach or with a private beachfront). With so many possibilities now available on Airbnb, you should be able to pick something enjoyable and reasonably priced. You can have this celebration during the day or at night; if you want to swim, the daytime is definitely safer. The benefit of renting at night is that you have somewhere for folks to crash so they don’t have to drive.

This is a very simple theme because you can hold a beachside dance party and serve fruity tropical beverages; the entire “we’re on a beach” vibe is right in front of you. So go for it and have a good time!

New Years Eve Mascarade Party

This is one of those timeless concepts that everyone has heard about and seen in films, but few (if any) people get to experience in person. Plan your New Year’s Eve party around a masquerade and be the host who alters that. So get your masquerade masks, champagne, elegant hors d’oeuvres, and your most opulent attire ready. You may put up a picture booth to capture all of your fine friends’ tipsy recollections.

Whether you’re dining with pals over a glass of wine or holding a party on a yacht, your friends and family will have a great time ringing in the New Year with people they care about. So, don’t sweat the minor stuff; if one of these New Year’s Eve Party Ideas strikes you, feel free to borrow it, and remember that the most important thing is to have a good time. Keep that in mind, and you’ll be well on your way to throwing a fantastic party.

New Year’s greetings!

2021 halloween party ideas on a budget

Thrilling Ideas For A Halloween Party On A Budget

Halloween is a thrilling time for people of all ages but the budget can wear thin on certain holidays and while you are still enthusiastic about having a great time with loved ones, practical considerations do beckon. The ideal solution is to plan a thrilling Halloween party on a budget (a sensible budget) using elements that are cost-effective but full of impact and beauty…or well, horror.

A Single Theme

Choose a theme like ghosts or vampires or werewolf etc and just buy elements relating to that theme. You’ll find if you stick to a singular theme you are able to buy larger packets of relevant décor at a lower price. A whole pack of vampire’s teeth costs less than for example buying a few items each of different supernatural concepts. Not to mention you can refashion what you have at home! Look for materials like velvet, leftover crepe and chart paper, and even fairy lights or Christmas décor items (although you’ll need to give them a turn for the darker and more terrible!)

Smoke Bombs & Sparklers

Smoke bombs are a great treat to use at your Halloween party. Especially when the evening is getting started or at night if you have great lighting arranged. They let loose smoke in different colors add a hint of beauty, mysticism, and even gloomy, foggy horror if you think about it.

And Halloween sparklers are a real festive touch as they can be bought rather inexpensively and in different sizes which determines how long they will stay alight. You can also hide them in your décor to light them later when the moment’s right.

Ideas For Throwing A 2021 Halloween Party On A Budget

Photos Make Or Break A Party

One of the best ways to make a small budget stretch far is to create activities that will keep guests and especially children endlessly occupied such a constructing a photo booth. All you need is an interesting background (that can be inexpensively printed as well), maybe a table and a banner. Props such as signs to hold or masquerade masks can be made easily DIY style using some colored cardboard and wooden sticks or even straws. Glitter glue and markers are your best friends to add a sparkling touch to the photographs.

In terms of backdrops, you can choose anything from a police photo background to a dark stormy gothic novel-type night. Think of how you can use items lying around the house or perhaps in the attic to fit in with the idea you have chosen. A little elbow grease and creativity can go a long way in sprucing up any space.

Strategic Snacks

When planning a Halloween party for a large group of people including children that are definitely going to get hungry you want to opt for snacks that can be prepared in relative abundance at less cost but are still filling and delicious. Create grazing platters that are incredibly fashionable nowadays and they can be decorated Halloween style with cobwebs and spiders.

Grazing platters have a variety of small finger food that can easily be munched on even without a plate. It is quite ideal for large gatherings. You can also put out snacks like homemade toffee squares, caramel apples, brownies, hot dogs, and small finger sandwiches.

Halloween parties in 2021 will be an amazing time to celebrate with your friends and family. And with COVID-19 still looming around, it’s important to be safe. Offer some social distancing items like masks, and try to format your seating and food so that the gatherings aren’t too close. But remember it’s all about having fun, plan your Halloween Party On A Budget and celebrate!