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Friends celebrating New Years Eve 2021

Light Up 2021 New Year’s Eve Sparklers

It’s never to early to start planning your New Years’ Eve Celebration and when the new year brings a new decade you gotta do it big! Everyone knows that 2020 has been a tough year to deal with. You’re probably looking forward to ringing in 2021 in style. Here are some great ideas to make an unforgettable 2021 New Year Eve party. Affordable and fun, New Year’s Eve sparklers are a must for a blowout party!

We get it! No one wants the same old New Year’s celebration, sitting in front of the television watching other people have a blast in Time’s Square while the ball drops. No one! Even if you’re not hitting the town, that doesn’t mean you have to have a boring 2021 New Year’s Eve.

Friends celebrating Christmas or New Year eve party with Bengal lights and rose champagne.

To make the most of your 2021 New Year’s Eve you gotta invite a few friends and family, cook up some yummy treats, have festive cocktails, and some fun New Year’s Eve props. At WholesaleSparklers, we have an easy and affordable solution to jazz up your New Year’s Eve party to make it totally unforgettable. Make it fun and exciting with New Year’s Eve Sparklers. You and your guests can light them and enjoy as the clock makes its way into another year and decade! On the most hyped day of the year, ring in 2021 off your couch and with sparklers in your hand. 

Go outside under the big dark sky and bring in the New Year with splendor, sparkles, and laughter. What could be a better way to ring in a new decade? Your home will be the place that everyone wants to be once they learn what an amazing New Year’s Eve event you put together. So, maybe you actually want to keep this a secret, unless you don’t mind being the New Year’s destination of the whole town!

2021 New Year’s Eve Sparklers

There is no doubt that fire, sparkles, and light brings out the child in all of us. The #8 Party Sparklers are perfect for any party but especially for New Year’s Eve 2021. There short burn time and inexpensive price, means you and your guests can continue to light the sparklers and have fun all throughout the night.

The #10 dessert sparklers are a festive way to add excitement and sparkles to your cupcakes and dessert bar. With just this small addition of New Year’s Eve sparklers, you will turn an ordinary event into something spectacular and exciting, no doubt about it!

New Years VIP Sparklers

What do you wish for as the clock strikes 12 and a New Year begins? Make it happen by lighting up the 2021 New Year’s Eve Sparklers and sending your wish into the night. Magical! Not to mention memorable. Old and young will love this, and it will immediately become a tradition in your household and with your friends. No one will want to have a plain-old New Year’s Eve without Sparklers again, guaranteed!

This new year is your chance to start over, to wipe the slate clean, as they say. Don’t waste your time on regrets, just move forward with determination to make this the best year possible! The possibilities in life are endless and exciting, we just have to give them a chance to sparkle! So get out those New Year’s Eve Sparklers, start the count-down, gather your friends and family, and welcome in the best new year of your life!

Order your New Year’s Eve sparklers today! Don’t wait for the rush to get sparkler for New Year’ Eve! Order them early.

Birthday Cake Sparklers

It does not matter if you are a kid or a kid at heart, everyone loves celebrating their birthday with cake. This year, for your birthday, let’s make it more interesting. Forget the boring candles and replace them with birthday cake sparklers!

What are birthday cake sparklers?

There are a few different types of sparklers that can be used on birthday cakes or cupcakes. The #10 sparklers make for good dessert sparklers. They are are a small, sturdy, traditional stick sparkler with a metal, gray handle. When lit, they burn with a gold spark. They last for approximately 35 seconds. These are considered a low smoke sparkler which makes them good for any pictures that may be taken during your celebration.

Another type of birthday cake sparkler is the big birthday cake sparkler. Other names for these sparklers include, bottle sparklers, champagne sparklers and ice fountains. These sparklers come in either a gold or silver foil wrapper. The sparklers have a plastic point that can be placed directly in the cake. When lit, the sparklers burn with a gold spark. Depending on the type of birthday cake sparkler, they will last 30 seconds or 45 seconds. These sparklers are also considered a low smoke sparkler. Compared to a traditional sparkler, big birthday cake sparklers burn more like a fountain, creating very little ash.

Birthday Cake Sparklers

Can birthday cake sparklers be used indoors?

Birthday cake sparklers are a low smoke sparkler and many restaurants do use them indoors as a way of celebrating a customer’s birthday. However, it is important to remember that sparklers are considered a pyrotechnic and all sparklers, no matter what they are used for, come with a label warning the purchaser that sparklers are for outdoor use only.

Birthday cake sparklers are a fun and unique way to celebrate! Light the sparkler, sing happy birthday and enjoy the perfect start to a new year.

Party Sparklers-a fun gift

Are you stressed out trying to find the perfect holiday gift for your family and friends? Do you want to do something different this year, something that we will make your holiday guests truly happy? Sure, you can bake cookies again, but do you really have time for that? And do your guests really want that? This holiday season try handing out party sparklers-a fun gift everyone will enjoy!

Who to give the Party Sparklers to?
Of course, you will be getting your friends and family sentimental gifts, big gifts maybe even expensive gifts. And then there are the small gifts for your neighbors and your children’s teachers (you may not want to give sparklers to your teachers, just a thought but its up to you). Consider giving your holiday guests a pack of sparklers as a thank you gift. You can thank them for attending your holiday party or just for being an important part of your life.

How to present the thank you gifts?
There are a few fun and festive ways to present your sparkler gifts to your guests. Use the party sparklers as a centerpiece on your table. Arrange the sparklers in a vase. Place a sparkler tag on each sparkler. Either use the Christmas medley tags or the custom tags to say thank you. Place a sign next to your centerpiece instructing guests to take home a sparkler or two.

Christmas Medley Party Sparkler tags

Christmas Medley Party Sparkler tags

Another option is to tie a colorful ribbon around a few sparklers. As your guest get ready to leave for the night, give them a hug and a bundle of party sparklers.

What type of sparklers will work best for a gift?
There are many different sparklers sold online. The long wedding sparklers are pretty but probably too big for a thank you gift. Look for the smaller party sparklers. The #8 or #10 will work well for an elegant party. The gold sparks are pretty and classic. The #10 color sparklers are fun and perfect for children (both young and young at heart!)

What should my guests do with their gifts?
Your guests can take the thank you gifts home with them. They can light them at home on New Years or another special event. You can also gather your guests outside to light the party sparklers together.

Party sparklers are a fun gift year around. Say thank you to friends and family with a sparkly night!

Diwali sparklers

As you are planning your Diwali gatherings, don’t forget to include bright and beautiful sparklers! Diwali, or The Festival of Lights is an important Hindu holiday, although it is now celebrated throughout India regardless of religion.  Diwali is celebrated in October or November. This year, 2016, Diwali will start on October 30 and continue through November 3rd. People all around the globe including here in America take part in Diwali celebrations with family and friends.

The name Diwali comes from the two Hindi words avali, meaning “row”, and

deepa, meaning “clay lamps”.  The entire festival of Diwali centers around light, just as the name denotes. The lights that decorate the streets and homes illustrate the inner light in all humans and how it prevails even in the darkness. Clay lamps, strings of electric lights and fireworks light up the night sky during Diwali. Add a touch of fun and excitement with Diwali sparklers.

There are many different shapes and sizes of Sparklers to choose from, so pick what will work best for the celebration you plan on throwing. The #8 and the #10 gold sparklers are a simple and elegant way to light the night sky. They are silver stick that give off a beautiful gold spark. The are the perfect size for both children and adults to enjoy. If you are looking for something a sparkler with a longer burn time consider the #14 or #20 sparklers which both last for over a minute. Looking for a Diwali sparkler with color?  Consider the #10 red, green and blue sparklers.  Throw in a few #20 neon sparklers to add amazing and fun color into you festivities.

Whether Diwali is something you have celebrated your whole life or if you are new to the holiday, adding sparklers to your gatherings will add color and excitement!

Sparklers and Holidays

When I think of holidays, I think of get togethers.It doesn’t matter if its Christmas or July 4th. It doesn’t matter if its for family, friends or even coworkers. Sometimes its an intimate party inside and sometimes its a large bbq in the backyard.  There is always plenty of food and entertainment. And this year, I am going to be sure to include sparklers!

Most of us probably use sparklers for July 4th.  Its a fun way to pass the time while waiting for the larger fireworks show to begin.  Children (and most adults too!) love to see the gold sparks of the small #8 sparklers.  The pretty colored sparklers are always a hit too. Are you having desserts at your bbq? Add a party sparkler or two, to the top of your cake or cupcakes for a festive feel to the end of your night. Create your own custom sparkler tags as a thank you to your guests for spending their evening with you.   Don’t forget to mark the beginning and end of summer with sparklers too.  Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends are traditionally filled with bbqs and picnics. Make sparklers part of your tradition as well!

July 4th sparkler fun.

July 4th sparkler fun.

Summer is not the only time to enjoy sparklers.  Include sparklers and sparklers tags into your Christmas and New Years plans.  Give out sparklers as party favors for your office party.  Create beautiful centerpieces by mixing and matching different color sparkler tags to create a beautiful and festive tablescape.  Add a  birthday sparkler or a bottle sparkler to your champagne or wine bottle and watch your guests’ faces light up with excitement.

Of course there are many more holidays throughout the year where sparklers can be included.  Have a fun Halloween party, drawing spooky pictures with sparklers.  End your romantic Valentine’s dinner with sparks and heart shaped sparklers! Don’t forget Chinese’s New Year and Diwali. the festival of lights.

Whatever holiday you are celebrating, add sparklers for a touch of unique fun!