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2021 Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

Are you planning on giving your love something even sweeter than chocolate on Valentine’s Day? Here are 7 fun and creative 2021 Valentine’s Day proposal ideas that are sure to sweep them off their feet.

Red roses and a box of chocolates usually does the trick on Valentine’s Day. But if you’re thinking about making 2021’s February 14 extra-special by popping the question and pledging your eternal devotion to the mix check out these seven 2021 Valentine’s Day engagement ideas. These will no doubt help to inspire your own 2021 proposal plans on the most romantic day of the year.

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The Best 2021 Valentine’s Day Marriage Proposal Ideas

Sure! Proposing on Valentine’s Day may seem a little cliché, but without a doubt, it is still one of the best days to pop the question. And in 2021 there is no better day to do it. Here are some incredibly creative ways that are sure to have your Boo saying YASSSS! And for more 2021 wedding proposal ideas, click here.

Treasure Hunt

One of the cutest 2021 proposal ideas is to create a treasure hunt. The treasure hunt can have a few subtle hints of wedding proposals in the clues and be scattered throughout your house, or throughout your city at your favorite spots. But make sure that your love relates to them, so they don’t give up. Finish your marriage proposal treasure hunt at the place where you went on your first date or your favorite restaurant. When you get to the final destination, get on one knee, and pop the question.

Light It Up!

Nothing is more romantic than candlelight and sparklers. For your 2021 Valentine’s Day proposal create a beautiful setting filled with rose petals and sparklers that light up the night. We have an amazing selection of sparklers that will do the job just right. From 36″ sparklers, 20″ sparklers, 14″ sparklers, heck! We even have heart-shaped sparklers.

Beach Picnic Proposal

Who doesn’t love a trip to the beach? So, why not make your 2021 proposal a romantic one on your favorite beach? Nothing could be more romantic than sand between your toes and the sound of the waves crashing.

14 Days of Love

Show your love and devotion over the 14 days leading up to Valentine’s Day. Each day give your partner a special heart-inspired gift and on the big night cook a delicious candlelight dinner, and then present your final gift – pop the question. Your partner will LOVE this!

Snowy Wedding Proposal

If you live in a cold location, you may just get lucky enough to have a snowy wedding proposal. Find a location that has a large area of untouched snow. Make a huge heart symbol in the snow by walking the pattern out. And create your initials in the center with beautiful and romantic red roses. Pack a thermos of hot chocolate then go for a walk. When you get to your heart creation, drop to one knee and pop the question. And for an extra kick, you can add a little peppermint schnapps to your hot chocolate.

What are your 2021 engagement ideas?

Happy New Year's Eve 2021

Best New Year’s Eve 2021 Party Ideas

Say goodbye to 2020 and ring in 2021 with these incredible New Year’s Eve party ideas! There is no doubt 2020 will be an unforgettable year, from a Presidential election, racial unrest, and the looming global pandemic – we’re happy to see it go. And if there was ever a year to throw an amazing New Year’s Eve Party it is this year. Time for some fun! Here are the best New Year’s Eve 2021 party ideas.

So, how do you make your 2021 New Year’s Eve party unforgettable under these circumstances? We’ve got tons of ideas for you, but remember when hosting any type of gathering or party it is crucial to follow ALL CDC guidelines. Social distancing and masks are essential at your 2021 New Years Eve party!

Genius New Year’s Eve Party Ideas to Ring in 2021

Outdoor Event

This is the most important one on our list. To make sure that all of your guests are in a safe environment, it is best to host your 2021 NYE event outside. Doing this will give ample space to move around and social distance. We know it’s not ideal, especially if you live in cold climates but safety has to come first! Not to mention having your New Year’s Eve party to ring in 2021 outside are key to some of our other items on our list.

Light it UP! – Sparklers

New Year’s Eve always includes great food, festive drinks, fireworks, and sparklers. And with the year we have had, we definitely need some fire & excitement. If you want your 2021 New Year’s Eve event to be unforgettable, you have to have tons of sparklers on hand. And since you are going to host it outside, your guests can light sparklers and have fun all night. New Year’s Eve sparklers are a MUST! We have colored sparklers8-Inch Sparklers, or 10-Inch Sparklers, 14-inch whistling sparklers, 10-inch crackling sparklers, and more. Don’t have a dud of a party, you gotta have New Years Eve sparklers!

DIY Ball Drop

The Times Square 2021 NYE Celebration will have to be virtual this year. Ugh – COVID-19!! So, why not create your own DIY ball drop? Giggles Galore gives you all the details you need. Seems pretty easy and it will totally WOW your guests! And since you are hosting it outdoors why not have your New Year’s Eve ball drop from a tree. Super cool and Insta-worthy photo ops.

Serve Elegant & Unforgettable Cocktails

No party can be complete without festive and fun cocktails. We love cotton candy champagne drinks. Simply put some cotton candy in a champagne glass and pour the champagne over it! Super simple, and will look great if you are hosting a virtual or Zoom party!!

New Year’s Eve 2021 Theme Party

To elevate the level of fun, make it a themed event. Roaring 20’s, disco or anything your heart desires. People have been missing parties and clubbing and will LOVE to dress up at your 2021 New Year’s Eve party.

Have a Boozy Dessert Bar

In our experience, all New Years Eve events are better with two things – sweet treats and booze, so why not combine the two? Spike some sweet treats like whiskey ice cream, spiked eggnog Bundt cake, champagne cupcakes, pecan bourbon balls and more.

Festive Photo Backdrop

A party ain’t no party with photos! And you know everyone is on the hunt for the perfect Insta-worthy viral photo, so create a festive photo backdrop for your New Year’s Eve party to help them achieve social glory.

cupcake sparklers

Sparklers For Cupcakes

Cupcakes have taken America by storm, popping up in specialty shops on every corner you see.  They are becoming the dessert of choice at birthday parties, weddings, and special events across the globe. What goes great with cupcakes? OK fine, yes, milk goes good with cupcakes, but sparklers for cupcakes – now that’s great!

Go All-Out With Sparklers for Cupcakes

If you’re planning a party and you want to make it extra-special, think outside the box and order a few large packs of Sparklers to add a lot of excitement and fun. Your guests will be blown away by the extra bit of attention you have put into the planning, and you will be happy knowing that you have created a memorable and unique event for everyone.

Are you thinking of serving cupcakes at your wedding or maybe a baby shower? Do you own a bakery or restaurant? Are you looking for a way to sell more cupcakes? Your cupcakes will seem even more amazing just because of the beautiful and of course, sparkly presentation.

How Long Do Cupcake Sparklers Last?

The #10 sparklers work best for desserts such as cupcakes. Each Sparkler, once lit, lasts about 40 seconds each. Buying large economy packs will ensure that your guests won’t run out of Sparklers and that the party you are planning will be non-stop fun. Plus, sparklers do not go bad.  Buy sparklers in bulk, use them for this year’s birthday, and for next year’s as well.

Add A Personal Touch

Why not take it a step further and add a personalized tag to each individual sparkler, perhaps with a special quote or a simple thank you. You could also give your guests party favors by handing them out at the end of the night for them to use on another special night of their own. If you are throwing a party, there’s really no end to what you can do to make it over-the-top!

Make It Special

Of course, you want to make the party special for the guest-of-honor (even if that person is you!) but you also want to make it special for each and every guest that comes. Make sure you have enough Sparklers for everyone including yourself so you can take part in the festivities. Light a sparkler and enjoy a cupcake – you deserve it!

Halloween Party Ideas

Genius Ideas for Halloween Parties During COVID-19

Hey, we get it! COVID-19 sure has put a damper on a lot of parties and events so you’re probably wondering what Halloween 2020 will be like. It’s one the most popular times to host a party and with social distancing restrictions, we wanted to find some genius ideas for Halloween parties during COVID-19. After all, we sure could use some fun in our lives right now and Halloween hasn’t ghosted us yet!

Halloween Party during COVID-19 is not cancelled.

Halloween candy is on the shelves, people are scrambling to get the best costume and parties are being planned. Here are some great ideas on how you can keep your family and your party guests safe.

Outdoor Halloween Party

The best place to host your 2020 Halloween party during COVID-19 is outdoors. Your backyard is the perfect place. You don’t have to pay venue rental fees or transport any of your 2020 Halloween decorations. Having your Halloween party in 2020 outdoors allows you to space everything out and hopefully, your party-goers will adhere to the social distancing guidelines.

Here are some cool things you can do to elevate your outdoor Halloween party to a whole new level.

How To Plan Halloween Parties During COVID-19

Create a Candy Graveyard

Everyone loves candy, so this will work if it is a kid’s party or adults only. Set up some fact tombstones and sprinkle candy and prizes around them. You can usually buy them at stores that sell Halloween decor (Michael’s, Target, Party City, Walmart, etc). For an extra spooky touch, you can add smoke to your graveyard and some creepy music. Everyone will love it!

It’s kind of like an Easter egg hunt, everyone can run around the yard collecting candy. It’s genius really because they will go at different paces, ultimately keeping their distance from each other. Just make sure to provide everyone with some instructions…you don’t want one person gobbling up all the candy.

Sky  lanterns for Halloween

Spooky Movie Night

Get a huge blow up projector screen and play a spooky movie. This is such a cute idea. You can set up individual or couple seating areas with pillows or blankets, spaced apart 6 feet. Everyone can get cozy while watching the movie.

Set Up Food Stations

Rather than have all the food in one place, create small snacking stations throughout your yard. Not only is this a great idea to get people mingling and talking, but it will allow your guests to stay a safe distance from each other.

Halloween Parties during COVID-19 – Exciting & Safe.

Light it Up!

To make your Halloween 2020 party even more memorable and exciting, light up the night. Unexpected activities really make a huge impact on party-goers. Order holiday sparklers and allow your party-goers to light up the sky by twirling and spelling out things. Everyone keeps their distance when anyone has a sparkler in hand so it’s a great way to social distance.

Another great idea, that will totally blow your guests minds is to release sky lanterns. Never heard of them before? Your guests probably haven’t either that’s why it’s a genius idea!

For Halloween, we have pumpkin sky lanterns. These are orange lanterns with a Black Pumpkin Face. Sky Lanterns are a real hit for any occasion and can be used for day or night use entertainment for any occasion or event.

If you want an extra special touch you could order both white sky lanterns and the pumpkin sky lanterns. It will result in a beautiful, and unexpected display of light in the sky. We promise these sky lanterns will be a hit!

Decorate to the Max

Go all out with your Halloween decorations in 2020. We believe that Halloween shouldn’t be cancelled but it will have to look a little different this year. Decorate your front yard, the backyard any and everywhere to really WOW your guests.


What a great idea! Park your car at the end of the driveway pop open your trunk and decorate it with Halloween decor. Have baskets or bowls of candy inside for trick-or-treaters (if it’s allowed in your area). Super cute idea!

BUT! Make sure that you do not let anyone’s hand dig into the candy bowls. Instead, use candy grabbers to pick up the candy and drop it in their bags or pumpkins. You just never know! Better to be safe than sorry.

If you don’t want to risk having a lot of people get together there are tons of virtual options as well. Stay tuned for an upcoming post on how to throw a virtual Halloween party.

Friends celebrating New Years Eve 2021

Light Up 2021 New Year’s Eve Sparklers

It’s never to early to start planning your New Years’ Eve Celebration and when the new year brings a new decade you gotta do it big! Everyone knows that 2020 has been a tough year to deal with. You’re probably looking forward to ringing in 2021 in style. Here are some great ideas to make an unforgettable 2021 New Year Eve party. Affordable and fun, New Year’s Eve sparklers are a must for a blowout party!

We get it! No one wants the same old New Year’s celebration, sitting in front of the television watching other people have a blast in Time’s Square while the ball drops. No one! Even if you’re not hitting the town, that doesn’t mean you have to have a boring 2021 New Year’s Eve.

Friends celebrating Christmas or New Year eve party with Bengal lights and rose champagne.

To make the most of your 2021 New Year’s Eve you gotta invite a few friends and family, cook up some yummy treats, have festive cocktails, and some fun New Year’s Eve props. At WholesaleSparklers, we have an easy and affordable solution to jazz up your New Year’s Eve party to make it totally unforgettable. Make it fun and exciting with New Year’s Eve Sparklers. You and your guests can light them and enjoy as the clock makes its way into another year and decade! On the most hyped day of the year, ring in 2021 off your couch and with sparklers in your hand. 

Go outside under the big dark sky and bring in the New Year with splendor, sparkles, and laughter. What could be a better way to ring in a new decade? Your home will be the place that everyone wants to be once they learn what an amazing New Year’s Eve event you put together. So, maybe you actually want to keep this a secret, unless you don’t mind being the New Year’s destination of the whole town!

2021 New Year’s Eve Sparklers

There is no doubt that fire, sparkles, and light brings out the child in all of us. The #8 Party Sparklers are perfect for any party but especially for New Year’s Eve 2021. There short burn time and inexpensive price, means you and your guests can continue to light the sparklers and have fun all throughout the night.

The #10 dessert sparklers are a festive way to add excitement and sparkles to your cupcakes and dessert bar. With just this small addition of New Year’s Eve sparklers, you will turn an ordinary event into something spectacular and exciting, no doubt about it!

New Years VIP Sparklers

What do you wish for as the clock strikes 12 and a New Year begins? Make it happen by lighting up the 2021 New Year’s Eve Sparklers and sending your wish into the night. Magical! Not to mention memorable. Old and young will love this, and it will immediately become a tradition in your household and with your friends. No one will want to have a plain-old New Year’s Eve without Sparklers again, guaranteed!

This new year is your chance to start over, to wipe the slate clean, as they say. Don’t waste your time on regrets, just move forward with determination to make this the best year possible! The possibilities in life are endless and exciting, we just have to give them a chance to sparkle! So get out those New Year’s Eve Sparklers, start the count-down, gather your friends and family, and welcome in the best new year of your life!

Order your New Year’s Eve sparklers today! Don’t wait for the rush to get sparkler for New Year’ Eve! Order them early.