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2021 Diwali celebration with sparklers

7 Fun Diwali Celebration Ideas for 2021

Diwali, also known as Deepavali, is the celebration of lights over darkness. Wisdom over ignorance. And good over evil. It’s paramount that you celebrate the festival with your family and loved ones. So, here are Fun Diwali Celebration Ideas for 2021.

This year, Diwali will be celebrated on 4th November in myriad ways by Hindus, Jains in South Asia, and Indians in the diaspora. With the fact that there still exist safety measures to keep us safe from the COVI-19. There will be limitations to what you can and cannot do. Nevertheless, who says they can’t make the most of this year’s Diwali celebration?

Here are the 7 fun Diwali celebration ideas for 2021. Whether you decide to celebrate at home with your families or in the office with your colleagues, these ideas will be a perfect fit for you.

Play Diwali Games Online

The first on the list is perfect for those that are far away from their loved ones. But would still like to be in the spirit of Diwali. Games like Tambola: Indian Bingo and Antakshari are some of the few games you can play with your family and loved ones on Zoom call.

The celebration idea allows you to come up with creative ideas on which game to try out. For instance, if you are the host and decide to keep a dress code. Invite your friends and ensure that they stick to a theme for the party.  

Make Diwali Mithai Together

Do you have people in your circle looking for an Indian recipe? Then you try out this celebration idea. You can easily make Delish sweets at home or in your workplace. If you know how to make it, you can gift your knowledge to others.

Color And Decorate Diyas

Coloring and decorating Diya is a fun way to bring forth your creative side during the festival. All you need to get started are paints, glitters, ribbons, and classic mud diyas. The celebration idea allows your whole family to partake in the decoration. 

Have A Virtual Dance Party

You can plan a dance party on virtual platforms like Zoom and YouTube Live. This idea allows people from different locations to connect and make the most of the Diwali celebration. Not just that, it would be from the comfort of their homes. 

However, make sure you come up with a fun playlist and get your friends to participate. 

Fun 2021 Diwali Celebration Ideas

Mocktail Competition

Organizing a mocktail party is another fun Diwali celebration idea. Here, there will be a unique mocktail challenge. And multiple teams have to come up with the best mocktail.

Tell Diwali Jokes

Get your loved ones together and share Diwali jokes. Of course, it could also be random jokes. The celebration idea can be held virtual through platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Zoom. 

Rangolis for Happiness And Goodluck

Finally, Rangoli can bring happiness and good luck to your household. Therefore, before you invite your loved ones over, you can make rangolis with dried flowers, leaves, and organic colors.

By now, we believe you have one or two Diwali celebration ideas you would like to explore this year.