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Fun 4th of July Ideas 2021 – Tips For Celebrating The Fourth Of July

Pump up your Independence Day party with flavor-packed grub, patriotic decorations, fantastic fireworks, and party favors. Here are some incredible fun 4th of July ideas 2021.

4th of July Party Ideas for 2021

We’re here to help you plan and host an unforgettable July 4th party. There is no doubt a fantastic celebration is needed right now. So, today we’re sharing some of our favorite 4th of July drinks, food, and fire. Let’s get started!

Next Level July 4th Food Ideas

No boring food will do for your fourth of July party during a pandemic. This is your chance to elevate your party skills and blow the minds of your friends and family. Here’s some incredible July 4th party food inspiration.


While you are waiting on the grilled food to be ready, you gotta have something to munch on. Here are some creative, unique, and memorable July 4th appetizers to WOW your party guests.

Cru·di·tés Cups

Chips and dip are one of America’s favorite appetizers but no one likes it when people double-dip. So, here’s the solution. Create mini cru·di·tés cups that are individually filled with the dip and veggies. They look cute, are social distance friendly, and no more double-dipping. Delish has a great recipe for this incredible 4th of July appetizer!

July 4th S’mores Dip

Quite possibly the most delicious way to be patriotic. Who doesn’t love S’mores? But now someone has ingeniously created a S’mores dip! WHAT!! Ok, so the creative food God’s designed an appetizer that looks like an American flag but tastes like a S’more. We know this 4th of July appetizer won’t last long.

Fourth Of July Party Props

If you’re planning a July 4th party and want to make it off-the-chain you’re gonna need some fourth of July party props. And we have a awesome selection to get you well on the way to one unforgettable July 4th party. Here are just a few.


Let’s face it! No 4th of July party can be complete without sparklers. There is just something magical about summers and holidays filled with sparkler fun and laughter. For your 2021 July 4th party we suggest these sparklers for variety and over-the-top fun.

Fluorescent Neon Sparklers

Kids will love these! Fun colors and lots of sparkles, order your fluorescent neon sparklers early as they sell out fast. These neon sparklers are great for Memorial Day & the 4th of July.

Hanabi Sparklers

Now, if you want a sparkler that dazzles your party-goers like never before you need to order the Hanabi sparklers today! Hanabi is a rare Japanese effect that dances and dazzles guests. These fun sparklers burn for 50-60 seconds and come with a Bamboo handle. Not your average sparklers, the Hanabi sparklers create an intense explosion of light. Ready to dazzle & delight your guests? Order Hanabi sparklers today!

Star Sparklers For July 4th

If you love party themes and keeping your party props in line with the theme then you must order Star sparklers. After all, there are stars and stripes on our glorious flag so they should definitely be at your 2021 fourth of July party.

Morning Glory Sparklers

These are a must for your July 4th party. Morning Glory Sparklers light up the night by changing color. Burns for up to 40 seconds and transitions through 4 colors. A must for your 2021 July 4th party!!

2021 party ideas

2021 Party Prop Ideas

Parties in 2021 need some extra special excitement and flair and today we’re running down all of the cool party props that you need. Ready to start planning an unforgettable 2021 birthday party? bridal shower? retirement party? engagement party? Here is your number one resource for your 2021 party prop ideas.

If you’re planning a party in 2021, you need these incredible props to really make it off the charts. The key to a successful, and unforgettable party or special event in 2021 is to make it an event to remember. Add unexpected elements that ignite excitement, fun and interactive experiences. We promise it’ll be the best party ever!

How To Plan An Unforgettable Party In 2021

Parties and special events in 2021 are all about creating experiences and there is no better way to do that than by adding unexpected elements. Here are some exciting party props that will elevate your party experience to the max. Don’t plan a 2021 party or special event without these party props.


If you really want to jazz up your 2021 birthday party, engagement party, bridal shower, gender reveal, or any other type of special event, order some sparklers. Having sparklers at your party is a great way to add extra excitement and fun. Who doesn’t love to light up sparklers? We promise your party guests will love this! And if you really want to WOW them, make sure to order custom sparkler tags with your catchphrase or details of the party (ie: name of the bride and the date of the bridal shower).

Smoke Bombs

Having an outdoor event or party in 2021? Want to add an unexpected element that will create incredible photo ops? Add smoke bombs!! We have different color options available and trust us when we say, adding smoke bombs to your event will blow your guest’s minds. We have white smoke bombs, green smoke bombs, orange smoke bombs, purple smoke bombs, red smoke bombs, pink smoke bombs, and yellow smoke bombs.

And of course, we have pink and blue for your 2021 gender reveal parties.

blue and pink smoke bombs for gender reveal

Novelty Fireworks

Looking for some novelty fireworks for your upcoming holiday party? Purchase our novelty firework assortment tray. It is a huge assortment of party poppers, snaps, streamers, and more.

Cake Sparklers

Want to set your party on fire? Add cake sparklers!! They are great for birthday cakes, wedding cakes, cupcakes, and more!

cupcake sparklers
2021 weddings and the COVID-19 vaccine

The Impact Covid-19 Vaccine Will Have on Weddings

Here we go! We are into a new year and the Coronavirus is continuing. But for couples looking to say “I Do” in 2021, there is a glimmer of hope. Now that we have a “vaccine” can weddings honestly get back to normal? Are you wondering what impact the COVID-19 vaccine will have on weddings in 2021? Here are some things to think about.

With the arrival of the coronavirus vaccine, you may think that your 2021 wedding can be more normal than the 2020 weddings. Sure! The Coronavirus vaccine might just have us on a route to managing the virus better. But for weddings taking place in the first half of 2021, there are still going to be restrictions and safety measures needed. Sorry, we know that is not what you wanted to hear.

But! The good news is, there is hope and today we’re going to share some incredible ideas for you to make your 2021 wedding off-the-chain and totally unforgettable.

The COVID-19 Vaccine And Your 2021 Wedding

Ok, so here is the real truth on why the COVID-19 vaccine won’t mean your 2021 can be normal.

  1. The vaccine for COVID-19 was created at super warp speed.
  2. The rollout is not going as fast and smooth as expected
  3. Dr. Fauci says to get herd immunity close to 85% of the US population has to take the vaccine
  4. But many people just don’t want to take it
  5. There are a lot of side effects, many that are serious.
  6. You can still catch the virus even after being vaccinated
  7. You can still spread the virus to others after vaccination, even though you may not have symptoms
  8. The vaccine may not work on new strains (which are already in the US)

For more information on how the Coronavirus vaccine will impact your 2021 wedding click here.

How to Have an Unforgettable Wedding in 2021

Add Unique Experiences for Extra Razzle & Dazzle

In 2021 weddings will be all about “experiences.” You can expect to see everything from playing games, interactive stations, and yes! even sparklers. Are you having an outdoor wedding in 2021 under the stars? Why not use wedding sparklers to create a backdrop at your ceremony altar? Our 36″ wedding sparklers are perfect to create this magical, and unforgettable wedding ceremony in 2021. Your guests will be amazed and your wedding photos will be incredible.

For indoor weddings in 2021, our wedding cake sparklers will light up your event. Add them on your cake or around your cake for some extra excitement. This trend is really taking off in 2021.

Image Source: Pinterest via Photog –

Self-Service Bars

No, we’re not talking about DIY full-service bars that will have your wedding guests totally overindulging (remember you are responsible for them). In 2021, one of the hottest wedding trends is having drink stations. This is absolutely great because it means that your wedding guests can social distance because everyone won’t be at one bar trying to get cocktails.

Set up wall-mounted champagne dispensers, beer taps, and maybe even a wine dispenser area. It is an interactive wedding experience that your guests will never forget.

New View on Gift Registry

Don’t get us wrong, in 2021 wedding couples will still love to receive and open gifts. But the most coveted wedding gift in 2021 will be good ol’ green cash. And why not? We know that many, many years ago it was thought of as taboo to give cash. But in today’s modern times, most couples live together before getting married so there are fewer “household items” needed. And let’s face it, many couples probably return a lot of their wedding gifts to get things they really need.

The 2021 wedding registry trends will include asking for cash, charity registries and having a honeymoon registry. And for those that have a “traditional wedding registry”, the gift items that will make it to the list are the super expensive stuff that they don’t want to splurge their money on.

Image Source: Pinterest via

Impact Covid-19 Vaccine Will Have on Weddings

The COVID-19 vaccine is not going to remove any level of danger when it comes to the Coronavirus, at least not for a while. Plan to still have hand sanitizing stations, ask that your wedding guests wear masks, have masks on hand for those that don’t bring theirs, and implement social distancing measures. Outdoor weddings will still reign supreme in 2021 because the fresh air helps to lower the chances of spreading the virus and it gives you more space to spread out.

For more 2021 wedding inspiration check out our Pinterest account.

2021 Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

Are you planning on giving your love something even sweeter than chocolate on Valentine’s Day? Here are 7 fun and creative 2021 Valentine’s Day proposal ideas that are sure to sweep them off their feet.

Red roses and a box of chocolates usually does the trick on Valentine’s Day. But if you’re thinking about making 2021’s February 14 extra-special by popping the question and pledging your eternal devotion to the mix check out these seven 2021 Valentine’s Day engagement ideas. These will no doubt help to inspire your own 2021 proposal plans on the most romantic day of the year.

Image Source: Marcelo Chagas

The Best 2021 Valentine’s Day Marriage Proposal Ideas

Sure! Proposing on Valentine’s Day may seem a little cliché, but without a doubt, it is still one of the best days to pop the question. And in 2021 there is no better day to do it. Here are some incredibly creative ways that are sure to have your Boo saying YASSSS! And for more 2021 wedding proposal ideas, click here.

Treasure Hunt

One of the cutest 2021 proposal ideas is to create a treasure hunt. The treasure hunt can have a few subtle hints of wedding proposals in the clues and be scattered throughout your house, or throughout your city at your favorite spots. But make sure that your love relates to them, so they don’t give up. Finish your marriage proposal treasure hunt at the place where you went on your first date or your favorite restaurant. When you get to the final destination, get on one knee, and pop the question.

Light It Up!

Nothing is more romantic than candlelight and sparklers. For your 2021 Valentine’s Day proposal create a beautiful setting filled with rose petals and sparklers that light up the night. We have an amazing selection of sparklers that will do the job just right. From 36″ sparklers, 20″ sparklers, 14″ sparklers, heck! We even have heart-shaped sparklers.

Beach Picnic Proposal

Who doesn’t love a trip to the beach? So, why not make your 2021 proposal a romantic one on your favorite beach? Nothing could be more romantic than sand between your toes and the sound of the waves crashing.

14 Days of Love

Show your love and devotion over the 14 days leading up to Valentine’s Day. Each day give your partner a special heart-inspired gift and on the big night cook a delicious candlelight dinner, and then present your final gift – pop the question. Your partner will LOVE this!

Snowy Wedding Proposal

If you live in a cold location, you may just get lucky enough to have a snowy wedding proposal. Find a location that has a large area of untouched snow. Make a huge heart symbol in the snow by walking the pattern out. And create your initials in the center with beautiful and romantic red roses. Pack a thermos of hot chocolate then go for a walk. When you get to your heart creation, drop to one knee and pop the question. And for an extra kick, you can add a little peppermint schnapps to your hot chocolate.

What are your 2021 engagement ideas?

2021 proposal ideas

Mind-Blowing Wedding Proposal Ideas

Well, 2020 sure has been one heck of a rollercoaster, global pandemic, election, travel bans, social distancing it’s all a big mess. While the wedding industry was one of the hardest hit, one thing is for sure…Love is not canceled. We are excited to be heading into the holiday season and know that many of you love birds will be getting engaged. In fact, the time between Thanksgiving and New Years’ is the most popular time to pop the question. If you are ready to propose and need some ideas, we have you covered. Here are 5 mind-blowing 2020 proposal ideas.

Creative Proposal Ideas for 2021 & Beyond

Intimate Home Transformations

In the past wedding proposals varied widely from elaborate public spectacles to private and intimate moments. With the global pandemic altering life as we know it, wedding proposals in 2020 and 2021 are looking a little different.

One of our favorite 2021 wedding proposal ideas is to transform your own home into an Insta-worthy proposal setting. At home proposals are becoming more popular due to social distancing restrictions but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring or not worthy of going viral.

Marquee Letters & Sparklers

If you really want to blow the mind of your Boo with your proposal skills, go BIG! Check out these illuminated “marry me” marquee letters and sparklers. Our 36″ wedding sparklers will help you pull off this unforgettable 2021 wedding proposal. Talk about a WOW proposal…how can they say no!

2021 proposal ideas
Image Source:

What Will Marriage Proposals Look Like in 2021?

Adventure Wedding Proposal

If travel allows, why not whisk your Boo off to your favorite outdoor adventure destination? Plan it like it is any other adventure together so that it can be a surprise. And don’t forget to snap photos!

Private Venue Rental

Sure! At home wedding proposals are definitely on the rise, some proposers really want to keep it a secret so popping the question at home may be difficult. Renting an entire venue just for your proposal may be a bit too expensive, but many venues will allow you to use a small area to set up your proposal and pop the question. Just make sure to have a photographer on hand to document the experience.

Unforgettable & Mind-Blowing Wedding Proposal Ideas

Incorporate Your Fur-Babies

We know how much you LOVE your fur-babies so why not include them in the proposal. Tie the ring around the neck or position it perfectly on their nose. It will be a 2021 wedding proposal to remember for sure!

We hope you enjoyed these Mind-Blowing Wedding Proposal Ideas, for more inspiration check out our Pinterest Boards.