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2021 Gender Reveal Ideas

Gender Reveal Ideas We Love

The Perfect Props For A Gender Reveal Party

Couples everywhere are going to big extremes to reveal the gender of their baby. After all the moment a couple learns the gender of their baby is probably one of the most emotional and memorable times in their lives and they want to share it with their family and closest friends. And what better way to share the news than by throwing a party?

It’s true; everyone wants to know if your baby will be a boy or a girl? For months you have been asked questions about the gender, people want to know if you are going to find out before the birth, if you prefer a girl over a boy, what names you have picked out and what the nursery will look like. In a society that everyone shares all the details of our personal lives, and strives for the perfect “Instagram worthy” photo it is no surprise that couples now want to include friends and family in learning about their baby’s gender.

Confetti cannons for gender reveal party

Creative Ways To Do Gender Reveal

Planning a gender reveal party requires some creativity. You can literally search the internet for hours and see hundreds of cute ideas that people have come up with to announce their baby’s gender to the world. Instagram is full of great videos of people hitting balls that explode with blue or pink powder, boxes filled with pink balloons, or just a cute little sign or outfit. But to make the biggest impact we recommend using gender reveal props that are unexpected and full of excitement. Check out our favorite gender reveal ideas.

The Best Baby Gender Reveal Ideas

When it comes to hosting a gender reveal you gotta go big. In 2021 gender reveal parties are all about creating “an experience”, a party that no one will ever forget. So, when it comes to the big announcement it has to be something exciting. Here are three amazing ways to announce the gender of your baby to the world.

Baby Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons

Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs

Baby Gender Reveal Powder Cannons

What a great idea! Up until this point, the gender of your baby has been a secret and now you are announcing it to the world with pure emotion and celebration. What better way to announce it than having each of your guests shower you with pink or blue confetti?

Gender reveal confetti cannons

Baby gender reveal confetti cannons are an affordable option for your gender reveal party. You can purchase one for each of your guests or just a few. Gender reveal confetti cannons are filled with pink or blue biodegradable confetti. Your guests will not only be surprised by the sex of your baby but by the explosion of blue or pink confetti falling from the skies. Such a cute and memorable idea! Shop for the best baby gender reveal confetti cannons.

Powder Cannons for Gender Reveal

Similar to the Baby gender reveal confetti cannons, another great option for your gender reveal party is baby gender reveal powder cannons. Who wouldn’t love seeing the dramatic effect that baby gender reveal powder cannons make by shooting colored powder high into the sky? Again powder cannons for gender reveal are safe for the environment as they are filled with rice powder that has been dyed bright pink or blue.  Gender reveal powder cannons shoot bright pink or blue powder up to 15’ into the air. There is no doubt every one will know if they should shop for pink or blue clothes.

Last but not least our final favorite prop for your gender reveal party is our baby gender reveal smoke bomb. Another great option for revealing the gender of your baby. Again you can purchase just a couple or one for everyone at the party. A cloud of smoke in pink or blue will fill the air and announce to the world if you are having a rough and rugged baby boy or a soft and pretty baby girl.

No matter which of these gender reveal ideas you choose we are sure you will end up with that perfect “Instagram worthy”  photo or video that is sure to go viral. All of these cannons are great for birthdays and other celebrations as well.