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2021 wedding trends guy releases sky lanterns

7 Mind-blowing 2021 Wedding Photography Trends

There is no doubt that classy, aesthetic, and top-notch photographs are the essence of most weddings nowadays. Anyone miss the old days when all the photos just went into an old dusty album? At any rate, 2021 wedding photography is a bigger deal now than it has ever been so you need to have all the latest trends on your fingertips. Couples are using their wedding photographs as beautiful home décor, so having a selection of incredible photos is key.

Here Are the Top 7 mind-blowing 2021 Wedding Photography Trends

  1. Pastel and Candy Colors

The color scheme of pastels and candy colors seems very in for the upcoming 2021 and will undoubtedly be a feature in most professional photo-shoots you will see (of course depending on the couple’s taste).

One of the reasons candy color palettes has become so popular is because it ties in well with different aspects of décor such as flowers and drapery, making it a photographer’s dream come true. Not to mention it goes well with most versions of traditional wedding makeup.

2021 Wedding Photography Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

2. Sustainable Options

World trends are increasingly shifting to sustainability in everything from clothes to the lights you put up. No, it is no longer okay for you to throw paper cups on the floor after a party, okay?

Design your photo-shoot around the sustainable and environmentally friendly elements of your wedding. This is a great message to put forward especially to a diverse Instagram or social media following. Choose to be an example! One of the most popular 2021 wedding photography trends that you will see everywhere is using props for extra pizzazz.

For an Epic Wedding Exit – Release Sky Lanterns

A great prop to add to your 2021 wedding photos are Sky Lanterns. These are illuminated lanterns that when lit, float effortlessly into the nighttime sky. Talk about an incredible wedding photo. Our sky lanterns are available in white or in an assortment of colors. 2021 photography trends are definitely leaning towards photos that are creative and our Sky Lanterns are a perfect way to do it!

Our sky lanterns are one hundred percent biodegradable, flame resistant and non hazardous. come fully assembled and guaranteed to fly! A 2022 wedding photography trend that will result in Insta-worthy photos for sure.

3. Old Hollywood For The Modern Wedding

Old Hollywood looks are becoming very fashionable for modern wedding photography and especially so in the coming year. Think winged eyeliner and red lipstick but also an overtly glamorous décor in rich vibrant colors, and don’t forget jewel crusted shoes. Old is gold and old Hollywood is a style that making a big comeback.

4. DIY Décor, Personalized Deets

There is nothing better than hand-made décor like hangings, place settings, message boards, and pecking tables. They add a touch of your personality which can sometimes get lost when a wedding is over-reliant on consumerism or on following magazine trends. Don’t let your natural vibe and taste get lost in all the confusion! If you want high collars and a vintage wedding, go for it, it photographs beautifully! Don’t be afraid to stand out.

Wedding sky lanterns - 2021 photography trend

5. Casual, Bohemian, Calm, and Gorgeous

A very clean color palette is a photographer’s best friend because it opens the event up to any kind of interpretation or edits. Not only do Bohemian styles photograph well, but they also lend themselves to beautiful videography. If you want a stress-free, nourishing environment for your wedding day, opt for soft neutrals, natural elements, and an effortless play at décor and table setting.

6. The Flower People

There is no hand-made decoration or wedding-planner textbook created décor plan that will top a magnificent flower display especially if it is as colorful and magical as possible and isn’t too carefully curated. Not to mention how amazing it is going to look in drone shots. Sometimes the simplest idea wins over elaborate planning. The wedding photography trends in 2021 will definitely include drone shots. And what an incredible way to see your wedding.

7. Food, Food Food

Food and dessert enthusiasts just know off the bat they need their wedding and wedding photography in 2021 to revolve around different entrées. Think big like giant cookies, sweet stuffed wedding favors, chocolate fountains, pecking tables with obscene amounts of cheese, and a general ‘live to eat’ vibe.

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Halloween Party Ideas

Genius Ideas for Halloween Parties During COVID-19

Hey, we get it! COVID-19 sure has put a damper on a lot of parties and events so you’re probably wondering what Halloween 2020 will be like. It’s one the most popular times to host a party and with social distancing restrictions, we wanted to find some genius ideas for Halloween parties during COVID-19. After all, we sure could use some fun in our lives right now and Halloween hasn’t ghosted us yet!

Halloween Party during COVID-19 is not cancelled.

Halloween candy is on the shelves, people are scrambling to get the best costume and parties are being planned. Here are some great ideas on how you can keep your family and your party guests safe.

Outdoor Halloween Party

The best place to host your 2020 Halloween party during COVID-19 is outdoors. Your backyard is the perfect place. You don’t have to pay venue rental fees or transport any of your 2020 Halloween decorations. Having your Halloween party in 2020 outdoors allows you to space everything out and hopefully, your party-goers will adhere to the social distancing guidelines.

Here are some cool things you can do to elevate your outdoor Halloween party to a whole new level.

How To Plan Halloween Parties During COVID-19

Create a Candy Graveyard

Everyone loves candy, so this will work if it is a kid’s party or adults only. Set up some fact tombstones and sprinkle candy and prizes around them. You can usually buy them at stores that sell Halloween decor (Michael’s, Target, Party City, Walmart, etc). For an extra spooky touch, you can add smoke to your graveyard and some creepy music. Everyone will love it!

It’s kind of like an Easter egg hunt, everyone can run around the yard collecting candy. It’s genius really because they will go at different paces, ultimately keeping their distance from each other. Just make sure to provide everyone with some instructions…you don’t want one person gobbling up all the candy.

Sky  lanterns for Halloween

Spooky Movie Night

Get a huge blow up projector screen and play a spooky movie. This is such a cute idea. You can set up individual or couple seating areas with pillows or blankets, spaced apart 6 feet. Everyone can get cozy while watching the movie.

Set Up Food Stations

Rather than have all the food in one place, create small snacking stations throughout your yard. Not only is this a great idea to get people mingling and talking, but it will allow your guests to stay a safe distance from each other.

Halloween Parties during COVID-19 – Exciting & Safe.

Light it Up!

To make your Halloween 2020 party even more memorable and exciting, light up the night. Unexpected activities really make a huge impact on party-goers. Order holiday sparklers and allow your party-goers to light up the sky by twirling and spelling out things. Everyone keeps their distance when anyone has a sparkler in hand so it’s a great way to social distance.

Another great idea, that will totally blow your guests minds is to release sky lanterns. Never heard of them before? Your guests probably haven’t either that’s why it’s a genius idea!

For Halloween, we have pumpkin sky lanterns. These are orange lanterns with a Black Pumpkin Face. Sky Lanterns are a real hit for any occasion and can be used for day or night use entertainment for any occasion or event.

If you want an extra special touch you could order both white sky lanterns and the pumpkin sky lanterns. It will result in a beautiful, and unexpected display of light in the sky. We promise these sky lanterns will be a hit!

Decorate to the Max

Go all out with your Halloween decorations in 2020. We believe that Halloween shouldn’t be cancelled but it will have to look a little different this year. Decorate your front yard, the backyard any and everywhere to really WOW your guests.


What a great idea! Park your car at the end of the driveway pop open your trunk and decorate it with Halloween decor. Have baskets or bowls of candy inside for trick-or-treaters (if it’s allowed in your area). Super cute idea!

BUT! Make sure that you do not let anyone’s hand dig into the candy bowls. Instead, use candy grabbers to pick up the candy and drop it in their bags or pumpkins. You just never know! Better to be safe than sorry.

If you don’t want to risk having a lot of people get together there are tons of virtual options as well. Stay tuned for an upcoming post on how to throw a virtual Halloween party.

2021 Gender Reveal Ideas

Gender Reveal Ideas We Love

The Perfect Props For A Gender Reveal Party

Couples everywhere are going to big extremes to reveal the gender of their baby. After all the moment a couple learns the gender of their baby is probably one of the most emotional and memorable times in their lives and they want to share it with their family and closest friends. And what better way to share the news than by throwing a party?

It’s true; everyone wants to know if your baby will be a boy or a girl? For months you have been asked questions about the gender, people want to know if you are going to find out before the birth, if you prefer a girl over a boy, what names you have picked out and what the nursery will look like. In a society that everyone shares all the details of our personal lives, and strives for the perfect “Instagram worthy” photo it is no surprise that couples now want to include friends and family in learning about their baby’s gender.

Confetti cannons for gender reveal party

Creative Ways To Do Gender Reveal

Planning a gender reveal party requires some creativity. You can literally search the internet for hours and see hundreds of cute ideas that people have come up with to announce their baby’s gender to the world. Instagram is full of great videos of people hitting balls that explode with blue or pink powder, boxes filled with pink balloons, or just a cute little sign or outfit. But to make the biggest impact we recommend using gender reveal props that are unexpected and full of excitement. Check out our favorite gender reveal ideas.

The Best Baby Gender Reveal Ideas

When it comes to hosting a gender reveal you gotta go big. In 2021 gender reveal parties are all about creating “an experience”, a party that no one will ever forget. So, when it comes to the big announcement it has to be something exciting. Here are three amazing ways to announce the gender of your baby to the world.

Baby Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons

Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs

Baby Gender Reveal Powder Cannons

What a great idea! Up until this point, the gender of your baby has been a secret and now you are announcing it to the world with pure emotion and celebration. What better way to announce it than having each of your guests shower you with pink or blue confetti?

Gender reveal confetti cannons

Baby gender reveal confetti cannons are an affordable option for your gender reveal party. You can purchase one for each of your guests or just a few. Gender reveal confetti cannons are filled with pink or blue biodegradable confetti. Your guests will not only be surprised by the sex of your baby but by the explosion of blue or pink confetti falling from the skies. Such a cute and memorable idea! Shop for the best baby gender reveal confetti cannons.

Powder Cannons for Gender Reveal

Similar to the Baby gender reveal confetti cannons, another great option for your gender reveal party is baby gender reveal powder cannons. Who wouldn’t love seeing the dramatic effect that baby gender reveal powder cannons make by shooting colored powder high into the sky? Again powder cannons for gender reveal are safe for the environment as they are filled with rice powder that has been dyed bright pink or blue.  Gender reveal powder cannons shoot bright pink or blue powder up to 15’ into the air. There is no doubt every one will know if they should shop for pink or blue clothes.

Last but not least our final favorite prop for your gender reveal party is our baby gender reveal smoke bomb. Another great option for revealing the gender of your baby. Again you can purchase just a couple or one for everyone at the party. A cloud of smoke in pink or blue will fill the air and announce to the world if you are having a rough and rugged baby boy or a soft and pretty baby girl.

No matter which of these gender reveal ideas you choose we are sure you will end up with that perfect “Instagram worthy”  photo or video that is sure to go viral. All of these cannons are great for birthdays and other celebrations as well.