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Tips For Planning The Perfect 2021 Spring Wedding

If you’re in the process of planning a 2021 spring wedding, congratulations! The wedding planning process can be incredibly exciting as you choose the best food, flowers, and wedding decor to make your special day one to remember. And choosing the springtime for your 2021 wedding is a great decision. To help you make it unbelievable we put together this “tips for planning the perfect 2021 spring wedding guide”.

Why Choose Spring 2021 For Your Wedding?

Most Flowers Are In Bloom

A major benefit of hosting a spring wedding is the fact that most flowers are in bloom. This includes popular flowers like peonies, daffodils, and tulips. You’ll also get to enjoy a variety of nontraditional flowers and decor during this season, such as cherry blossoms and dogwood. When you stick to flowers that are already in-season, you’ll likely find more budget-friendly options for your wedding, which is never a bad thing.

Mild Temperatures = A Comfortable Outdoor Wedding
If you plan on hosting your wedding ceremony or reception outdoors, spring is the perfect time of year to do it. Since the temperatures tend to be fairly mild, you’ll have a great excuse to encourage guests to celebrate the big day outdoors.

Nature Offers Bright Outdoor Colors
If bright colors and vivid scenery are a must-have for your wedding day, consider scheduling a date in the spring to say your vows. Ask your photographer to find beautiful spaces outside where you can pose with your bridal party for unforgettable pictures.

Top Tips For Planning the Perfect 2021 Spring Wedding

Now that you know why spring is a great time of year to have a wedding, let’s take a look at some top tips for planning the wedding of your dreams.

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Start Planning Early

Most wedding planners will tell you that the earlier you start planning your big day, the less stressed you’ll be. If you’re thinking about having your wedding in 2020, you don’t have to wait two years before you start mapping out your wedding. Having a clear plan for your wedding will make it easier as you navigate through catering companies, wedding venues, and the like.

Figure Out The Number Of Guests You Want To Invite

Before you start picking out a wedding band or catering company, it’s important to figure out the maximum number of guests you want to invite to your wedding. This is also very important to do before choosing a wedding venue.

Find The Perfect Wedding Venue

As you shop around for a wedding venue, take the time to decide what is most important to you. Are you looking for a wedding venue that has a reception area and ceremony area all in one place? Do you want a wedding venue that offers in-house catering so you don’t have to hire out? Whatever your needs may be, make sure you know what you’re looking for before you start touring venues.

You’ll want to reserve your wedding venue as soon as possible after you’ve announced your engagement to the public. Make sure you read all of the fine print on the contract, as this will give you an idea of how much you’ll need to put down for the security deposit, and how much it will cost you if you decide to cancel.

Planning the Perfect 2021 Spring Wedding Tips

Think About Your Wedding Colors

As one of the most romantic times of the year, spring offers a plethora of wedding color schemes that you’re sure to love. The wedding colors you choose for your wedding will set the tone for your special day. While pastels tend to be a favorite among spring weddings, you can add a touch of pop to your wedding decor by mixing in some contrasting colors. For example, if your bridesmaids are wearing a pastel pink dress, consider asking the groomsmen to wear a bright purple tie.

Come Up With A Fun Wedding Exit

One of the most fun parts of your wedding night will be your wedding exit. This is because it gives your guests a chance to say farewell as you head off to your hotel or honeymoon destination. There are many ways to make your wedding exit one remember, and at, we’ve got the party supplies you need to make an epic exit. It’s definitely something to include when planning the perfect 2021 spring wedding.

Some of the best wedding exits involve wedding sparklers, and the most popular options include:

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  • 36-Inch Wedding Sparklers – Looking for a little longer burn time on your wedding sparklers? 36-inch wedding sparklers may be the best route to go. These fun sparklers can burn up to three minutes, making them ideal for photo opportunities.

Hire A Professional Wedding Photography

While cell phones tend to take high-quality photos these days, hiring a professional wedding photographer will ensure that each special moment is captured. Before you start searching for a wedding photographer in your area, do some research on the style of photography you’re looking for (this will help you explain your vision to the photographer you hire).

As you start looking at photography companies, be sure to check out portfolios to get an idea of their work. If you already have a budget in mind for your wedding photography, make sure you let each wedding photographer know. They’ll be able to tell you whether or not they can work within your budget.

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30 Second VIP Club Bottle Sparklers

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45 Second Sparklers

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Unique Ways To Use Sparklers At A Wedding

Couples all over the world are including sparklers on their wedding day to create a lasting impression on their guests and family members. Here are some unique ways to use sparklers at your 2021 wedding.

Answers to All Your Wedding Sparkler Questions.

  • What is the best way to use sparklers on my wedding day?
  • Are wedding sparklers only good for send-offs?
  • Is it safe to put sparklers on a wedding cake?
  • Do sparklers photograph well?
  • Can sparklers be used with floral centerpieces?

These are all great questions that we’ll cover in this post. There are a variety of ways to incorporate sparklers into your wedding day, and in this blog, we’re going to discuss some unique ideas you may never have thought of.

Wedding Sparklers & Why You Need Them

Your wedding day is one of the biggest events of your life, so why not add a touch of sparkle to it? While many couples love using sparklers as part of their grand wedding exit, there are much other fun and unique ways to incorporate sparklers into your big day.

Flower Girl? How About Sparkler Girl!

There’s a good chance you’ve been to a wedding where there was a cute flower girl tossing flowers down the aisle before the bride took her epic walk. While this is a very common wedding tradition, how awesome would it be to have a “sparkler girl” instead? Not only will this make clean-up easy after the wedding ceremony, but it can also even save you money since you won’t have to purchase expensive rose or flower petals.

At, we carry a large and diverse selection of premier wedding sparklers to make your special day memorable. If you’re thinking about adding a sparkler girl to your wedding, we recommend ordering our 36-inch wedding sparklers for long-lasting sparkle.

The Epic Send-Off

As we mentioned above, many couples choose to use sparklers at their wedding to create an epic send-off. This is the part of the wedding (after the reception), where the bride and groom leave the venue and head off to their honeymoon (or any other romantic destination).

During most American weddings, the wedding guests, along with the bridal party, will stand outside of the venue, creating a space for the newlyweds to walk through. Rather than supplying your wedding guests with rice to throw or bubbles to blow, you may want to consider using sparklers as part of your send-off. Simply ask each guest to grab a sparkler on his or her way out the door to light when the couple makes their grand exit. Not only will you feel like the “light” of the party, but this will also be an incredible photo opportunity that you’ll look back on and love!

If you’re looking for the perfect sparklers for your wedding send-off, consider ordering our 20-inch wedding sparklers. If you want to get creative, our heart-shaped wedding sparklers may be a fun option as well.

A Sparkly “I Do” Kiss

If you’re looking for a way to create a memorable “I Do” kiss at your wedding, ask your bridal party to light sparklers right before the special time comes. This will create a truly magical moment for you and your guests, not to mention that it’s an incredible photo opportunity for you and your loved one.

Sparkler Centerpieces

Whether you’re planning a summer or fall wedding, the flowers you choose to display on your wedding day are very important to the overall aesthetic of your wedding theme. From deep red roses to colorful carnations, flowers are an important aspect that should not be overlooked.

Once you’ve decided on the flowers you’d like to use at your wedding, consider adding sparklers to the mix. This is a wonderful way to provide your guests with sparklers before your grand entrance or wedding send-off. Simply add sparklers to your table centerpieces (if there are 10 guests at each table, including 10 sparklers in each centerpiece), and attach a sparkler tag that instructs your guests when to use them.

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Cutting The Cake

Back in the day, the cutting of the wedding cake was a very special moment at weddings. These days, however, it seems as though this traditional wedding act has lost its luster. It can be challenging trying to grab the attention of your wedding guests during this time of the reception because it normally occurs around the time of the main course.

When you ask your catering company to roll the wedding cake out with sparklers attached to it, it will surely grab the attention of your guests, no matter where they are in the venue.

While you can shop for smoke-free, ash-free sparklers, you may want to consider using a VIP bottle sparkler (or five) on your wedding cake. These sparklers burn like a free-flowing fountain, and each sparkler can shoot between six to eight inches high, with a burn time of up to 50 seconds.

Light Up The Dance Floor

Another surefire way to light up your wedding day is to include sparklers during your first dance. This is a favorite moment for couples as they get to dance for the first time as newlyweds. Whether you’ve chosen a fun, upbeat song, or a slow ballad, adding sparklers to the event will create a magical atmosphere you’ll love.

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There are tons of unique ways to use sparklers at weddings and other special events. Check back soon to see our next post on New Years Eve ideas.

The Top 4th Of July Party Ideas & Supplies

So you’ve decided to throw a 4th of July party and you don’t know where to start.

Luckily, is here to help!

As one of America’s favorite holidays, the 4th of July has been celebrated for roughly 240 years. This special day honors the signing of the Declaration of Independence by our Founding Fathers on July 4, 1776. It’s a holiday that celebrates our nation’s mythology that is often accompanied with a day off of work or school, a backyard barbecue with friends and family, and plenty of sparklers and fireworks to go around.

If you’re wondering what to do or what party supplies to purchase for your 4th of July gathering, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog, we’re going to discuss how to throw an epic 4th of July party, along with the various party supplies you’ll need to make the day one to remember.

First Thing’s First: Be Prepared

If you’re the head party planner, you’ll want to prepare as best you can. Nothing will throw you off more than having to call party guests to pick up supplies you’ve forgotten, so create a list of items you’ll need for the day’s events. We’ve provided an example supply list below to help you get started.

  • Folding tables or picnic tables
  • Coolers for holding cold beverages
  • Paper plates, party cups, and cutlery
  • Fireworks and sparklers
  • Backyard games, such as bags
  • Flags and patriotic party favors

Consider What Party Games To Play

Whether you’re throwing your 4th of July party in your backyard or at a local park, there are many patriotic-themed games you can play with your party guests. From a fun balloon pop game to a patriotic scavenger hunt, the possibilities are endless! Let’s take a look at some popular games to include during your party below.

Red, White & Blue Balloon Pop

This is a game that young children and adults can both enjoy. All you need are red, white, and blue colored balloons and a pen and paper to get this game started. Before you blow up the balloons, put a few “You win!” notes in a couple different colored balloons. Make sure the balloons aren’t translucent; otherwise, your party guests will be able to see which balloon holds the prized piece of paper. Once all of your balloons are blown up, spread them throughout the backyard or park and ask your guests to line up in a straight line. When the time is right, blow a whistle and let your guests scurry about the landscape, popping balloons. Keep a couple of fun prizes nearby to give to the winners. Prizes can include things, like patriotic stuffed animals, candy, and toys.

Fourth Of July Candy Count

The 4th of July candy count game is a simple and easy way to get your party guests involved and excited about the day’s events. All you need for this game is a big fishbowl or large jar and patriotic-colored candies (try to find candy that comes in red, white, and blue wrapping paper). Fill the fishbowl or jar up to the brim with candy before you dump them out and count the pieces. Once you know the number, fill the jar back up and ask your guests to write down how many pieces of candy they think are in the jar. Let the winner of this game take home the entire jar of candy.

Fun Scavenger Hunt

If you’re throwing a 4th of July party in your backyard, consider setting up a scavenger hunt for young children to enjoy. Stop by your local party supply store or make your own versions of things, like the Liberty Bell, the Declaration of Independence, mini-toy soldiers, and more. Hide these items throughout your backyard and challenge the kids to hunt for them. Provide the kids with a list of items you’ve hidden and let them roam the yard for hours of fun.

The Party Supplies You Need


An Independence Day celebration would be incomplete without fireworks. If you’re thinking about including fireworks at your party, make sure you take the time to check with local authorities first. Some counties don’t allow you to shoot off sparklers during the 4th of July, and you don’t want to buy fireworks, only to discover you cannot use them.


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Patriotic Decorations

As the host of a 4th of July party, it’s important to invest in some patriotic decorations to set the mood. You can pick up some red, white, and blue balloons at your local party store and place them strategically around your home or backyard. You may want to look at 4th of July banners as well, as these can be a fun decoration to display at your front door for guests to see when they arrive.

4th Of July Menu

In addition to the party supplies mentioned above, you’ll want to provide some classic American dishes for your guests to enjoy and munch on. Hamburgers and hot dogs are fan-favorites for this holiday, and grilled corn on the cob is a popular side item to include in your menu. If you love grilling, you should also consider adding barbecue ribs to your feast. Your One-Stop-Shop For Party Supplies

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Creative Ways To Light Up Your Wedding

Looking for a timeless wedding send-off idea? Trying to find a festive way to celebrate your first dance as a newlywed couple? We’ve got one word for you: sparklers.

Wedding sparklers are a wonderful and easy way to add a touch of sparkle to your wedding day, and there are many ways to incorporate them into your special day.

At, we’re passionate about providing our online customers with the best selection of wedding sparklers and party sparklers on the market. With our bulk and wholesale sparklers, you can easily light up your wedding and create moments that you will truly remember.

In this blog, we’re going to look at some creative ways to light up your wedding.

Create A Grand Exit To Remember

One of the most common uses of sparklers at weddings is to create a dramatic grand exit. This usually happens after the reception when the newlywed couple is ready to go on their merry way (often to a honeymoon). To create a sparkler-inspired exit, ask your wedding guests to form two lines outside of the venue door, making sure to leave enough space for you and your spouse. Have the wedding reception personnel or the bridal party pass out sparklers to guests as they make their way outside. Once all of the guests are standing in two straight lines, have someone walk around with a lighter or blowtorch to light the sparklers seconds before the newlyweds exit the venue.

It’s always wise to announce this fun wedding event ahead of time, so your guests know what to expect. You can ask your DJ or band to mention the sparkler send-off throughout the evening, or if you want to take it a step further, have details printed in the wedding program.

Light Up Your First Kiss

If you can’t wait until the wedding reception to bust out the sparklers, consider incorporating them into the wedding ceremony. First and foremost, make sure to check with your venue on whether or not sparklers are allowed. Some churches, reception halls, and venues do not allow any form of open flames, so you’ll want to check with the establishment before buying a truck-load of wholesale wedding sparklers. If you end up having your wedding somewhere that allows them, there are many ways you can get your guests involved.

As we mentioned above, it’s always a smart move to include the sparkler itinerary in your wedding program to ensure all of your wedding guests are aware of what’s to come. If you want to use sparklers to light up your very first kiss as a newlywed couple, ask your ushers to pass out the sparklers to the wedding party once your guests have been seated (this should happen before the wedding walks down the aisle). Right before the first kiss, cue one of the ushers to bring a lighter up to the front of the venue to light the bridal party’s sparklers. Once the pastor or officiant says the magic words, you can kiss your new spouse under the celebratory glow of sparklers (this can be especially dramatic when the wedding reception is outside).

Surprise Your Guests With A Sparkler Cake

Another way to incorporate sparklers into your wedding is to adorn your wedding cake with them. Whether you choose gold sparklers or a few VIP bottle sparklers, this will surely grab your guests’ attention. Once your wedding guests see the wedding cake being rolled out with a stunning display of sparklers, they’ll stop everything they are doing to witness you and your loved one cut the cake.

Order Wedding Sparklers From

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