2021 friendsgiving meal ideas

2021 FriendsGiving Ideas For A Fun & Unique Gathering

Are you looking for some fantastic 2021 Friendsgiving ideas to use this year? November is the month of autumnal delights. Throughout the month, everything from pumpkin pie to roasted turkeys will be on the menu. November is all about Thanksgiving, even if it’s simply a warm-up for the bigger — and even more joyous — event that is the holiday season. Despite the fact that the main day isn’t until the end of the month, everyone is probably already in a grateful mindset. Not to mention starving. I’m craving mashed potatoes, pecan pie, and all the rest of the stuffing. Yum… What were we discussing?

Ok, so November! Aside from having the single most food coma day of the year (Thanksgiving), November is also a month that you’ll see lots of other events beginning to pop up. And one of our favorites is “FriendsGiving.” And if you’ve decided to host this year’s Friendsgiving festivities you must be ecstatic! We’re sure of it! It’s possible that hosting Friendsgiving will be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Mostly because we’ve come up with some Friendsgiving ideas that will ensure that this year’s get-together is one to remember. This is your chance to put that special recipe to the test before serving it at the actual thing (Thanksgiving Day). Consider this event to be a dress rehearsal and your chance to be a little more creative, inventive, and unique. After all, as the host (or hostess) you want to WOW your guests, right?

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This isn’t a true “Thanksgiving” event so you don’t have to cook the traditional dinner. And, Grandma isn’t going to be there looking over your shoulder telling you how to keep it traditional or stick to the age-old recipes. Friendsgiving is your time to explore your culinary creativity. Ready to WOW your guests with an unforgettable culinary and party experience?

Here’s How To Host An Epic 2021 Friendsgiving Party!

If you want, you can prepare a large ham instead of a turkey. It won’t bother your friends one bit. But, if you’re looking for some new Friendsgiving ideas, something truly unexpected, look no further. This list has everything you’ll need to throw the best Friendsgiving EVER, from culinary delights to unique decor inspiration. Let’s rock this 2021 FriendsGiving!

Send FriendsGiving Invites

Before we go into all of the ideas, let’s not forget about the most important aspect of your party: the invitations. Your guests will need two weeks to make preparations to attend your Friendsgiving, so make sure they have the invitations 2-3 weeks ahead of time. Any more and they’ll forget about it; any less and they won’t be able to make plans in time.

Sure, you could send a text message, write an email, or create a Facebook event… Alternatively, you might send real Friendsgiving invitations that people will be unable to reject. Furthermore, actual paper invitations add a touch of elegance to your event.

2021 Friendsgiving Decor Ideas

One thing is for sure, when you’re hosting a 2021 Friendsgiving event the décor is key to making it unique and unforgettable. Here are some incredible Friendsgiving décor ideas that are sure to make your dinner party or get together a hit!

The Table Décor

The overall aesthetic of your Friendsgiving event begins and ends with your table displays. Instead of using traditional Thanksgiving or Fall décor elevate your table displays, including the food spread by creating foliage-inspired table displays.

Ditch The Traditional Fall Colors

Another great way to make your 2021 Friendsgiving event unique is to snazz up your décor with a beautiful color palette that doesn’t scream FALL. Instead, opt for dramatic dark burgundy’s, soft and delicate blush tones, and rose golds. It’s sure to be a hit with everyone. And, it will still have a little fall feel (with the burgundy). And don’t forget to add a balloon display for added whimsy and fun.

Add Unexpected Elements

Nothing makes a guest remember a holiday party or special event more than unexpected elements. For your Friendsgiving gathering in 2021, we suggest you add some sparklers. No matter what type of event, sparklers always add a sense of wonder, whimsy and excitement.

During your 2021 Friendsgiving party, you can use cake sparklers, or regular sparklers to add an element of surprise and mystic. And, if it’s a small gathering and you want to celebrate with champagne, bottle sparklers are a great touch. Trust us, your guests will love it!

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2021 Friendsgiving Menu Ideas

So, you’ve got a broad concept of how to address the food situation during Friendsgiving. Let’s get into the details now. We weren’t joking when we said we had a lot of Friendsgiving ideas. Have fun with it, and remember that you don’t have to copy these ideas exactly. This isn’t a recipe for Pinterest disaster. Take these suggestions and tweak them to fit your Friendsgiving resources and budget. Here’s some 2021 Friendsgiving menu ideas.

Ditch The Traditional Turkey

Let’s face it! Every Thankgiving event your friends are going to attend will likely have a turkey. Might be deep-fried, oven baked or in a casserole but you can bet, turkey is likely the main star. At least, in the culinary department.

So, unless you want a boring Friendsgiving culinary experience, ditch the turkey. Instead, create a tantalizing culinary experience with unexpected dishes that’ll have them begging for the menu. Or, just change the overall food theme to something they’d never expect.

Friendsgiving Food Theme Idea

Rather than traditional fall or Thanksgiving grub, why not turn your Friendsgiving meal into a seafood buffet? Of course, this may depend on where you live, but trust us…you’re guests will want to host a seafood Friendsgiving event of their own. Why? Because it’s unexpected!

Themed Cookies

A nice cookie is something that everyone enjoys. Everyone with a soul, at the very least. Keep it easy by baking your favorite cookies in their traditional circular forms, or go all out with some fall-themed cookie cutters. This is one Friendsgiving food idea that may be used as both a tasty treat and a decorative item. Efficiency is what we adore! Don’t be fooled: with a basic cookie recipe and a turkey (or other fall-themed) cookie cutter, you can make lovely cookies. If ordering ready-made cookies is more convenient and within your budget, go for it!

Set up a dessert or cookie table, or use a single giant cookie as a centerpiece.

Friendsgiving Pies

If you’re not feeling up to cooking TWO turkeys (one for your Friendsgiving and another for the actual Thanksgiving meal) then we’ve got good news: you can still host a Friendsgiving party. Narrow your Friendsgiving menu with a theme so nobody expects a Turkey or even a full-blown meal. For example, you could host a Friendsgiving Tea Time (with turkey-filled tea sandwiches and pumpkin spiced lattes). Another Friendsgiving idea would be to use a pie theme. Have everyone make a pie (potluck style) and set up a Pie Bar for everyone to enjoy. It’ll be a memorable experience and you can go ham on the decorations!

Custom Themed Wine Labels

Drinks are certainly covered on the menu, and wine is always a crowd favorite. You can add a touch of decorating and Friendsgiving emotions without adding more decorations by purchasing unique wine labels that are easily found online. Your wine will double as both drink and decoration.

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