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5 Advantages Of Winter Weddings

Winters are not usually the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of weddings. Perhaps no one wants to freeze to death in an all-lace dress? In fact, winters are quite possibly a really great time to have your wedding celebrations for a myriad of reasons! Not to mention winter weddings are simply magical, right? Think of Daisy Fuentes’s snowy winter wedding and you’ll know what we’re talking about. There is just something so dreamy about snowy wedding pictures and breathtaking scenery. Here are 5 advantages of winter weddings.

Daisy Fuentes Snowy Wedding

Here are some of the advantages to consider if you are planning to stray from the beaten path and have your wedding festivities right in the smack of winter.

1. No Meltdowns

Receptions held in summer or spring come with their own baggage. Things melting is always a major concern. Ice cream cakes melt, food can go bad quickly and you just can’t have snow sculptures! Not to mention the bride’s makeup usually takes a hit in all the humidity and sun. In the winters you can have a longer party with ease as the heat is not going to be a problem.

Furthermore, the cold air acts as a natural preservative for everyone’s makeup, hairdo, and styling, resulting in better pictures. Not to mention your guests will be much happier that they can spend more time at the venue and not have to worry about constant touchups and ‘powdering their nose.’

2. Snap Up All The Best Dates

Summer, spring, and even fall have full back-to-back bookings for all the best outdoor venues, hotels, and every location where you can hold a wedding. In the winter season, however, you are likely to find more spots open so your dream wedding will be within reach and possibly at better off-season rates too!

You can also expect your vendors to give their best in an off-season event (everyone from the caterer, florist, wedding planner, and décor specialist will be able to perform better because they won’t be overworked). Again as with the venue, you might be able to secure better, more competitive rates.

3. Easier To Be Formal

Winters make it easier to go full black-tie because you’re not likely to sweat and be uncomfortable. Not to mention brides can go full out too with more elaborate dresses that might be harder to walk around with during a summer reception in the middle of the day.

The Top Advantages Of Winter Weddings

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4. A Welcome Change

People are used to summer weddings and the hullaballoo and wedding fatigue surrounding these events. A well-planned winter wedding is a welcome change and a breath of fresh air allowing them to relax and really enjoy themselves without the venue being overcrowded or makeup and hair bookings being all the way full.

5. Experimentation Is The Name Of The Game

A winter wedding can play up all the elements from the flowers to the color palette. Not to mention you can incorporate a feeling of coziness with lanterns, maybe a live BBQ, or even a bonfire. You can include thoughtful and delicious refreshment choices like chai lattes, cinnamon lattes, and warm apple pie.

Last but not least, imagine a winter wedding with the vows taking place against a backdrop of snow- you can always warm up the guests in an indoor dinner later! If the reception takes place at night you can use fireworks, sparklers, colorful smoke balls, fairy lights, and just about anything that comes to mind for ambiance (after checking the venue rules of course!)