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Unique Halloween Party Themes That Rock

Celebrating Halloween doesn’t have to end just because you’re too old to trick-or-treat.  Get into the excitement by inviting your adult pals to join you in the fun. We’ve compiled a list of 8 Halloween party theme ideas that are ideal for your macabre gathering. Here are some unique Halloween party themes for the best Halloween party ever!

Crime Scene

Is this a worrisome theme? Absolutely! But since everyone seems to have a love for all things “crime scene” or forensic we think it’s a great idea for your 2021 Halloween party theme. And make sure to add with some inventive sweets, you can easily turn something that looks gruesome into sweet. Crush magazine’s Crime Scene Cookies are a fantastic addition to any Halloween party.

Speakeasy Halloween Theme

A Speakeasy Halloween

The Roaring Twenties are worth commemorating, and Halloween is the perfect time to do so! For admittance to your party, ask your guests to dress up in their best 1920s clothes (but only after they figure out the secret password!) To avoid suspicion when ordering a drink at the bar, prepare some prohibition snacks (such as wasabi deviled eggs or candied bacon) and make sure everyone “speaks easy.”

Creepy Crawly

It’s sometimes best to stick to the tried and true. For years, creepy-crawly party themes have kicked off spooky celebrations (and rightfully so!) Keep in mind that this subject doesn’t have to be disgusting all of the time. With a bit of elegance, you may turn the whole look into a somber affair. This black and white tablescape with creepy-crawly decorations is one of my favorites!

Day of the Dead, - Unique Halloween Party Themes

Dia de los Muertos Halloween

This festival is typically about celebrating loved ones who have passed away. It is celebrated in Mexico every year and is lively, enthusiastic, and vibrantly colorful. We recommend choosing decor that honors the deceased like traditional sugar skulls, bright florals, and candlelight.

Spells & Potions

Now, let’s talk about the cocktails for this theme. A wicked twist on any of your favorite beverages is recommended. The cocktails can be classics as long as they’re named appropriately. You may also make a frightening Witch’s Brew recipe, which is sure to please your guests. But don’t forget some spooky smoke bombs and Halloween party props. 

2021 Unique Halloween Party Themes For A Spooky Good Time

Full Moon Halloween

This 2021 Halloween theme is perfect for anyone searching for something a little more dazzling and out of this planet. Take your Halloween festivities to a higher level with spooky decor that screams Halloween.

Ghouls Night In

It’s just like a regular girls’ night in, just creepier! Take your evening to the next level with Halloween-themed decorations. Any tablescapes or decorations that have a pop of color are our favorites. For some extra fun, and excitement add some bottle or cake sparklers.

Murder Mystery

Setting the scene is the focus of this theme A traditional, old manor mystery requires moody lighting, spiderwebs, colored smoke, and candelabras. In the spirit of Halloween, don’t be afraid to add some extra eerie décor (like skulls, tombstones, and creepy crawlies!).

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