Champagne bottle sparklers

Don’t Skip Dessert! Make Dessert Sweeter With Sparklers

A great meal is fantastic, but the dessert is usually the icing on the cake (no pun intended!). What better way to sit back and relax, belly full and content, than with dessert and a few glasses of champagne to end the evening? Well, there is a slightly better way. Have the server add Sparklers to your dessert and champagne bottle to be lit as he makes his way to your table for a romantic and fabulous surprise! Here’s how to make your dessert sweeter with sparklers.

Make It Special!

If the occasion is special enough for dessert and champagne then it is special enough for Sparklers! You will not only make it special for you and your guest. But also to all the other guests in the restaurant as well. They’ll be wondering why they didn’t think of that first! Big Birthday Cake Sparklers are the perfect addition to any dessert service. And most servers will be only too happy to light them for you.

Any Occasion Is A Special Occasion

Don’t wait for a special occasion to celebrate. Do it for no reason at all! Maybe you are in love with a new someone or enjoying the many years you and your partner have cherished together. Perhaps you and your spouse have just finished a long and stressful week. Celebrate that for sure! Any day is a special occasion if you make it that way. With very little effort, you can show the people you love how special they are to you. And give yourself something sweet and fun as well!

Toast With Champagne!

Any time you add champagne to the mix, you elevate the moment to something memorable and fun. Who doesn’t love a little bubbly? Cake sparklers are so versatile that they can be put into the opening and lit as the bottle makes its way to your tabl. How fantastic is that? If you’re out with adults then champagne is a must. Order a few bottles and watch your guest’s faces light up as the Sparklers are lit and delicate sparks light up the atmosphere and cast a gentle glow over the table. By this simple touch you will transform the night into something to remember for years to come.

It’s The Little Things That Count

As hectic as life can be, everyone needs a chance to pause and enjoy the little luxuries that life has to offer. Something as simple as dessert and champagne, topped with a little Sparkler magic, will give you that small luxury you are searching for. Create moments like these a few times throughout the month and you will give yourself and your loved ones something to look forward to. And the feeling that your lives are special, very special, which is something we all want to feel. Enjoy life for the precious gift it is, and bring on the Sparklers!

When you’re planning a special night out for dinner to celebrate a special occasion make dessert sweeter with sparklers.