fireworks over city for 2021 Diwali celebration

2021 Diwali Celebration: What Is Diwali?

You may have been mesmerized by Diwali from afar. It’s a yearly festival that signifies light conquering darkness and good triumphing over the forces of evil. If you are unsure of how to celebrate Diwali or take part in the festivities, this starter guide is for you. Diwali generally happens sometime between November and October and lasts up to 5 days. The very word means rows of lamps or lights. And that is just what you can expect in homes and public places where it is being celebrated. If you’re planning a 2021 Diwali celebration, lights, sparklers, and fireworks should be ordered.

The History of Diwali

Diwali is believed to signify and celebrate when the deities Sita and Rama came back from an exile of 14 years to Ayodhya. It celebrates the triumph of good over evil as the goddess Durga vanquished the demon called Mahisha. Diwali is also celebrated in Sikhism as Sikhs mark the day Hargobind Singh (the 6th Guru) being released from prison in 1619. Diwali is also important for realizing and cultivating a sense of perpetual and lasting peace in oneself. This is why the event can be celebrated by anyone. The 2021 Diwali is November 4th. Make sure to order your 2021 Diwali sparklers and fireworks in advance.

Diwali festival of lights. Small lanterns lit for Diwali

Fun Traditions of Diwali

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

There are so many wonderful traditions that one can partake in if you are celebrating Diwali (either alone or as part of a community). Cleanliness of oneself and one’s house is probably the first. And not just cleaning the house properly, but also removing items that no longer serve you. Doing a deep clean. And decorating your home and its main rooms, as well as your budget, allows. The Diwali celebration is a great time to do some serious cleaning both personally and in your home.


Both men and women are encouraged to bathe thoroughly and wear their best traditional garb, complete with bangles and other jewelry for women, not to mention a full face of makeup! Both the inside and the outside of the house have to be set in hundreds of little lamps or ‘diyas’. These are small oil-burning lamps. Fireworks also follow in quick succession. And there are personal or group prayer sessions as well. Family members and friends exchange thoughtful gifts (although this is not obligatory) and the best part is the grand feast that takes place in every house. 

Feed The Masses

Each home ensures a great feast, enough for dozens of people during the Diwali celebration. Staying within budget, they include all-traditional dishes. Children participate and help in the food prep. Rangoli is also a popular and much-loved tradition in Diwali. It consists of using rice or sand particles to make colorful designs on the floor, on stairs, or in other open spaces. People may have their own symbols, motifs, and designs that they prefer so their Rangoli will be according to that. Expect to see the streets and pathways similarly decorated!

Satisfy The Sweet Tooth

Sweets are super important for Diwali and in South Asian cuisine in general. Barfi, laddoo, and Chakli are favorites. And the new generation of mothers search for homemade sweet recipes on Youtube! They are hundreds of traditional sweets to choose from.