Boho bride and groom with Wedding sparklers

17 Creative, Awe-Inspiring Wedding Exit Ideas

The perfect wedding needs the perfect send-off and with these 17 awe-inspiring wedding exit ideas it will be. The last few moments of a wedding are like the unforgettable, orchestrated ending of a fairytale movie, everything needs to be in sync and photograph-ready. Everyone has seen movies in which the bride and groom leave in a car trailed by tin cans or walk off into the sunset to a shower of flowers, birdseed, rice, or glitter. 

To recreate the magic, here are 17 of the best ideas on wedding send-offs that you and your loved ones will remember for a long time. 

Sparkle And Shine

Sparklers are some of the most magical and glamorous ways to stage a wedding send-off, they have instant impact, and let’s face it they really stand out on video. The first thing to note is that you need to choose the right size of sparklers to use otherwise you risk making a sophisticated event look like a ball game or a kid’s birthday party. A standard 36-inch size gives you 4 minutes of sparkle time just enough to have a great send-off with last-minute hugs. 

Confess You Love Confetti

Confetti is an excellent choice because it’s low maintenance, does not blind the way glitters might, and goes well with any type of decor or overall color theme. Use confetti poppers (all the groomsmen and bridesmaids can hold one) and have yourself a wedding send-off that doesn’t require a lot of pre-planning. Biodegradable confetti means you don’t damage the environment and opt for muted coral colors instead of bright-colored confetti so it looks even better in pictures. 

By The Candlelight 

Candles are very much in for wedding send-offs. Use tall, pillar-style candles (they can be digital if you’d rather someone’s gown not catch fire) and carry your bride over the venue threshold and into your new life together. 

Epic & Awe-Inspiring Wedding Exit Ideas

Balloons In The Sky 

Contrary to what you may have heard balloons are not just for children and chic white, gold, silver or cream-colored balloons can be a beautiful way to signal upcoming matrimonial bliss and there are biodegradable options in balloons too!

Doves And Butterflies Take Flight 

Go the olden way and do a dove or butterflies send-off although make sure the animals are kept comfortable and fed. Butterflies and doves are also symbolic of freedom and a new life. 

It’s A Snow Day

Fake or artificial snow is a great wedding send-off because it matches with the bride’s wedding dress and gives a Winterland/ Chronicles of Narnia vibe. You can hire a fake snow machine, get snow sprays or have bowls of fake snow that guests can shower on the couple. 


Gather beautiful yellow and burnt orange leaves for your wedding send-off and delve into autumnal bliss!

It’s A Rice Idea

Rice has been symbolically important in several cultures in relation to weddings and matrimonial activities so consider making it a part of your special day to signify wealth, wellness, and a lifetime of delicious meals together. For more wedding inspiration follow us on Pinterest.

Ring The Bells

Bells are an ancient custom for all important occasions and if they go with the vibe of your wedding, they can be a great slightly medieval touch. 

Fly That Plane

Did you fly paper airplanes as a kid? Relive the old times by having colorful or glitter paper airplanes as your wedding exit of choice.

The Flower People

Flowers aren’t just for the flower girls! Choose your favorite flowers- tulips, lilies, roses whichever ones strike your fancy and let ’em loose on your wedding exit!

Fly Fly Fly 

Birdseed is one of the most perfect wedding exit ideas because you won’t be creating litter, the little birdies will benefit in the aftermath and it’s a great non-toxic environmentally friendly way to take off into the sunset with your spouse. 

Go Green Or Lavender 

Who says you can’t use local greenery, wildflowers, or lavender for your wedding exit? Utilize what is close to home, and dear to your heart for the perfect send-off from your wedding. 

Smoke Em Out 

Colored smoke bombs are a ton of fun and give immediate shock value. If you want one last hurrah before leaving your wedding, get a few color smoke bombs. Pass them around to your friends, it’ll create amazing photos. 

The newlyweds hold colorful colored smoke bombs in their hands. The bride and groom kiss. Wedding fun.

Parade The Town

Your wedding can totally be a town event. Plan out a parade-style send-off with all your relatives and friends!

Fluffy Cotton

A wedding exit can certainly be sweet and fluffy like cotton candy. You can line up an array of different colored cotton candy and let loose a storm!

Wedding exit ideas - vintage car

The Tell-Tale Getaway Car

The wedding car says a lot and can definitely set the tone for your wedding departure. You can rent a retro vintage car, a Mustang or decorate any car with flowers, ribbons, or even cool memorabilia for a unique touch!

We hope you enjoyed these 17 Awe-Inspiring Wedding Exit Ideas. Follow us on Pinterest for more inspiration & help planning your wedding.