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Fun 4th of July Ideas 2021 – Tips For Celebrating The Fourth Of July

Pump up your Independence Day party with flavor-packed grub, patriotic decorations, fantastic fireworks, and party favors. Here are some incredible fun 4th of July ideas 2021.

4th of July Party Ideas for 2021

We’re here to help you plan and host an unforgettable July 4th party. There is no doubt a fantastic celebration is needed right now. So, today we’re sharing some of our favorite 4th of July drinks, food, and fire. Let’s get started!

Next Level July 4th Food Ideas

No boring food will do for your fourth of July party during a pandemic. This is your chance to elevate your party skills and blow the minds of your friends and family. Here’s some incredible July 4th party food inspiration.


While you are waiting on the grilled food to be ready, you gotta have something to munch on. Here are some creative, unique, and memorable July 4th appetizers to WOW your party guests.

Cru·di·tés Cups

Chips and dip are one of America’s favorite appetizers but no one likes it when people double-dip. So, here’s the solution. Create mini cru·di·tés cups that are individually filled with the dip and veggies. They look cute, are social distance friendly, and no more double-dipping. Delish has a great recipe for this incredible 4th of July appetizer!

July 4th S’mores Dip

Quite possibly the most delicious way to be patriotic. Who doesn’t love S’mores? But now someone has ingeniously created a S’mores dip! WHAT!! Ok, so the creative food God’s designed an appetizer that looks like an American flag but tastes like a S’more. We know this 4th of July appetizer won’t last long.

Fourth Of July Party Props

If you’re planning a July 4th party and want to make it off-the-chain you’re gonna need some fourth of July party props. And we have a awesome selection to get you well on the way to one unforgettable July 4th party. Here are just a few.


Let’s face it! No 4th of July party can be complete without sparklers. There is just something magical about summers and holidays filled with sparkler fun and laughter. For your 2021 July 4th party we suggest these sparklers for variety and over-the-top fun.

Fluorescent Neon Sparklers

Kids will love these! Fun colors and lots of sparkles, order your fluorescent neon sparklers early as they sell out fast. These neon sparklers are great for Memorial Day & the 4th of July.

Hanabi Sparklers

Now, if you want a sparkler that dazzles your party-goers like never before you need to order the Hanabi sparklers today! Hanabi is a rare Japanese effect that dances and dazzles guests. These fun sparklers burn for 50-60 seconds and come with a Bamboo handle. Not your average sparklers, the Hanabi sparklers create an intense explosion of light. Ready to dazzle & delight your guests? Order Hanabi sparklers today!

Star Sparklers For July 4th

If you love party themes and keeping your party props in line with the theme then you must order Star sparklers. After all, there are stars and stripes on our glorious flag so they should definitely be at your 2021 fourth of July party.

Morning Glory Sparklers

These are a must for your July 4th party. Morning Glory Sparklers light up the night by changing color. Burns for up to 40 seconds and transitions through 4 colors. A must for your 2021 July 4th party!!