2021 party ideas

2021 Party Prop Ideas

Parties in 2021 need some extra special excitement and flair and today we’re running down all of the cool party props that you need. Ready to start planning an unforgettable 2021 birthday party? bridal shower? retirement party? engagement party? Here is your number one resource for your 2021 party prop ideas.

If you’re planning a party in 2021, you need these incredible props to really make it off the charts. The key to a successful, and unforgettable party or special event in 2021 is to make it an event to remember. Add unexpected elements that ignite excitement, fun and interactive experiences. We promise it’ll be the best party ever!

How To Plan An Unforgettable Party In 2021

Parties and special events in 2021 are all about creating experiences and there is no better way to do that than by adding unexpected elements. Here are some exciting party props that will elevate your party experience to the max. Don’t plan a 2021 party or special event without these party props.


If you really want to jazz up your 2021 birthday party, engagement party, bridal shower, gender reveal, or any other type of special event, order some sparklers. Having sparklers at your party is a great way to add extra excitement and fun. Who doesn’t love to light up sparklers? We promise your party guests will love this! And if you really want to WOW them, make sure to order custom sparkler tags with your catchphrase or details of the party (ie: name of the bride and the date of the bridal shower).

Smoke Bombs

Having an outdoor event or party in 2021? Want to add an unexpected element that will create incredible photo ops? Add smoke bombs!! We have different color options available and trust us when we say, adding smoke bombs to your event will blow your guest’s minds. We have white smoke bombs, green smoke bombs, orange smoke bombs, purple smoke bombs, red smoke bombs, pink smoke bombs, and yellow smoke bombs.

And of course, we have pink and blue for your 2021 gender reveal parties.

blue and pink smoke bombs for gender reveal

Novelty Fireworks

Looking for some novelty fireworks for your upcoming holiday party? Purchase our novelty firework assortment tray. It is a huge assortment of party poppers, snaps, streamers, and more.

Cake Sparklers

Want to set your party on fire? Add cake sparklers!! They are great for birthday cakes, wedding cakes, cupcakes, and more!

cupcake sparklers