2021 weddings and the COVID-19 vaccine

The Impact Covid-19 Vaccine Will Have on Weddings

Here we go! We are into a new year and the Coronavirus is continuing. But for couples looking to say “I Do” in 2021, there is a glimmer of hope. Now that we have a “vaccine” can weddings honestly get back to normal? Are you wondering what impact the COVID-19 vaccine will have on weddings in 2021? Here are some things to think about.

With the arrival of the coronavirus vaccine, you may think that your 2021 wedding can be more normal than the 2020 weddings. Sure! The Coronavirus vaccine might just have us on a route to managing the virus better. But for weddings taking place in the first half of 2021, there are still going to be restrictions and safety measures needed. Sorry, we know that is not what you wanted to hear.

But! The good news is, there is hope and today we’re going to share some incredible ideas for you to make your 2021 wedding off-the-chain and totally unforgettable.

The COVID-19 Vaccine And Your 2021 Wedding

Ok, so here is the real truth on why the COVID-19 vaccine won’t mean your 2021 can be normal.

  1. The vaccine for COVID-19 was created at super warp speed.
  2. The rollout is not going as fast and smooth as expected
  3. Dr. Fauci says to get herd immunity close to 85% of the US population has to take the vaccine
  4. But many people just don’t want to take it
  5. There are a lot of side effects, many that are serious.
  6. You can still catch the virus even after being vaccinated
  7. You can still spread the virus to others after vaccination, even though you may not have symptoms
  8. The vaccine may not work on new strains (which are already in the US)

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How to Have an Unforgettable Wedding in 2021

Add Unique Experiences for Extra Razzle & Dazzle

In 2021 weddings will be all about “experiences.” You can expect to see everything from playing games, interactive stations, and yes! even sparklers. Are you having an outdoor wedding in 2021 under the stars? Why not use wedding sparklers to create a backdrop at your ceremony altar? Our 36″ wedding sparklers are perfect to create this magical, and unforgettable wedding ceremony in 2021. Your guests will be amazed and your wedding photos will be incredible.

For indoor weddings in 2021, our wedding cake sparklers will light up your event. Add them on your cake or around your cake for some extra excitement. This trend is really taking off in 2021.

Image Source: Pinterest via Weddingforward.com Photog – https://www.julienapearphotography.com/

Self-Service Bars

No, we’re not talking about DIY full-service bars that will have your wedding guests totally overindulging (remember you are responsible for them). In 2021, one of the hottest wedding trends is having drink stations. This is absolutely great because it means that your wedding guests can social distance because everyone won’t be at one bar trying to get cocktails.

Set up wall-mounted champagne dispensers, beer taps, and maybe even a wine dispenser area. It is an interactive wedding experience that your guests will never forget.

New View on Gift Registry

Don’t get us wrong, in 2021 wedding couples will still love to receive and open gifts. But the most coveted wedding gift in 2021 will be good ol’ green cash. And why not? We know that many, many years ago it was thought of as taboo to give cash. But in today’s modern times, most couples live together before getting married so there are fewer “household items” needed. And let’s face it, many couples probably return a lot of their wedding gifts to get things they really need.

The 2021 wedding registry trends will include asking for cash, charity registries and having a honeymoon registry. And for those that have a “traditional wedding registry”, the gift items that will make it to the list are the super expensive stuff that they don’t want to splurge their money on.

Image Source: Pinterest via Wedmegood.com

Impact Covid-19 Vaccine Will Have on Weddings

The COVID-19 vaccine is not going to remove any level of danger when it comes to the Coronavirus, at least not for a while. Plan to still have hand sanitizing stations, ask that your wedding guests wear masks, have masks on hand for those that don’t bring theirs, and implement social distancing measures. Outdoor weddings will still reign supreme in 2021 because the fresh air helps to lower the chances of spreading the virus and it gives you more space to spread out.

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