Happy New Year's Eve 2021

Best New Year’s Eve 2021 Party Ideas

Say goodbye to 2020 and ring in 2021 with these incredible New Year’s Eve party ideas! There is no doubt 2020 will be an unforgettable year, from a Presidential election, racial unrest, and the looming global pandemic – we’re happy to see it go. And if there was ever a year to throw an amazing New Year’s Eve Party it is this year. Time for some fun! Here are the best New Year’s Eve 2021 party ideas.

So, how do you make your 2021 New Year’s Eve party unforgettable under these circumstances? We’ve got tons of ideas for you, but remember when hosting any type of gathering or party it is crucial to follow ALL CDC guidelines. Social distancing and masks are essential at your 2021 New Years Eve party!

Genius New Year’s Eve Party Ideas to Ring in 2021

Outdoor Event

This is the most important one on our list. To make sure that all of your guests are in a safe environment, it is best to host your 2021 NYE event outside. Doing this will give ample space to move around and social distance. We know it’s not ideal, especially if you live in cold climates but safety has to come first! Not to mention having your New Year’s Eve party to ring in 2021 outside are key to some of our other items on our list.

Light it UP! – Sparklers

New Year’s Eve always includes great food, festive drinks, fireworks, and sparklers. And with the year we have had, we definitely need some fire & excitement. If you want your 2021 New Year’s Eve event to be unforgettable, you have to have tons of sparklers on hand. And since you are going to host it outside, your guests can light sparklers and have fun all night. New Year’s Eve sparklers are a MUST! We have colored sparklers8-Inch Sparklers, or 10-Inch Sparklers, 14-inch whistling sparklers, 10-inch crackling sparklers, and more. Don’t have a dud of a party, you gotta have New Years Eve sparklers!

DIY Ball Drop

The Times Square 2021 NYE Celebration will have to be virtual this year. Ugh – COVID-19!! So, why not create your own DIY ball drop? Giggles Galore gives you all the details you need. Seems pretty easy and it will totally WOW your guests! And since you are hosting it outdoors why not have your New Year’s Eve ball drop from a tree. Super cool and Insta-worthy photo ops.

Serve Elegant & Unforgettable Cocktails

No party can be complete without festive and fun cocktails. We love cotton candy champagne drinks. Simply put some cotton candy in a champagne glass and pour the champagne over it! Super simple, and will look great if you are hosting a virtual or Zoom party!!

New Year’s Eve 2021 Theme Party

To elevate the level of fun, make it a themed event. Roaring 20’s, disco or anything your heart desires. People have been missing parties and clubbing and will LOVE to dress up at your 2021 New Year’s Eve party.

Have a Boozy Dessert Bar

In our experience, all New Years Eve events are better with two things – sweet treats and booze, so why not combine the two? Spike some sweet treats like whiskey ice cream, spiked eggnog Bundt cake, champagne cupcakes, pecan bourbon balls and more.

Festive Photo Backdrop

A party ain’t no party with photos! And you know everyone is on the hunt for the perfect Insta-worthy viral photo, so create a festive photo backdrop for your New Year’s Eve party to help them achieve social glory.