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7 Mind-blowing 2021 Wedding Photography Trends

There is no doubt that classy, aesthetic, and top-notch photographs are the essence of most weddings nowadays. Anyone miss the old days when all the photos just went into an old dusty album? At any rate, 2021 wedding photography is a bigger deal now than it has ever been so you need to have all the latest trends on your fingertips. Couples are using their wedding photographs as beautiful home décor, so having a selection of incredible photos is key.

Here Are the Top 7 mind-blowing 2021 Wedding Photography Trends

  1. Pastel and Candy Colors

The color scheme of pastels and candy colors seems very in for the upcoming 2021 and will undoubtedly be a feature in most professional photo-shoots you will see (of course depending on the couple’s taste).

One of the reasons candy color palettes has become so popular is because it ties in well with different aspects of décor such as flowers and drapery, making it a photographer’s dream come true. Not to mention it goes well with most versions of traditional wedding makeup.

2021 Wedding Photography Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

2. Sustainable Options

World trends are increasingly shifting to sustainability in everything from clothes to the lights you put up. No, it is no longer okay for you to throw paper cups on the floor after a party, okay?

Design your photo-shoot around the sustainable and environmentally friendly elements of your wedding. This is a great message to put forward especially to a diverse Instagram or social media following. Choose to be an example! One of the most popular 2021 wedding photography trends that you will see everywhere is using props for extra pizzazz.

For an Epic Wedding Exit – Release Sky Lanterns

A great prop to add to your 2021 wedding photos are Sky Lanterns. These are illuminated lanterns that when lit, float effortlessly into the nighttime sky. Talk about an incredible wedding photo. Our sky lanterns are available in white or in an assortment of colors. 2021 photography trends are definitely leaning towards photos that are creative and our Sky Lanterns are a perfect way to do it!

Our sky lanterns are one hundred percent biodegradable, flame resistant and non hazardous. come fully assembled and guaranteed to fly! A 2022 wedding photography trend that will result in Insta-worthy photos for sure.

3. Old Hollywood For The Modern Wedding

Old Hollywood looks are becoming very fashionable for modern wedding photography and especially so in the coming year. Think winged eyeliner and red lipstick but also an overtly glamorous décor in rich vibrant colors, and don’t forget jewel crusted shoes. Old is gold and old Hollywood is a style that making a big comeback.

4. DIY Décor, Personalized Deets

There is nothing better than hand-made décor like hangings, place settings, message boards, and pecking tables. They add a touch of your personality which can sometimes get lost when a wedding is over-reliant on consumerism or on following magazine trends. Don’t let your natural vibe and taste get lost in all the confusion! If you want high collars and a vintage wedding, go for it, it photographs beautifully! Don’t be afraid to stand out.

Wedding sky lanterns - 2021 photography trend

5. Casual, Bohemian, Calm, and Gorgeous

A very clean color palette is a photographer’s best friend because it opens the event up to any kind of interpretation or edits. Not only do Bohemian styles photograph well, but they also lend themselves to beautiful videography. If you want a stress-free, nourishing environment for your wedding day, opt for soft neutrals, natural elements, and an effortless play at décor and table setting.

6. The Flower People

There is no hand-made decoration or wedding-planner textbook created décor plan that will top a magnificent flower display especially if it is as colorful and magical as possible and isn’t too carefully curated. Not to mention how amazing it is going to look in drone shots. Sometimes the simplest idea wins over elaborate planning. The wedding photography trends in 2021 will definitely include drone shots. And what an incredible way to see your wedding.

7. Food, Food Food

Food and dessert enthusiasts just know off the bat they need their wedding and wedding photography in 2021 to revolve around different entrées. Think big like giant cookies, sweet stuffed wedding favors, chocolate fountains, pecking tables with obscene amounts of cheese, and a general ‘live to eat’ vibe.

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