Epic wedding send off

Wedding Sparklers & Wedding Photography

One of my favorite things to do while at work is to browse the internet for Pinterest fails! I love when they show a beautiful Elsa cake side by side with a soupy, blue, frosting mess.  However despite my enjoyment, I am sure you do not want your wedding photographs to be a Pinterest fail. There is no doubt that wedding sparklers & wedding photography create some Insa-worthy stuff. But, if you are planning on using wedding sparklers either for the grand exit or for fun wedding photographs make sure your wedding photographer knows how to capture these special moments.

Wedding photographer, Matthew Sayville gives tips regarding equipment and camera settings to capture the grand exit.  You can read his suggestions here.

How To Manage Wedding Sparklers and Wedding Photography

Katie Nesbitt reminds wedding photographers to educate brides and grooms when it comes to the wedding sparklers’ big send-off. After all, the bride and groom (usually!) only do this once but wedding photographers do this all the time! Read her tips and suggestions here.

Besides the big send-off, writing with wedding sparklers is a popular way to capture memories. Create fun sayings using the bridal party. Spell out the wedding date or the bride and groom’s names using sparklers. Have the bride and groom spell out words like love or draw a heart in an up-close intimate picture.  These wedding photographs will be the ones everyone ohhhs and ahhhhhs over.

Here are tips for the best way to write and capture photographs using wedding sparklers.

2021 Wedding Photography Ideas

The most important tip for brides and grooms is to work with your wedding photographer,  Before you sign a contract be sure to speak with the photographer, let them know your plans when it comes to wedding sparklers. Ask the wedding photographer if they have experience with sparklers. 2021 wedding photography ideas definitely includes sparklers. Because of their recent popularity chances are good that the photographer has indeed worked with wedding sparklers before, They can probably give you suggestions on other ways to incorporate the sparklers into beautiful photos.