Plan A Rustic Country Wedding With These Tips

Think Of A Rustic Location To Get Married
If a destination wedding in Hawaii isn’t really your thing, a country-themed wedding may be the perfect route to go. As you begin your search for the perfect rustic wedding venue, do some research on local farmhouses, barns, or vineyards in your area. These are great venue options to consider because they are usually located in rural areas, not to mention, they often have lots of space that you can use for your big day.

Look For Local Flowers Instead Of Cookie-Cutter Ones
The type of flowers you choose for your wedding will have a tremendous impact on the overall theme and decor of your special day. While you may be tempted to order traditional flowers, like roses or tulips, why not go with some local flowers instead? Consider using sunflowers or wildflowers as a part of your wedding day decor. Whether you use them for your bridesmaids’ bouquets, or you decide to show your local flowers off as centerpieces, there are many different things you can do to help create a festive and rustic environment that your guests will remember.

Remember That Old Farmhouses Don’t Have Electricity
One obstacle you may face while planning your country wedding is electricity. Most old farmhouses and barns do not have electrical hookups, and unless you want to dance in the dark, this is something you should start thinking about right away. Without electricity, the DJ won’t be able to play music, the photobooth won’t have power to take pictures, and your caterers will be left serving plates in the dark. Make sure you look into renting power generators to ensure you have enough electricity to light up your event.

Take Advantage Of Mason Jars
There’s something inherently rustic about mason jars, so if you’re looking for a budget-friendly piece of decor for your ceremony or reception, consider buying a few dozen mason jars that you can spread around the venue. You’d be surprised how many cute, simple things you can do with these glass jars. One of the biggest benefits of using them is the fact that you’ll be able to repurpose them after the wedding for caning or storing things as well. Use mason jars as inexpensive flower vases or for your table centerpieces. If you want to save money on glassware rental, consider bringing your own mason jars for bartenders to serve cocktails in.

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Think About Country-Themed Food You Want To Serve
Many couples don’t realize what an important role food plays in their wedding theme. If a country-themed wedding is a must, you should think wisely about the kind of food you will be serving to your guests. Instead of fancy finger foods and filet mignon, consider adding some comfort foods to your menu, like barbecue chicken or corn on the cob.

Don’t Forget About The Bathrooms
While having your wedding on a farm can be magical, don’t forget about the lack of plumbing that probably comes along with it. Most old farmhouses do not have plumbing or septic capabilities, so this is something you should consider before signing a wedding venue contract. This means that you’ll have to rent bathroom trailers for your wedding guests, which may be a large expense, depending on the number of guests you invite.

We hope these tips help as you plan your country-themed wedding. For the best selection of wedding sparklers online, shop today.

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