The Best Outdoor Wedding Tips

Planning a wedding can be an exciting time. From hiring a wedding band to picking out seasonal flowers for your bouquet, there are many things you’ll have to do to prepare for your big day. If you’ve decided to have an outdoor wedding, congratulations! Outdoor weddings are the perfect way to tie nature into your celebration, not to mention they can be incredibly romantic and beautiful. As you start planning your outdoor wedding, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. Let’s take a look at some outdoor wedding tips below.

Think About Your Guests & Their Comfort

No matter where you plan on getting married, it’s important to consider the comfort of your guests. Think about what month and time of day you’d like to get married, and do a little research on the weather patterns for that time of year. If you’re getting married in Florida during the summer, you may want to consider the fact that your wedding guests may be hot sitting outside. For this reason, you may want to invest in some tents or shade mechanisms to protect your guests from the sun’s harsh rays. You could even ask your wedding ushers to pass out water bottles as your family and friends take their seats for the ceremony.

Another popular tactic to help keep your guests cool during your outdoor wedding is to print your wedding program on a fan. This way, your guests will be able to follow along with the ceremony program while also keeping themselves cool.

Consider Different Wedding Dress Materials

Shopping for your wedding dress is arguably the most exciting part of the wedding planning process. As you start to shop for the perfect dress, be sure to keep different fabrics in mind. If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding in the middle of July, you may want to find a dress that will breathe well in the heat. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding in October, consider investing in a classy white shawl that you can drape over your shoulders to keep you comfortable.

Amplify Your Wedding Ceremony

There’s nothing more beautiful than an outdoor wedding ceremony, but sometimes, it can be hard for your guests to hear what is going on (this is especially true if it is windy). Instead of asking your wedding officiant to scream your vows, it may be wise to amplify your ceremony with the help of some microphones. Most wedding venues offer a sound system on-site, so make sure you ask the venue about this when you discuss your big day.

Have A Backup Plan

While nobody wants to have a backup plan on their wedding day, this is a must if you want to have your wedding outside. No matter what time of year your wedding date falls on, there will always be a chance that Mother Nature will not cooperate. For this reason alone, it’s critical that you discuss a backup plan with the wedding venue you choose. The good news is that most venues offer emergency backup options if it starts to rain, hail, or snow on your wedding day. This may be in the form of outdoor tents, or the venue may recommend moving your ceremony or reception to an indoor space.

Update Your Hairdresser

Before you sit down for your trial wedding hair appointment, be sure to let your hairstylist know that your wedding will be outside. Hairdressers and makeup artists understand the challenges of wind and humidity, and they’ll be able to recommend ways to keep your hair and makeup intact as you walk down the aisle.

Keep Your Guests Hydrated

Outdoor weddings, especially during the warm summer months, can leave your guests feeling dehydrated. To combat this issue, consider setting up water drinking stations throughout your outdoor space. These refreshment tables will be a lifesaver when your Aunt Karen needs a break from the summer heat.

Create An Epic Wedding Send-Off

Traditionally, when newlyweds leave their reception, there is some kind of wedding send-off that the wedding guests participate in. Oftentimes, this involves throwing rice at the bride and groom or blowing bubbles at them as they walk towards a limousine.

If you want to create a truly memorable wedding send-off, consider using wedding sparklers. Simply ask your wedding guests to grab a sparkler as they exit the wedding venue and wait for the newlywed couple to walk out. Once the newlyweds make their appearance, have everyone light a sparkler for the perfect wedding send-off.

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