Unique Ways To Use Sparklers At A Wedding

Couples all over the world are including sparklers on their wedding day to create a lasting impression on their guests and family members. You may be wondering:

  • What is the best way to use sparklers on my wedding day?
  • Are wedding sparklers only good for send-offs?
  • Is it safe to put sparklers on a wedding cake?
  • Do sparklers photograph well?
  • Can sparklers be used with floral centerpieces?

These are all great questions that we’ll cover in this post. There are a variety of ways to incorporate sparklers into your wedding day, and in this blog, we’re going to discuss some unique ideas you may never have thought of.

Wedding Sparklers & Why You Need Them

Your wedding day is one of the biggest events of your life, so why not add a touch of sparkle to it? While many couples love using sparklers as part of their grand wedding exit, there are many other fun and unique ways to incorporate sparklers into your big day.

Flower Girl? How About Sparkler Girl!

There’s a good chance you’ve been to a wedding where there was a cute flower girl tossing flowers down the aisle before the bride took her epic walk. While this is a very common wedding tradition, how awesome would it be to have a “sparkler girl” instead? Not only will this make clean-up easy after the wedding ceremony, it can even save you money since you won’t have to purchase expensive rose or flower petals.

At WholesaleSparklers.com, we carry a large and diverse selection of premier wedding sparklers to make your special day memorable. If you’re thinking about adding a sparkler girl to your wedding, we recommend ordering our 36-inch wedding sparklers for a long-lasting sparkle.

The Epic Send-Off

As we mentioned above, many couples choose to use sparklers at their wedding to create an epic send-off. This is the part of the wedding (after the reception), where the bride and groom leave the venue and head off to their honeymoon (or any other romantic destination). During most American weddings, the wedding guests, along with the bridal party, will stand outside of the venue, creating a space for the newlyweds to walk through. Rather than supplying your wedding guests with rice to throw or bubbles to blow, you may want to consider using sparklers as part of your send-off. Simply ask each guest to grab a sparkler on his or her way out the door to light when the couple makes their grand exit. Not only will you feel like the “light” of the party, this will be an incredible photo opportunity that you’ll look back on and love!

If you’re looking for the perfect sparklers for your wedding send-off, consider ordering our 20-inch wedding sparklers. If you want to get creative, our heart-shaped wedding sparklers may be a fun option as well.

A Sparkly “I Do” Kiss

If you’re looking for a way to create a memorable “I Do” kiss at your wedding, ask your bridal party to light sparklers right before the special time comes. This will create a truly magical moment for you and your guests, not to mention that it’s an incredible photo opportunity for you and your loved one.

Sparkler Centerpieces

Whether you’re planning a summer or fall wedding, the flowers you choose to display on your wedding day are very important to the overall aesthetic of your wedding theme. From deep red roses to colorful carnations, flowers are an important aspect that should not be overlooked. Once you’ve decided on the flowers you’d like to use at your wedding, consider adding sparklers to the mix. This is a wonderful way to provide your guests with sparklers before your grand entrance or wedding send-off. Simply add sparklers to your table centerpieces (if there are 10 guests at each table, include 10 sparklers in each centerpiece), and attach a sparkler tag that instructs your guests when to use them.

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Cutting The Cake

Back in the day, the cutting of the wedding cake was a very special moment at weddings. These days, however, it seems as though this traditional wedding act has lost its luster. It can be challenging trying to grab the attention of your wedding guests during this time of the reception, because it normally occurs around the time of the main course. When you ask your catering company to roll the wedding cake out with sparklers attached to it, it will surely grab the attention of your guests, no matter where they are in the venue.

While you can shop for smoke-free, ash-free sparklers, you may want to consider using a VIP bottle sparkler (or five) on your wedding cake. These sparklers burn like a free-flowing fountain, and each sparkler can shoot between six to eight inches high, with a burn time of up to 50 seconds.

Light Up The Dance Floor

Another surefire way to light up your wedding day is to include sparklers during your first dance. This is a favorite moment for couples as they get to dance for the first time as newlyweds. Whether you’ve chosen a fun, upbeat song, or a slow ballad, adding sparklers to the event will create a magical atmosphere you’ll love.

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