Creative Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Whether your planning a gender reveal party for your best friend or yourself, finding out the gender of a baby is a big deal! Over the past several years, gender reveal parties have become a fun and creative way for people to announce the gender of their child. Not sure if you should have a gender reveal party? Consider the reasons below.

  • As a soon-to-be parent, a gender reveal party is the perfect way to celebrate this new milestone in your life.
  • It’s way more fun than sending a postcard or text to your family, revealing the sex of the baby.
  • It’s a wonderful way to enjoy the company of family and friends.

Some gender reveal parties have specific themes, like “pregnancy cravings”, “pirates and mermaids”, and “touchdowns or tutus”. Once you have a theme for your party, it’s time to pick a date and a venue. You’ll want to plan your gender reveal party sometime after the mid-pregnancy ultrasound (this happens around week 20). This is when the ultrasound technician should be able to tell whether you’re expecting a little girl or a little boy.

The Gender Reveal Moment

When it’s time to announce the gender of your baby to the masses, there are many fun and creative ways to do so.

Use A Confetti Cannon

One of the best ways to reveal the gender of your baby is through the use of confetti cannons. As its name implies, a confetti cannon is a handheld device that is filled with colored confetti and compressed air. When you shoot the cannon into the air, you’ll watch in wonder as hundreds of pieces of confetti float and twirl in the air.

At we carry blue confetti cannons, pink confetti cannons, and white confetti cannons.

Use Balloons

Reveal the news by using balloons. You can choose pink or blue balloons, depending on the gender of the baby, and you can even opt to have them filled with confetti. Put the balloons in a mystery box until the time is right, and slowly open the box to reveal the bright colored balloons. If you want to take it a step further, buy some opaque black balloons and fill them with pink or blue confetti. Pop the balloon when you’re ready to reveal the gender.

Use Smoke Bombs

For a fun and inventive gender reveal idea, consider buying some pink or blue colored smoke bombs for your party. Simply light each smoke bomb to emit a blue or pink color and surprise your guests with the gender of the baby.

Use A Cake

Another common way to announce the sex of a baby is to order a gender reveal cake. This is a wonderful (and delicious) way to surprise your party guests. Simply bake a cake with pink or blue filling (you can use food dye to do this), and when you go to cut the cake, your guests will learn the gender of your little bundle of joy.

Use Sparklers

Tell your party guests the gender of your baby by having them light pink or blue colored sparklers. Once your guests light a sparkler, they will be filled with joy as they discover the sex of the baby. For an epic gender reveal celebration, consider buying some sparklers from We carry a wonderful selection of pink neon sparklers and colored sparklers that are perfect for gender reveal parties!

Gender Reveal Game Ideas

You may be wondering what else goes on at a gender reveal party besides revealing the sex of a baby. During most gender reveal parties, there are fun games to be had. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top gender reveal party games below.

  • The Traditional Guessing Game – For this game, simply show your guests an ultrasound picture and ask them to guess the gender of the baby. Give prizes to those friends and family members that guess correct.
  • Dress Up To A Theme – If you’ve decided on a theme for your gender reveal party, ask your guests to come dressed to that theme. Ask your party guests to vote on the best costume, and award a prize to the winner.
  • Gender Juice Pong – If you ever played beer pong in college, you’ll love adding this game to your gender reveal party itinerary. Once you announce the gender of the baby, fill some clear plastic cups with pink or blue punch. Split up into two teams and have each team stand at the opposite end of the table, facing each other. Take turns throwing ping pong balls into the juice cups to see who will win.

We hope this article has been helpful as you plan your gender reveal party. For the best gender reveal sparklers, smoke bombs, and confetti cannons, shop today!

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