How to light your Wedding Sparklers

How to light your wedding sparklers? It seems like a silly question. You would think the answer would be with a match, of course. However, if you have ever tried lighting a sparkler, especially the large wedding sparklers, you know matches do not work very well and can create a lot of frustration. But fear not! Follow these easy guidelines to ensure your grand exit goes off without a hitch.  Reminder. always closely observe children and supervise them the entire time they use combustible items such as sparklers.

  1. Choose a location that is sheltered from the wind to light your sparklers.
  2. Only light one sparkler at a time. Lighting multiple sparklers at once can be very dangerous. Even if you want your guests to hold two sparklers, they should wait until the first sparkler burns out before lighting the second sparkler.
  3. Do not use matches to ignite a sparkler. A sparkler usually take a few seconds to light, and matches often burn down too quickly and burn your fingers before lighting the sparkler.
  4. Butane lighters, “BBQ” lighters, and propane torches can be used.  Lighters that keep the flame away from the hand are among the safest options.
  5. One of the most popular methods to light multiple sparklers is to light one sparkler and then use it to light the rest of the sparkler one at a time. You can designate a few people (maybe your bridal party) to be lighters, and have the rest of the guests line up to light their sparklers. The #8 or #10 sparklers would be perfect to light your longer sparklers.
  6. Always keep the sparkler horizontal or with the tip angled down slightly. This will help light the sparkler faster.
  7. Always light your sparkler at the tip, keeping the open flame the furthest away from the bare wire handle as possible. The tip will light faster than the middle or bottom of the sparkler.

    Use a smaller sparkler to light the long wedding sparklers

    Use a smaller sparkler to light the long wedding sparklers

By following these guideline, you will be able to light your wedding sparklers in a safe, quick and efficient way.  Your big send off will make your wedding a magical event you and your guests will remember forever!

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