Setting Up a Wedding Sparkler Arrangement

Wedding sparklers are so versatile. You can use them for your big send off, to create fun photographs or as wedding favors for your guests.  But what about decorations? Just like flowers,setting up a wedding sparkler arrangement is an easy way to add some color to your tablescapes.

There are a few ways to organize your sparkler arrangements. Place the sparklers in a large vase on the seating cards table. The large table decoration will be a stunning site.  Place a custom sign next your vase to let your guests know what you would like them to do with the sparklers.  Are you lighting them together, at a specific time for the big send off? Do you want the guests to take them home as a favor?

Consider using smaller vases to create a centerpiece on each individual table.  Costume wedding tags can be placed on each sparkler.  Pick paper colors that will match your wedding colors.  Choose more then one color to create a beautiful and colorful focal point for each table. Use flowers or confetti to compliment the sparkler vases, Elegant beads or pearls would work nicely as well.

Using colorful ribbon or rustic twine, tie together a few sparklers. Place them on each table along with sparkler tags to create a fun and unique party favor.

When it comes to sparklers, there are different styles and size. The standard stick sparkler comes in #8,#10,#14,#20 and #36.  If you want to use your sparklers as favors, you would want to consider the #8 and the #10 sparklers.  Since these are smaller in size, be sure to use a shorter vase for your tables.  The #14, #20 and #36 are better used for the big send off. Be sure to purchase taller vases that can hold the sparklers easily. If your sparklers are too short for the vases you purchased, green floral foam works well as a way to hold your sparklers in place as well as lift them high enough to be seen in the vases.

Wedding sparklers also come in heart shaped. These romantic looking sparklers, make for beautiful and unique decorations.  No matter what type of wedding you are having, elegant, rustic, sophisticated or whimsical, heart sparklers make for a perfect wedding sparkler arrangement.



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