Wedding sparklers, what size do I need?

I need wedding sparklers, what size sparklers should I buy?

Well, first you need  to decide what you are using your sparklers for.  Do you want to have a big send off using the sparklers? The #36 Wedding Sparklers are ideal for this. Wedding photographers prefer these because of there size and long burn time. Your guests will be able to light their sparklers and get organized with plenty of time for the photographer to capture your very special grand exit. For smaller weddings, under 100 guests, the #20 Wedding Sparklers would work for the big send off however two sparklers per guest is advised to allow for plenty of set up time.

Do you want to use the sparklers for amazing photographs? The #14 Wedding Sparklers. or #20 Wedding Sparklers  can be used for the bride and groom to write romantic sayings using sparks. Be sure to speak to your photographer to ensure they can properly capture the writing.

The #8 and the #10 party sparklers are small in size, therefore have a short burn time. You can place one or two party sparklers on your wedding cake to make a flashy entrance. These sparklers would also make great wedding favors. Give each guest a few sparklers along with custom sparkler tags and a match book for a unique favor your guests will appreciate. It is not advised to use the #8 or #10 wedding sparklers for the big send off.  They do not burn long enough for the guests to get organized and for the bride and groom to make the grand exit.

How many sparklers do I need?

You want to make sure you have at least one sparkler per guest. If you are using the #20 sparklers, you may want two sparklers per guest. The #36 burn long enough to have one per guest.




2 thoughts on “Wedding sparklers, what size do I need?

  1. Haroula

    Hi, what kind of packaging are the sparklers in? Do they come in a cardboard box, or more of a plastic case ( like a candy bar)


    1. wedding Post author

      Hi, they come in a white card board box. There are 6 or 8 sparklers per white box depending on which wedding sparklers you are interested in.


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